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Jolene was already in the set. Immediately she saw Leon walk in with Gem she adjust her dress and walk up to them


“Gemgem…..look you’re almost late…..I want your help…..let’s practice this scene together before the director


arrives…..” she said and I made a face full of disgust.


“Get lost” I said and Leon look at me in surprise.


“Miss Gem you don’t have to be so hash” he said


“And who gave you the right to talk in my affair?, remember you’re just my bodyguard!!!!” she yelled in anger and walk away. Jolene put on a sad and disappointing face.


“She hates me” she murmured and started crying. Leon hold her shoulders and said “It’s okay…..I’ll talk to her”


“No….it’s okay Mr Leon. I deserve it. I was mean to her……it’s fine” she said and walk away.


Leon was angry and disappointed at me.


After the scene Ruth and I boarded Leon’s car.


“Leon can we stop at the french restaurant to eat?” I said.


“Am not your personal driver. Am just your bodyguard…….” he said.


“Don’t tell me you’re angry because of Jolene?” I said.


“I didn’t like your behavior towards her!!” he said


“And I didn’t like your behavior towards her too…’re being too nice to her!!!!” I yelled.


“That’s because she’s your sister and she’s nice” he said.


“Nice??!!, really???!!, well nice enough to be on your bed or as your mistress?” I said.


“Why are you so dumb???” he said still driving.


“Yes am dumb I agree…..go meet you nice Jolene and leave me alone!!!” I yelled and face the window.


Ruth watch them from the back seat. It was like they were having a couple fight.


We got home and I got out of the car and slam the car door like crazy.








“Yes?” he answered.






“Please don’t let Jolene fool you, I can see you’re a smart man….

stay away from the green grass then the


green snake won’t hurt you” she said and Leon nodded.




I was so angry ‘Is he already in love with Jolene…..

I thought he said he was my husband….ha…. husband my









you’re the dumb one…’re so dumb….

too dumb to say Jolene is nice

….too dumb to say am



too dumb dumb…and dumb…..

, Husband my ass…..wait till I get my hands on those certificate….I’ll rip


it apart….

tear it into pieces….burn it to ashes…wet it with water….

and aaaa……….

” I roar in anger. “Don’t cry


Gem….be strong…..Leon is an asshole….

his not even compared to the CEO of j corp…..wait till I became an



signed actist in j corp then I’ll seduce the CEO and marry him….I’ll personally make you go to jail”. Leon has


been watching me from behind. Unknown to me. Leon could only smile sadly as he walk up to her and hugged her from behind.


“Let go of me….am too dumb…go hug your nice Jolene….. useless husband”.


“What??, Gem Don’t cross the line!” he said and tightened the hug.


“Or…..or what?, pervert” I said.


“Or this…..” his lips landed on my neck. I shivered.


“Eww…..gross….go kiss your nice Jolene” I broke free from his hug.


“Kitten come on……fine I know you hate her but she’s trying to be nice….give her a chance” he said and hold my arms.


“She’s a snake…..I think the only reason she’s nice to me is because of you…..I think she like you….I’ve seen the way she looks at you” I said and lower my heard.


“Wait….are you jealous already?” he asked and I nodded which surprised Leon. Gosh this kitten is so cute.


“Why won’t I be jealous…..ain’t you my husband” I said.


“Oh….your useless husband?” he asked and I smiled.


“Stop it… have to stay away from her” I said


“Okay I’ll try but I can’t promise anything” he said and surprisingly peck my lips…I wasn’t expecting that……


When the mood was about to turn romantic Leon’s phone rang. It was Kelvin.




what’s up?…..,am on my way right now…., I can’t believe I forgot” he said and started packing his








“W….where are you off to?” I asked.




“Sorry kitten….. something pump up…..

I’ll be back in a few days…. don’t miss me too.much……” he said and


kissed me. The kiss was deep….

very deep but didn’t last long. “Kitten I have to go….if you need anything tell


the maids….

they’ll help you….

” he said and left before I could say a word. I ran after him but he was long gone


in his car.






Ruth walk up to me.





“You mean this is Leon’s house????” Ruth asked but I didn’t answer her.



“You know something is not right here….

” she said again but I didn’t mind her….I miss Leon already.



Kelvin and his cousin were seating together.



“What’s your plan?” she asked.




“Time to tell her the truth and she’ll be gone before Leon comes back….then you can take over………..










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