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Jolene met Rose at a bar. They both drink laugh and celebrate.


“This is just the beginning” Rose said


“Poor Gem…I really wish she doesn’t come out alive” Jolene said.


“I sent the money to your account….. thank you Jolene” Rose said and Jolene unlocked her phone. A wide


smile appeared on her lips.


“Wow….you added extra money?”


“Yes…..just take that as a welcome to my world” she said.


“Of course…..”.


Jolene was indeed a little witch in a mermaid wear. Unknown to Rose this little witch had a plan, Rose never knew Jolene wanted to be Leon woman too.


Leonel got to the hospital in no time. He was like a madman. He’s eyes were red and heavy. He was like a multimillionaire who was brought to a penny. His men line up as the run after him into the ward.


Leon saw Ryan holding Gem’s hands.


The guard looked at each other, they knew Ryan was going to die tonight.


Leon face sunk in anger as he clutch his fist and darkened his eyes.


Leon walk towards him with speed drag him and punch his face. Ryan was too surprised to react. He looked at Leon in surprise.


“Am only letting you live firstly because am not holding a gun and secondly because you save Gem’s life”


“Who the f**k are you!!!!?” Ryan yelled.


“Get him out of my sight before he regrets ever been born” he said and the guards nodded and drag Ryan out.


The other patients in the ward was surprised. They didn’t dare say a word. Leon’s face alone was enough to shut them up.


“Move her to a VVIP ward” he said.


Leonel hold Gem’s hands. The doctor’s where all afraid when the knew Gem was connected to the mighty Leonel Mavis. The chief of the hospital came by himself to give the health report to him.


“Good evening Mr mav…..”


“Get straight to the point!” Leon said, his voice was calm but was enough to turn the world upside down.


“She’s fine now…. she’ll be sleeping like this for….for a few more days…..but…..” when he said but Leon’s eyes


finally left Gem and look at him, making him shiver “But….we….we tried hard to save both her and her baby




he had an abortion….and…..”


“What!, an abortion?” Leon face sunk. She was pregnant? when?, how?


“The pregnancy was uhmm….at it’s early stage…. about a week and few days old….so….” the doctor stop talking as he saw Leon in daze.


Leon remembered…that night…that night in Paris….he didn’t use protection and…..he never knew she was


not on control pills like Rose. Tears started falling like rain. Seeing this the guards lead the doctor’s out of the room.


He lost his child…..he wasn’t able to protect her nor his child… was his fault…….how will he face her when she’s awake……?


Leon called granny to come over and watch over Gem and left the hospital after giving his guards orders not to let any stranger into the room.


Leon went to his torture house. He looked at Noah.


“I have a job for you” he said, his voice was like that of a wicked king who was about to devour his enemy at war. “Fine out who dear hurt her…….take all the time you need but make sure you find the person who did it…… even if it’s my own blood…I’ll rip them apart…..”


The guards release Noah.


“I….I promise boss I won’t fail you this time….I promise” he said bowing to Leon.


It’s been two days and Leon kept on smoking and drinking, he had no intention of stopping and no one dare to stop him. He don’t sleep either.


On the three day Gem opened her eyes. She looked around only to find grandma beside her.


“G…ra…nny?” I whispered and the old woman string up.


“Oh my…oh my little Gem….oh you’re awake….thank God….” the doctor’s came and attend to me. My eyes


kept on searching for him.


“Oh…that good for nothing boy….he hasn’t come to see you in two days….oh today marked it the third


day…..he has been smoking and drinking I’ve heard….I think he blames himself for what happened to you” she




“It’s not his fault….. grandma can you call him and tell him am awake?” I said.


“Not so fast we have to make a plan….we can’t just let him leave you alone in the hospital and go free” she




“Grandma what’s your plan?” she smiled


A guard ran to Leon. There was smoke everywhere.


“Who said you can come in!!!” he said with his deep voice making him sound like a scary monster.


“Sir…..Your wife just woke up” he said and Leon seems to have woke up and stood up from his chair…he tried


to balance his step cause he was a bit high.


“Sir I’ve prepare a bath for you and a drug for you to sober up” he said.


After about forever it was already towards evening I’ve slept and woke up countless of times but he’s still not here….I was angry.


“Grandma I want to use the bathroom” I said and Sasha helped me up and took me to the bathroom. After easing myself Sasha hold me as we walk back to the room only to see Leon was here. I gave him a plain gaze.


“Oh grandma you have a guest?” I said


“Guest?, little Gem don’t tell me you don’t know him” she said playing along


“Oh…..I don’t seem to remember him….are….are you my brother?” I asked and Leon eyes was wide open


“K…. Kitten!” he said “Y…you don’t remember me?,……it’s me….it’s Leon…., your bodyguard”


“My bodyguard….. grandma is he having a mental problem?” I pretend to whisper to grandma but sure


enough he heard me. “So I don’t know you.”




“Granny when is my husband coming?” I asked grandma and she was speechless “I miss Ryan already”


“What r….Ryan???, AM YOUR HUSBAND NOT THAT CRAZY PUNK!!!!!” he yelled and I seem to hold my head


and groan in pains.


“Do you remember me now?, huh?” he said as he sat close to me and hold my shoulders.


“Am sorry Mr….. Sasha I thought I told the guards not to let strangers in….now they did just let a stranger in


the let a psychiatric patient in” I said and Leon face was sad. Oh hubby is jealous again .


“Kitten……You really don’t remember me?, well am your brother in-law, am getting married to your sister


Jolene and I love her so much”


“What!!!, you pervert you dare say that in front of your wife!!!!!” I quickly covered my mouth. Damn I just f**ked things up.


“Really……you two planned this?” Leon said


“Yes why not……

for a husband to leave his sick wife that means the husband is useless” I said.


“Kitten….did you hit your head too hard?, I think we need to scan your brain”


“Get lost” I frown and he smiled and hugged me.



“I missed you……

don’t ever get hurt again” he said smiling..



“You don’t even care….you left me alone again….just like in Paris…..

I was so sad” I said and hugged him back.


Hearing Paris…..

Leon remembered that night and the abortion. His face turned down.


“Leon it’s okay….

it’s not your fault” I said and he put on a fake smile. I knew it was not really.


“He suddenly hugged me again and started crying like a child.



“Am sorry……am so sorry kitten…..I am really a useless husband…….

I couldn’t protect any of you… sorry”.


Any of you?, what does he mean?……….








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