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Happen 9 (A)

As Produced By SheriffSquinty

Theme: Three Vamps on One Wolf

Sub Theme: An Unfair Match



I opened my mouth to howl as the agonizing pain shot through my body but no

sound came out. I felt the vampire’s hands release my shoulders as I slowly sank to the ground, blindly clutching the wound as my eyes streamed with tears of pain.

Dimly I could hear the vampires conversing about something but all I could focus on was the burning sensation spreading throughout my body. Was I dying? Was a vampire bite fatal to a werewolf? My blood was screaming in my veins and my

Wolf was howling in fury in the back of my mind, urging me to getup, to fight it. She wanted me to Shift but the pain of the bite and the sensation of the venom in

my veins distracted me and distanced me from her. I wasn’t sure I would be able to Shift at all; maybe that was one of the side effects of vampire poison. My stomach plummeted as I realized that if I couldn’t Shift, I couldn’t contact my friends; and

there was noway I could focus enough through all of this pain to contact my family members from this distance.

It was the worst pain I’d felt in my life, unlike anything I’d felt before, worse even than the touch of silver to my skin. I drew back my lips to expose my elongated

canines, snarling my fury as I focused on the two vampires in the alley.






One of them was gesturing at me as they discussed something. I tried to struggle to my feet but immediately collapsed back down, breathing hard and clutching my

neck as if that would help. At least the vampire venom didn’t cause immediate

paralysis. Although part of me was certain I was going to faint from the pain at any moment, my Wolf urged me to retaliate before they could do anything else tome. I tried to suppress a deep whine of pain, knowing they would only get satisfaction

out of that.

I took a deep, shuddering breath as I tried to control the pain. I gritted my teeth as the wound burned; I could feel blood trickling down the side of my neck. How

dare those creatures bite me! How dare they attack me from behind!

Caught up in my furious thoughts, I drew all of my energy together as I focused on the vampire that had bitten me. I let my anger flood into my mind. It dominated all other coherent thoughts as my fury suffused me with heat. My eyes were watery

with the pain, but I made every effort to suppress it, honing in on one target. I wasn’t going to just sithere and let them kill me.

Attempting to ignore the searing agony, I crouched for a split second, angled myself at the vampire, then lunged.

My body uncoiled and flew through the air at a werewolf’s speed. The vampire

turned, eyes widening, and tried to dodge my attack but was not quick enough. My body hit his at full force and he flew backwards twenty feet, landing on his back

with me on top of him.

I snarled, eyes still tearing up with the pain of the bite and prepared to sink my

teeth into his pale throat. Then I sensed slight movement from behind me and I was being picked up by the neck and thrown backwards.

Twisting in the air I angled my position so I rolled as I hit the ground, quickly

climbing to my feet to see the first vampire directly in front of me. I mentally

cursed as I wobbled slightly; I had to get these damn heels off of my feet! The

vampire was snarling as he drew his fist back and aimed a fast punch at my face.



As Produced By SheriffSquinty


But not fast enough. With lightning speed, working on sheer instinct and

adrenaline I spun away from the blow then swung aroundhouse kick at his head with every ounce of force I had left. The vampire was either slower than I or not expecting my speed and ferocity; the blow struck him in the side of the head and






he flew backwards, his body and head hitting the wall on the side of the alleyway with a loud crack. He slowly slid down the wall, looking dazed.

I was slightly off-kilter from the roundhouse kick due to the fact that I was still

wearing these stupid shoes, and did not have time to regain my balance before the other vampire was on me, his body colliding with mine as he tackled me against

the opposite wall. My back struck the wall and I groaned with pain. The pain from the bite itself had lessened slightly to a nearly bearable level. By the look on the

vampire’s face, just inches from my own, he knew the pain was abating and

planned on biting me again. He snarled grotesquely, lips peeling back to reveal his pointed canines as he pinned me to the wall. His entire body was pressed against mine and I shuddered with revulsion athis cold touch.

“You werewolf bitch,” he breathed. His breath smelled like a rotting corpse and I winced. His teeth were dangerously close to my face and I knew he was about to strike.

I began to thrash left and right as I attempted to break his grip. Although his hands were strong as they grabbed my arms, and although he had me pinned tightly, I felt him shift slightly as I continued my struggle. With that small change in pressure I instinctively knew that in terms of brute strength, I was stronger.

With one more swift jerk I freed one of my legs and threw my knee upwards in the

same instant. I felt my blow hit its target between the vampire’s legs and he

released me,hissing in pain. I resisted the urge to smirk; apparently there was one consistent weak spot for males of all species.

I took advantage of his distraction by reaching forward and grabbing a handful of his shirt. Then,utilizing every bit of my returning werewolf strength I threw the vampire towards the far end of the alleyway where there was just a dead end, a

solid brick wall. I heard a dull thud as he struck the target.

I could feel the distance between my Wolf and I rapidly shrinking; the bite’s venom was wearing off. Shift! She commanded in my mind as I felt her consciousness

reaching out towards mine.

Narrowing my eyes, I tried to fight off the last waves of pain so I could merge my consciousness with my Wolf’s. Unfortunately it was as if there was a thin mental barrier hovering between our minds. Try as I might I could not shatter it with my mental force. I was prevented from shifting entirely, only having my canines and claws, until the venom was out of my system completely.

Growling lowly at this realization, I bent down and unbuckled each shoe as quickly as I could (lamenting the fact that I hadn’t worn my more basic slip-on heels),

dropping them next tome against the wall of the alleyway. The last thing I needed






was to break an ankle. Barefoot, I approached the vampire I had just thrown. He

was slumped at an awkward angle in the shadows at the bottom of the wall and I

had no doubt that I’d broken something when I threw him. Still, something told me he would heal fast enough and I needed to kill him before he could.

Once again I didn’t get a chance to strike. I felt a rush of air and heard a low snarl behind me that signified the return of the first vampire. Apparently they healed

pretty rapidly, as I’d definitely heard something crack when I threw him against wall. I spun around quickly in time to dodge two fast punches aimed at my face and chest. I retaliated with a left hook of my own but he dodged to the right,

aiming a kick straight at my stomach. I winced as it collided with my midsection.

The air was completely knocked out of my system, causing me to stumble backwards a few steps. These guys just don’t give up! I snarled mentally, recovering my balance quickly before he could press the advantage.


I coiled and sprung, knocking into the vampire and sending us tumbling to the

ground. We rolled over and over as we each attempted to punch and kick the other. As our momentum slowed the vampire tried topin me to the ground with his

weight on my upper half. Maneuvering the part of my body that he didn’t have

pinned, I managed to wedge my feet under his middle before he could trap me

entirely. With one big shove and a grunt of effort I extended my legs, throwing him off of me and into the wall nearby.

In an instant I struggled upward and leapt towards him, grabbing him while he was winded. His body had slumped off of the wall but I grabbed his neck with one hand and slammed him right back into it. He hissed in pain. I decided to take a page out of the vampire’s book; snarling, I bared my canines, yanked his head to the side

and buried my teeth into the junction between his neck and shoulder.

The vampire roared in agony and fury and I felt a primal sense of satisfaction as

my Wolf howled triumphantly in the back of my mind. My teeth easily broke the

skin and sank deep into muscle. His blood tasted bitter and was somewhat acidic;

my victory was cut short as I had to withdraw my fangs when the blood rushed into my mouth and began to cause a burning sensation.

Coughing and spluttering I released him, spitting his life essence out on the

pavement and wiping my mouth with one hand. I could smell the fresh blood

pouring out of his shoulder as he snarled in pain, sinking to the ground. I mentally reminded myself NOT to let vampire blood touch me again, as my mouth was

burning like I’d eaten a pile of jalepeños.






The logical side of my brain kicked in then, reminding me of the other vampire on the far end of the alleyway, the one I’d kicked in the family jewels and then thrown like a rag doll. These vampires certainly weren’t as physically strong as I was,

although they were fast. I spun around to see him slowly clambering to his feet. I crouched, bracing myself for his next move. He looked down as his comrade, the one I had bitten, then bared his teeth in fury. Once again moving surprisingly fast, he leapt towards me. I dodged neatly to the side and he spun around, throwing a fist at my face. I threw my arm up in time to block it then countered with a punch of my own, hitting him square in the ribs.

The vampire grunted in pain but recovered quickly with a move I didn’t expect: he faked a left hook that I blocked, whirled to the side, then brought his leg around

and kicked my legs straight out from under me.

I barely recovered in time to prevent my face from connecting with the pavement, landing heavily on my side. The vampire then grabbed a fistful of my hair, yanking my head back painfully. I snarled with the pain but as he wrenched on my hair, my eyes fell on something nearby. An unconventional weapon, but it would work.

I twisted around slightly to gain leverage and elbowed the vampire as hard as I

could, which caused him to slightly loosen the grip on my hair as the blow

connected. I took this opportunity to abruptly reach forward, grabbing one of my shoes. My eyes watered as my scalp screamed in pain; I was pretty sure some of my hair had been pulled out with my rapid movements.

All of this had happened in a mere second, and I wasted no more time. In the same motion that I grabbed my shoe, I twisted back around again, gathering every ounce

of my strength, and threw my arm forward, driving the heel straight into the vampire’s abdomen.

Who knew if humans had ever tried this trick, I thought dimly. They may not have the strength to make the heel into such a lethal weapon. But hell, atleast these

pointy shoes had been good for something tonight, I thought wryly, as the vampire screeched in agony and stumbled back. I quickly leapt upward again.

Growling ferociously, I rushed over to him with werewolf speed and slammed him into the wall, baring my teeth.

He put up a struggle, blood darkening the front of his shirt, but I gripped him

tightly, my claws digging into his arms. I was considering the best way to leverage myself to break his neck when I was caught off guard for the second time in mere moments.








Hall Of Supernatural Stories


I heard something above me a split second before a heavyweight landed directly on my back. I staggered and collapsed to my knees from the force of it. I heard a

malevolently dark chuckle from the entity on my back before something sharp and cold plunged into the side of my neck.

I bucked furiously, throwing the intruder off, and staggered to my feet as I tried to focus on him. He stood there, a couple inches taller than the other two but clearly another vampire. Just how many were around here, anyways? He obviously had

not bitten me; the burning pain had not returned. So what had he inserted into my neck?

Without thinking, I raised one hand to my neck. I could feel a miniscule puncture wound. A sense of foreboding washed over me an instant before the dizziness hit me. I staggered yet again, suddenly exhausted. The world started to tilt on its axis and I collapsed, breathing heavily.

A sense of calm was beginning to wash over me despite the dizziness. I felt as if I hadn’t slept for a week. My body was beginning to shut down and my eyes

drooped. My Wolf urged me to getup, to keep fighting, but I was just too tired.

Dimly I registered that he must have inserted some drug into my system, but there was nothing I could do about it.

The last thing I heard was the two vampires arguing before I keeled over and my world went dark.






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