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Happen 52 (L) (T)

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An hour or so later, I drifted into a dreamless sleep. I felt peaceful and completely at ease, with newfound fulfillment that came with completing the bond with my

Mate. My Wolf, for once, was completely satiated. I allowed my (admittedly sore) body torest as I welcomed unconsciousness.

Sometime in the night, I vaguely registered Gabriel stirring and making to leave

the bed. Almost without meaning to, I reached out and grabbed his hand. “Where are you going?” I mumbled groggily, barely coherent.

I felt him lean forward, his warm breath stirring the hair next tomy ear. “Raziel is trying to contact me. I’m just getting the feather. I’ll be back soon.”

I nodded, eyes still closed, accepting his explanation without question. This was the most hope we’d had all day, anyways. It was good that Raziel was finally

contacting Gabriel. Hopefully we’d have a new lead tomorrow.

I made no attempt to stay awake, knowing he’d return to bed soon. With the

newfound spark of determination that there would be answers soon, I drifted back into the best sleep of my life.

I felt….cold.

The pronounced lack of warmth was what woke me up the following morning. I

blinked my bleary eyes open, glancing towards the window nearby. The curtains

still obscured my view but I could see the light of morning creeping in around the edges. Yawning, I shifted position, wondering why I felt so chilly when I was

cocooned in Gabriel’s bed. I reached out a hand to Gabriel’s place in the bed and … Gabriel was already awake. In fact, the place he had been sleeping was cold. I

frowned in confusion; exactly how early had he gotten up?

The room seemed empty without him in it. In fact, the bed seemed far too big.

Groaning, I struggled to sit up. I was incredibly sore from last night. Remembering the passionate undertakings made my cheeks heat up a bit and I stretched, trying to work the kinks out.






As I stood up I realized I was completely naked still. This only made me blush

more furiously and I hurried to retrieve some new clothes to wear from the bag I’d brought. As soon as I was clothed, I wandered into the bathroom. I had to see for myself the concrete proof of what had happened the night before.

Pulling down the collar of my t-shirt, I couldn’thelp but grin triumphantly. There, at the base of my neck, was Gabriel’s Mark. It looked incredibly fresh but wasn’t bleeding, and the dark red color would never change. It wouldn’t fade to a lighter color like a normal scar. I traced the puncture wounds of his canines, remembering the feel of his teeth sinking into my skin.

Suddenly, I realized that my Wolf hadn’t said anything yet. She was strangely silent. I prodded her with a mental probe, urging her to say something.

You awake yet?

Something is wrong.

Immediately, I tensed. My Wolf sounded completely distraught. As I pondered over the possible causes of her worry and where Gabriel could be, I realized

something….something I would’ve realized much sooner if I’d been used to the Mating link.


I felt nothing from Gabriel. No emotions, no mental link….nothing. I wasn’t used to feeling Gabriel’s every emotion, so I hadn’t noticed the strange absence upon awakening, but now I was all too aware that he had withdrawn from my mind. I

stared into the mirror as my face paled. His Mark couldn’t have already faded, could it? That was ludicrous! It would take much longer than one night.

This is deliberate. He is blocking us. I cannot feel him, my Wolf whimpered, and pain washed over me as her words hit home. Why would Gabriel do that? Mates were never supposed to block each other out! The only thing I could think of was that he was suffering some sort of unimaginable pain and blocking me from it, or keeping some secret from me.

What if it had to do with Raziel contacting him last night?

I bit my lip, hard, coppery taste filling my mouth. I suddenly felt very very alone, and exposed. I couldn’thelp a surge of anger from emerging, that Gabriel would just mentally abandon me like that without a word. I strode back into his room and glanced around, seeing no note or any indication of where he was.

Gabriel? Are you there? I tried to contact him, but my Wolf was right. It was like

hitting a mental brick wall. I could still feel our connection, distant and tenuous, so I knew he hadn’t died. However, I didn’t feel his consciousness directly pressing

up against mine. He was completely withdrawn. There was something blocking my






link to him. According to my Wolf, it was Gabriel himself. It took a lot of mental focus to block one’s Mate, so it had to be deliberate.

I felt a wave of panic rising and I attempted to squash it as I strode out of his room. I needed answers, and the only person I could think of was Eli. Perhaps he’d

known where Gabriel had gone. There was also a chance Gabriel was lurking

about the pack village or out in the woods, and I had to find him. As I walked into the bright sunlight and tried to catch Eli’s or Gabriel’s scent, I continued my efforts to mind-link Gabriel, to no avail. I was definitely being blocked from my own Nath up on zero eight zero sixty-seven, twenty-six, eighty-three, sixty- eight, to be added to his group to enjoy more interesting stories from there.

It took me half an hour to find Eli at the training grounds, and in that moment I

didn’t care if I was interrupting a training session. I strode over towards the small group of wolves, not failing to notice the eyes that fixated on the fresh mark on my neck. Several wolves dipped their heads in respect but I did not have time for that. My eyes met Eli’s and instantly, guilt flashed in the Beta’s expression. He knew


“Excuse me for a minute,” he told the other wolves. Jerking his head, Eli indicated I follow him.

I ignored the stares I was getting and followed his hulking form. My anger was continuing to rise as I realized that, yet again, I’d been left out of the loop.

“Skylar…” Eli began,turning to face me, but I didn’t give him time to finish. “Where is he.”

“It wasn’t supposed to-“

“Where is he, Eli? He’s blocking me out! I have no clue what happened to him!” “He’s fine, Skylar, he’s doing that to protect you, he-“

“How the HELL is that protecting me? We just Mated, and then I wake up to find his scent stale and his mental presence gone.”

Eli sighed, folding his arms in front of his broad chest. It seemed like he didn’t want to be the one to tell me this. “He left, Skylar.”

“You…….wait, what?”

“The Alpha left. He met with me and spoke with Jack for several hours, saying he had to leave, that there was no other choice. He left us with detailed instructions on

how to handle the pack until he takes care of the problem. He didn’ttell you

because he knew you would argue with him and try to stop him eventhough he’s doing the best possible thing for you and the pack.”

“Leaving is the best possible thing?” My voice had risen to a hysterical pitch. I could not control my rising hurt. “And WHAT problem?”






I wasn’t sure why I bothered to ask the last part. I already knew what the answer

was, I just didn’t want to hear it. The blood was rushing in my ears and I felt dizzy.

The sense of abandonment I felt had increased tenfold.

“Cain. He went after Cain.”

I stood there, staring at Eli, transfixed with horror. It couldn’t be true, I wouldn’t accept that Gabriel had gone to take on Cain when there could’ve been another option. The look of regret in Eli’s dark eyes, however, confirmed it, and so did Gabriel’s alarming lack of presence in my mind. Gabriel had left to single-

handedly take on the problem. My Wolf howled mournfully, digesting the fact that we’d been left hereby our other half, just hours after Mating.

My Mate was gone.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. My Wolf’s agonized howls were difficult to drown out as I paced back and forth, deep in thought about what exactly I was

supposed to do now.

We were back in Gabriel’s house in his living room, and Eli was sitting on the couch solemnly watching my fevered movements. I couldn’thelp the frustrated groan that escaped my lips as I spunto face the Beta.

“And Gabriel honestly believed there was no other way?”

Eli shook his head, slowly and regretfully. “He was dead-set on going after Cain. Said he had some new information, and it was the only option.”

I’d asked him different variations of the same question, as if I expected Eli’s

answer to change, but it hadn’t. My mind was going in circles amidst my Wolf’s

frustration, coming to the same conclusion over and over again. Whatever Raziel had contacted Gabriel about, it was significant, especially to make Gabriel drop

everything and leave in the dead of night. Curiosity was gnawing at me, begging me to take off and go get answers from Raziel. Part of me wanted to do just that. I ran a hand through my tangled brown curls in yet another fit of aggravation. “He didn’t even tell me . . .” I whispered, betrayal leaking into my tone. Again, I’d

probably said the same thing ten times, but Eli was being patient with me. Not that he had a choice.

“He knew you’d react like this, and there wasn’t a lot of time. He gave Jack and me instructions on how to run the pack for a few days. He made sure we were

prepared, but he didn’t even pack a bag.”

I clenched my fists tightly, not responding. There was nothing I could say that would bring Gabriel back. I would just have to sit and wait. . .






No. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t just loaf around while my Mate was putting his life on the line.

What the Hell are we supposed to do? I demanded of my Wolf, who had subsided into quiet whimpering.

Go after him. Go find our Mate . . . we . . . she started.

I was about to respond, but then I sensed a sudden hesitation from her. What’s wrong? I pressed her, surprised she was hesitant about anything.

It’s just…we’re Luna. I feel it. I want our Mate, but some part of me wants to

protect the others. I don’t know what to do! As she spoke, I sensed the true turmoil of her emotions. My Wolf and I had gotten a new responsibility, and by instinct

she wanted to act out our role as Luna, but we also wanted to run after our Mate. We couldn’t do both.

We haven’t learned anything about being Luna, and it won’t matter if Gabriel dies, I responded after a moment, well aware of Eli’s penetrating stare fixated on me. As

I spoke, I realized that despite my Wolf’s instinct to protect the pack, the far

greater urge was to run after Gabriel. My Wolf would’ve pushed me out of the door already if not for her sense of obligation.

Why would he leave us before teaching ushow to help the pack?

Whatever Raziel told him must’ve been urgent. But there’s still so much we don’t know about Cain. Gabriel could walk into a trap, I mused, the thought horrifying.



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We can’twaithere if that’s going to happen, was my Wolf’s reply, but I still sensed her confliction.

I know we’re supposed to be Luna, and I know you have that instinct now. We both do. But we’re of littletonouse now with such lack of experience. And Eli and Jack are more than capable of handling the pack for a couple of days,

especially if Gabriel is out distracting Cain. I was working through the reasoning as I spoke, and knew my words rang true.

If I went after Gabriel, I would in some form be abandoning my post as Luna, but if I could save Gabriel’s life, it would be worth it. This pack needed him as Alpha.

Besides, as his Mate, I was supposed to standby his side.

Then again, what chance did I have against Cain?






Our Mate is the only one that can bring him down. Even we are not strong enough to fight Cain.

We could find answers, though. Goto Raziel, learn what exactly is going on.

My Wolf didn’t seem completely opposed to the idea, so I pressed on. Then we can decide from there whether we’ll be of more use back here at the pack or helping


I’m sure she knew I was saying a lot of that to appease her, and that I would go after Gabriel no matter what, but some of her tension eased.

“Skylar?” It was then I realized that Eli had been trying to get my attention. I

refocused on his face to see his brow furrowed, dark gaze studying me intently.

“What are you going to do?” He asked, and something flashed in his eyes.

I opened my mouth to give him a truthful response, but some instinct kicked in,

telling me to lie. I was normally an honest person but in this particular situation, an inner voice was telling meto fib. I always trusted these instincts so I went with it. “I . . . well, Gabriel Marked me as Luna. I don’t know where he went. I guess it’s best I stay here and help take care of the pack,” I said quietly, trying to make my

voice as sincere as possible. I absolutely loathed lying to him, but for some reason I didn’t want him to know I was going after Gabriel . . .

Probably because Gabriel Commanded Eli, and possibly every other warrior in the pack, to stop you from going after him.

My Wolf’swords struck home and I realized she was right. That’s why Eli had

followed me back and was watching me so intently; he thought I would bolt. Of course Gabriel would have made sure I couldn’t follow. He was overprotective of me.

I met Eli’s gaze squarely, hoping my regret didn’t shine through. “I’m going to learn to be Luna the hard way, I guess. It’s what Gabriel would want, right?” I attempted to look resigned to this decision.

Eli nodded, slowly, seeming to accept my decision. For now.

“I’ll stay here and watch over you. That’s what the Alpha wanted.”

I smiled half-heartedly and nodded as his words confirmed my suspicions. It would be difficult to sneak out with Eli hovering around the house but I could do it.

Raziel’s residence had been aten hour drive, so to avoid traveling in darkness I’d have to wait until early the next morning to leave, as it was already afternoon

today. I remembered the name of the city well enough. I knew I could find it again. Perhaps I was making a selfish decision, running after my Mate and ignoring his

wishes, leaving the pack behind. Some part of me did regret it, but for my sanity, I was doing the right thing. I had to follow Gabriel . . . I would chase him and Cain






to the ends of the earth if I had to. For now, I would be content with finding Raziel and obtaining as much information as possible.

The rest of the day passed torturously slowly. I mostly kept to Gabriel’sroom,

constantly moving from the chair by the fire, to his bed, and then to look out of the window again. I tried to read one of his books to pass the time but to no avail;

Gabriel constantly haunted my thoughts. I tried to contact him a few more times but his mental barriers remained intact and I grew increasingly frustrated. All I wanted was to know that he was safe!

When I went to mindlessly grab some sort of sustenance from the fridge, I noticed Eli was still lounging in the living room, talking to the big beefy blonde guy that had shown me the lay of the land. Vincent, I remembered. They were deep in

conversation so they paid meno mind as I returned to my room. I guessed Eli had thought that he was being kind by giving me a day to cope with Gabriel’s absence before I began to act as Luna.

After cramming the sandwich and apple down my throat despite my unsettled

stomach, I moved to the window and shut the curtains. Sunset was not too far away now, and the last thing I wanted was some creepy vampire watching me. I

wondered if any were nearby; if Gabriel had gone after Cain, surely the latter had more important things to dothan leave me a note in the middle of the night. That didn’t mean Cain hadn’t left someone behind to watch me, though.

I locked the window and the double doors after saying goodnight to Eli, who was going to sleep in a guest room. The Beta gave me a searching, suspicious look that let me know I’d have to be awfully quiet when sneaking out in the morning. I was glad that he wasn’t going to sleep outside Gabriel’s door. I planned to just stay

awake to avoid having to set an alarm that would wake Eli from his slumber.

Darkness arrived, and I was extra jumpyas I took a long, hot bath. It was eerily devoid of noise outside but I didn’t feel that any vampires were nearby. The hairs on the pack of my neck weren’t standing up and my Wolf remained quietly

agitated that we were so far away from Gabriel.

After bathing, I removed everything from my traveling bag that I didn’tthink I

would need. I planned to travel as light as possible so I merely kept a few articles

of clothing, some money that I was grateful I’d grabbed from my house at the last second, and my toothbrush inside. If everything went smoothly, I wouldn’t be gone terribly long.

I couldn’thelp but feel that was incredibly wishful thinking.






I peeked blearily through the gap between the curtains, confirming that the sky was beginning to morph from a deep blue to a lighter one infused with pink. The sun

was just about to break above the horizon and I could not wait any longer. I opened the curtains the rest of the way, moving cautiously as to not cause too much noise. Eli was downstairs but he still had enhanced hearing that would pickup anything

too loud. Reaching out, I tentatively flipped the latch so the window was unlocked. Now I just had to be as silent as possible when opening it . . .

It was grueling, but I slid the window up inch by inch until it was large enough for me to climb through. Glancing around I determined that there wasn’t a particularly sturdy tree nearby. I would have to jump. I may have been on the third story but

my body could take it, although I would’ve preferred the less drastic method of

climbing. I eased my body through the open window until I was sitting on the

ledge with my legs off of the side, swinging towards the ground where I’dbe

landing. My bag was secured on my back, and I glanced around the room one last time before shoving off of the side of the building.

I landed fairly gracefully, bending my knees and touching my hands to the ground to absorb the impact. There was not a moment to waste. I took off towards the

trees, using my enhanced speed so that the fringe of the forest approached at an

alarming rate. Once I entered the trees, I prepared to Shift, and that’s when I heard it. A distant voice calling my name.



As Produced By SheriffSquinty


“Skylar!” It was riddled with fury. Eli. He must’ve heard some sort of noise

coming from my bedroom or he’d been awake all along. Feeling a surge of

adrenaline I leapt forward, Shifting in midair until I landed on the ground on four legs instead of two. He would follow me, no doubt, but there was only so far Eli could go before he’d turn back. He wouldn’t abandon the Black Mountains Pack village to chase me.

I whizzed through the trees, scenting the air and determining that Eli was in fact chasing me. As a Beta, he was probably faster than I, but newfound strength

pumped through my limbs and I tore through the woods faster than ever before. It had to be Gabriel’s essence that was given me this incredible speed. I’dnever run like this before and I reveled in it. Branches tore at my thick coat but I paid them






no mind, letting the wind rush through my fur as I kept up the breakneck pace. So this was one of the perks of being Luna.

With an Alpha of Angel bloodline, too, my Wolf said, pride emanating from her voice.

It only took fifteen minutes, maybe a bit more, for Eli to stop chasing me. Perhaps he realized I was running just as fast as he was, or maybe he felt guilty leaving the pack he was in charge of. Either way, I was relieved. I knew it was horrible to lie

to him but my actions were for the greater good. Once I determined that I was no

longer being pursued, I altered my direction towards the pass in the mountains. I

may have slept most of the way to Raziel’s but I remembered where the nearest gas station was. I could get amap there, and as a werewolf, my sense of direction was impeccable. With this fiery determination burning within me, I’dbe there in no


A ten hour drive was only an eight hour run, as I could move faster than a car. It

was difficult at times when the forest opened up to long, rolling plains. I knew I

looked ridiculous, a massive Wolf running with a bag attached to its back. When I scented humans I would have to change direction to avoid them. Fortunately, most of the journey consisted of large expanses of land with no human settlements.

Once I’d picked up the map it was easy enough to choose the route with the least civilization. I could push my legs as fast as they would go without fear of someone seeing me.

Then again, to humans I would just look like a silver blur whizzing by. A lot of my caution was likely in vain.

I arrived at the city with a few hours to spare, my stomach aching with hunger. I’d only hunted briefly at the beginning of my journey.

Rapid City, South Dakota. I felt a sense of déjà vu as I approached the fringes of the settlement, momentarily taking shelter behind a cluster of rocks to Shift back. I wasn’t sure the kind people of South Dakota would accept a giant wolf into their city with open arms.

The first gas station I came to, I obtained another map with some money stashed in my bag. After politely inquiring the gas station attendant for directions, I was

directed towards the inn I had stayed at with Gabriel, because I would remember my way to Raziel’s from there. That felt like so long ago now. Gabriel’smouth on my bare skin, though, was especially vivid. I had to brush the thoughts aside,

focusing instead on my own stubborn determination. I couldn’t get sentimental, at least not until I had my answers.






My memory and perfect sense of direction served me well. It took longer than

anticipated,but finally I recognized the drive leading up to Raziel’s house. I was grateful that Gabriel and I had been having an awkward moment in the car, thus

forcing me to stare out of the window the whole way to Raziel’s dwelling. A faint smile tugged at my mouth as I walked towards Raziel’s driveway, absentmindedly admiring the landscaping. The place looked as regal and imposing as ever.





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