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Leon came inside the party. He tried calling Gem but she wasn’t picking up.


“Kitten….. where are you?” he whispered. Leon decided to asked.


“Excuse me. Am miss Gem bodyguard… have you seen her?” he asked a few guys.


“Probably f**king with……” the other guy shut his mouth.


“No….we….we haven’t seen her… not sure she’s at this party” he said. Leon knew something was wrong.


He called and called but she won’t pick his calls. He decided to search for her.


Inside the room. Fin kept on kissing my half naked body. I try hard to fight.


“Come on…..Gem….stop fighting and give in to your body” he said and kissed my br**st. I gnashed my teeth


and started biting my tongue….. trying to endure my desire and maybe the pains would help me……


Fin was shocked to see my mouth bleeding.


“Bitch….you’d rather die than give in to me?….., ha….let’s see how much you can hold on” he said and tore my


dress off. He took off his belts. I tried to move but I was unable to move my body. He took off his pants and unleash his hardness.


“Am coming for you baby….” he said but we heard a knock on the door.


“Gem…..Gem are you in there?” it was Leon. Fin quickly covered my mouth.


“Kitten it’s me Leon….are you in there…..” Leon called again. He dailed her number and the phone started ringing inside the locked room. “Gem…..?, Gem?” he called.


It soon become quite outside.


“Hmm looks like your little bodyguard is gone….now where were we?” he said but the door suddenly barge




Leon saw Fin on top of Gem…..he was so angry. How dare him touch his kitten. He push fin down and took a


flower vessel and smash it on his head. There was blood on the ground but it wasn’t enough as he started punching him with anger. He punched and punched … until someone grab his hands. It was his assistant.


“Let go!!!” he yelled. the assistant knew that blood tasty look of his boss.


“Sir you’ll kill him……if you continue…..miss Gem needs you” he said and Leon came back to his senses and ran


over to Gem. He was pale like she was in pains. He quickly covered her nacked body and carry her out, after calling his doctor over.


“She was drugged” he said.


“She’s in pains…..I need you to relief it” he said


“Sir I can’t…’s a s£x drug….so the only way to ease the pains is with pleasure… can’t expect me to sleep


with her” he said and Leon gave him a dark look.


“Is there any other way?” he asked.


“No boss

…..” he said and Leon nodded and went back to the room.


Gem was in pain….

so much pain. He saw Leon and she smiled dryly.


“Please Leon……

help me” she manage to say.









“Please” she said.




“I’ll do it on one condition” he said and she nodded. “Marry me….

let’s register our wedding tomorrow….” he


said and she nodded. Leon moved close to her and kissed her.



The kiss was fierce. It wasn’t like that of Fin…….

it was like magic….

was it because of the drug?, I don’t know



but all I know is that I want him. So much……….



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