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Everyone was stunned.


“isn’t that miss Gem?, isn’t she a small actress……how could she afford a professional bodyguard?,” they gossiped.


“Leon…..?” I called.


“Shhh…..let’s go inside first…..” he said as he lead me inside the set.


“Leon…..I thought I fired you…..” I said and Ruth pinch me “Ouch!!!!”


“Gem you should be thanking Leon here….don’t be rude” she said


“Thanking him?, he’s only here to see his goddess Jolene……now he’s the main character in the movie!!” I




“Gem what’s with you?” Ruth asked, Leon was quiet the whole time…


“What’s with me?, what’s with me?, today he’s acting a kissing scene with Jolene and……and…..”


“And am not acting anymore” his deep voice cut in.


“What??!!!” I was surprised.


“Let’s talk after your scene today……I have something important to say…..”


“Hi Mr Leon….” it was the game spoiler the fun killer…..I call her the boredom bitch…. Jolene. She smiled at


Leon and hook his hands round his huge arm.


“What do you want?” I asked angrily “Oh I’ll excuse you two….I guess you have something to say” I said about to walk away but Leon drag me back and suddenly kissed me….. again. It was slow but didn’t last long.


“I have nothing to say to her….let’s go get you ready” he said and drag me along. I was still not myself. I


touched my lips again.




“I’ll explain everything to you on our date tonight…..right now focus on walk……my men will guard you to the


restaurant……” he said and kissed my head before he left.


I wasn’t myself anymore…, I have a date?, with Leon?.


Just then Fin came into my locker room.


Fin is a famous actor too….I have to admit I do have a crush on him.


“Gem?…hi” he said


“Oh hi senior Fin” I said smiling sheepishly.


“Hey I told you before just call Fin” he said and lick his own lips. “I have a party tonight at my place….it will be


full of celebrities and many actist…..I can introduce you to them…..and….we can talk about us” he said


“Fin I’d love to come but……”


“Great I’d tell my driver to come pick you up at your place…bye” he said and walk away.


“But….wait….I didn’t accept I’d come!!!” I yelled but he pretend not to hear.


Acting went well today and we went home early. But my bags were gone.


“Were are my things?” I asked.


“Oh they took it back to Leon’s apartment….” Ruth said


“What… not going back!!” I said


“Suit yourself… you’re already blushing” she said and smiled.


“So who are you going to meet tonight……hmm let me guess Leon” she said.


“Well you’re right and wrong. I’d first go to Fin’s little party and just say hi to him…..I’ll leave immediately to go


see Leon” I said.


“But won’t you keep him wait?” she asked.


“Not really the party is by 5… 6 am out…..I should go get ready….uhmm can you lend me some clothes


since the men took mine?” I said and she nodded.


Leon went to see Kelvin.


“I said it…..I said it…you were in love with her” he yelled after hearing Leon confessed his feelings for Gem


“Am telling her today….” he said.


“You’re really going to date her?, dude…..Rose…”


“I don’t want to hear your rubbish……” he turned cold and furious.


“Am living take care” he said and left.


Kelvin called Rosemary. Her sweet voice echo from the phone.




“Bad news….you have to come back now…. he’s falling for another girl….if you don’t come to stop him now….am afraid you’d lose him forever……”


“Am coming back by weekend…. please do something before I come back” she pleaded


I got dressed in a blue gown and went to see Fin.


“Hi beautiful” Fin said and hook his hands on my waist. I quickly push his hands away.


“I’d leave early….I have an important thing to attend to” I said.


“It’s okay I understand….well let’s make a toast first” he gave me a wine glass and poured me a wine. “To the


future” he said and I smiled and finish my drink in one go.


Fin smiled and alert his friends. He had drugged the drink unknown to me.


“So come Gem let me show you off in front of others” he said and I followed him.




Leon decided to personally go pick up Gem as a gentleman. But getting there he heard a different story.


He was suspicious. His instincts tells him Gem was been tricked.


He quickly drove to the party.


Fin started introducing me to people and suddenly I was dizzy, I almost fell down but Fin caught me.


Immediately I felt his touch….my body started to grow hot…..I was feeling horny……I quickly withdraw.


“I….I should get going now” I said.


“Okay let me show you to the door” he said and I nodded.


He led me to a door and as I opened the door….he push me inside and I saw it was a bedroom.


“Fin…..what…. what’s going on?” I asked.


“Oh Gem you’re so beautiful….don’t worry…..I’ve drugged you to make you want s£x…’d love


tonight….after tonight I’ll find you a role in the next movie Together Get her” he said taking off his belts.


Seeing his body made me arouse even more….I tried to resist but my body won’t listen to me. I moan as his


hands cup my cheeks.


“Please don’t!!” I said.


“Don’t stop?” he said and captured my lips. I used my last strength to push him away.


“Be good Gem or I’ll have to use the hard way” he said and drag me back to himself as he pinned me in between his legs.


“No….. please….stop……ah…..Leon………Leon help me….ahhh…..uhmm”I cried and moan at the same time as


he started kissing my body and tearing my dress off…………



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