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After arriving at the airport I took a taxi straight home.


‘Yes am back to were it all started’ I said to myself, took a deep breath and walk into the mansion. Everyone, the maids, guards, look at me with an aww look.


‘Am no longer the little naive, shy, innocent and calm girl they once knew. Now…hahaha….am crazy. Yeah


though am a small actress in a local acting industry I still fight for my dreams.’ I halt when I saw my father, his wife and there daughter.


I smiled dryly and said “Am home…..who missed me?”


“Why are you back???!!” Father said


“Honey calm down she just came back why don’t we let her rest first…..” Marie my stepmom said. She’s a quiet devil….a pretender…she is a good actress too in front of my father…I guess her daughter got the professional acting skills from her.


“Sister…. welcome home” said Jolene.


“A point for correction Jolly , I AM NOT YOUR SISTER!!!!” I glanced at her.


“Get out…..out….you ungrateful bitch….you bad egg…..” dad yelled.


“Honey calm down she’s just a child” Marie said


“Yes daddy I’ll talk to sister” Jolene said.


“You should be thankful to your mother and sister…..if not them I’d have abandoned you by now” father




“Mother???, I don’t remember having one and as for my father……I don’t even believe I have any” I said and


walk down to the basement where I’ve lived all my childhood and youth.




I started cleaning the basement and arranging my stuffs when the two witches from the East side.


“Seem you know your place in this mansion” said Marie


“Of course I do, unlike others who only know their place is in another man’s bedroom” I answered with a smile like nothing happened.


“You slut!!!, why are you back??” Jolene yelled


“To see if I can move around like your mother…. looking for married men to snatch” I said. I could see them


burning up in anger, I was winning their little game.


“Gem….don’t anger me or else you want to see your dead mother” said Marie


“Of course I’d see her. But as for you two???, hahaha… big daddy Mr. devil is waiting for you……” Marie


got too angry as she raise her hands and slap me.


“I promise you….you will not live long….just like your mother….” she said.


“Let’s see who get to meet big daddy first” Jolene said and dance after her mother. I gnashed my teeth in anger.


“Oh and by the way…..I hope you haven’t forgotten what I said when we were 16?, I promise that I’d take


everything away from you…. EVERYTHING YOU LOVE AND CHERISH” Jolene said.


I picked up my phone and say my company calling me. I cleared my throat.




“Miss Gem?”


“On the line”


“Yes…. we’ll be expecting you tomorrow….your manager has been selected and auditions are already lined up for you…. please be here very early tomorrow”


“I will, thanks”.


I sigh……Let’s see how tomorrow goes.




Jolene stole the flashlight in a press conference.


“aww…..she’s a goddess” girls praised. Every men wish to be with her, while every women dream to be her.


The press soon begin.


“Wow goddess Jolene….you’re really sparkling today….” the lady who was interviewing her said.


“aww….stop it am blushing” Jolene said


Both ladies laughed.


“There are rumors that you’ll be acting as the female lead in a new movie ‘Rate My Heart RMH’?”


“Oh yes…..and auditioning is already out….. we’ll be working with other acting industries this time” Jolene




“Speaking of industries….have our goddess ever dream of entering IM Industry?” she asked


Jolene smiled brightly and sigh “It’s every actresses and actors dream to be there. I know that one day I won’t only get there I’ll be there” Jolene was so confident.


“I heard rumors that the President of IM is very handsome and charming but keeps a low profile!”


“I’ve heard that too” Jolene said


“Have you ever imagine marrying the king of entertainment, that is the President of IM and become entertainment first lady?” she asked. Jolene was one donkey who dance happy when a shinning carrot is thrown at it.


“I don’t know…..I can’t make decisions now…..who knows if my future husband is watching this show…..” she


jokingly said and everyone laughed.


“Back to business….how is your next movie RMH going to be?”


“Well….am gonna put all my effort to be the best….let’s just wait till the movie is out….. you’ll gonna love it”


she said, winks and smiled.


“Thank you goddess Jolene…..”




I was seating with my new manager and our industry President.


“I want you in that movie….., try and get the spot of been Jolene elder sister in the movie. I’ve heard of your acting grades back in the States I hope you can do well” Mr festus said.


“But sir….that role is a little too hard…. remember it’s just her first movie….she…..”


“Manager Ruth…..I’ll do it……. infact I can do it…..let my see the script reading……”, she look at me in


surprise and gave me the script “Show me the hardest scene” I said and she showed me. It’s when the elder sister who was a psycho have act hurt, happy, plain, filled at the same time. “Ha…..price of cake…..let’s go” I said


“Go were?” Ruth ask


“To the auditioning we don’t want to miss it” I said


“But you’ve not practiced” she protect


“Don’t worry… already loaded….let’s go…we don’t have much time” I said and she look at Mr festus who


only smiled and nodded.




After our little makeup and outfit. We arrive at the auditioning.


We were a bit late but we’re able to still cover up due to Ruth smart move.


All eyes were on me. Eyes that were saying who is she?, why’s she here?, what’s with her dressing?.


I didn’t mind them I just took my seat and close my eyes relaxing waiting for my name to be called. Ruth was not happy with my behavior I was too relaxing and calm while she was shaking all over getting nervous on my behalf.


“Miss G are you sure about this?” she asked I didn’t answer. Well that’s because I’ve fallen asleep. “Oh God… me please…let the ground just swallow me up.


“Number 34” they called and Ruth wake me up. My eyes was red and it look tired.


“Am I up next?” I asked as I yelled and she nodded.


We both went in.


“Number 34 Miss Gem….from VYV industry……you’re the one taking the role of Tartan?? he asked but I gave


him a deadly glance. I later smiled and nodded cutely.


“Ok which part are you taking today in the script?”


“The hardest of it all” I said and they burst into laugher


“Young women don’t waste our time here” the female judge said.


“No….you’re the one wasting my time … ready when ever you are!” I said.


“Ok act 356……scene 14….. action”.


The sweet smile on my face wipe away as my face turn blank and dark instantly.


I bit my lower lip and smirk.


“Am not crazy…..

am not insane” I said calmly no one knew what I was thinking. Suddenly my eyes turn




very red as tears gather up in my eyes that refuse to drop.



I crush my little gown in my hands






” I said slowly but later yelled “GONE!!!” the judges shiver. “Gone!!!!!!, they left





am not….crazy…..they….

left me…..pains….I feel in here” I touch my heart as the cute smile


appear on my face again. The smile mix with my red and teary eyes made my emotions unreadable…….



danced around like a like kid but soon stop turned my back to the judges and said.




” and the tears finally dropped. Finish. I wipe my face and smiled again.



“That’s it” I said and the judges were in shock.



“Why did you stop?”




“I want to see more of your acting”





splendid… got the role……

“, they all praised me with a round of applause.




I thanked them and left.


Ruth kept on looking at me.


“What??, I asked


“You are….. AWESOME” she said raising her thumbs up. And I smiled.


“Let’s go celebrate… let’s go get a drink” I said. We entered a bar.


After drinking and drinking…. forgetting that I was a slave of alcohol…….each time I drink…..I become a princess searching for a prince….due to alcohol….I hug any handsome guy I see and hold him tight until I fall asleep before I let go…… because I was too excited tonight I forgot


They were hosting a mask party in the bar…..only few of us were unmasked.


“Miss Gem….slow down….you’ll get drunk” Ruth warned me but it was too late…with just one glass am going


into the pool of alcohol but today I’ve taken like 5 before stopped me. I told her all my childhood story….Ruth


was touched and even cried.


“Ah….don’t cry…Sister ruru ……am strong…I….ii…fight…them ….with…..bottle… hehehe”


“Don’t worry Gem that Jolene devil will never take me away from you” she said crying


“That’s what they m .. .all say….m….b…buh….all my friends ran to her and became her friends…..boring Bozo’s, ruru…. manager ruru….ruru”


“It’s Ruth…..Gem” she said now smiling.


“Shhhh…….whose that handsome man over there?” I asked. Before Ruth could look I’ve stood up and went to


sat on his laps.




Leon who was bored with the party his friends forced him to come. Was surprised when something warm sat on his lap and rap it hands round his neck.


“Mmmmmm ma princey…..I’ve missed you….”


“Miss……oh no….” Ruth ran to them. “Am sorry… so sorry…..she’s….just drunk…. G let go…let’s go home hmm”


“Nah nah nah… not leaving ma princey again…..I’ve found him” she hook her hands tighter on his neck.


Leon saw his friends laughing and mocking him.


“Miss let me pull her away no problem” his deep voice and aura brought shiver to Ruth. ‘This was no ordinary person’ she thought.


Leon tried to pull her away but the more he tried the more the little body girl hug him tighter never wanting to let go. If he use more force he’d sure pull her away but he might hurt her. He hate hurting women especially girls.


“Miss…..miss…..wake up…. you’ve got the wrong person” he tried to wake her up but the girl started crying.


“It’s all your fault for living me first. Now they blame it all on me… can I let you go……ma princey please


don’t hate me too….don’t hate me too please… please…..don’t hate me!!!” she burst into a loud cry. Screaming don’t hate me don’t live me please…….. making Leon embarrassed as the cry drew attention to him.


The old waiter walk up to him.


“Sir console you girl or do something don’t just like her crying…..I can see she really loves you” he said


“She’s not my girlfriend…..I don’t even know her” Leon yelled in anger as his friends laugh even more.


“please do something about her sees distracting the party” the man said.


Leon tried to pull her away with strength…..this time he don’t care if he hurt her….she was annoying.


“Get off me…..” he said and pulled her away. But the girl yelled again.


“Princey…’re meany…..aaaaahhhh …….aaahhh…’re not as good as my book says … won’t hug me….ahhhhhh” she started screaming pointing at Leon who had no choice but to play along.


“Ok princess… sorry….come come here” he said with a date smile and the drunk girl ran to his embrace


again. sitting on his lap on hugging his neck. Leon started rubbing her back calming her down.


“It’s okay am here” he same. He friends laugh and laugh while Ruth kept on apologizing on Gem’s behalf.


She soon fall asleep and Leon carried her to Ruth car.


“Sir please give me your address or information…so we came apologize to you properly”.


“Nevermind…just don’t appear in front of me again…. goodnight” he left in anger.


“Phew…..Gem let’s go home now…. alcohol student” Ruth said and drove home…………………………






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