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Happen 49

As Produced By SheriffSquinty

Theme: And She Found Her Mate



*****The Mating Ceremony*****


Kale had arrived half an hour ago and Gabriel had immediately called everyone together to complete the ceremony.

For my part, I was standing next to my parents near the front of the group. They, too were talking about Kale’s sudden arrival. My mother thought it was a good

thing, that every family should unite in this time of need. Tuning her out for a bit, my eyes slid across Gabriel and Jack, who were conversing next to the wooden

platform, and I vainly tried to find Maria in the crowd.

I didn’t see her anywhere.

This made my eyebrows furrow in puzzlement. Why would she not be here? Will was extremely excited about it, it was an incredibly proud moment for him, and we were his best friends. It was our obligation to support him. So why-

She has feelings for him. Seeing him with another will hurt her, my Wolf said

calmly the same instant I came to the conclusion myself. That had to be it. Maria had deep feelings for Will. I wasn’t sure how long she’d liked him since I’d just recently found out but it would still pain her to watch the ceremony. I wasn’t sure Will would completely understand, though. He would want Maria to be happy for him without realizing what it would cost her. Knowing Maria, she would feel

extremely guilty for not coming, as she was often too compassionate for her own good. I made a mental note to go visit her after the ceremony and make sure she was doing okay.

My eyes continued restlessly skimming the crowd, and I tried not to visibly wince as I briefly made eye contact with Brett and Lynn, his Mate and the former Luna. While Lynn’s expression was mostly indecipherable, I saw vivid dislike in Brett’s penetrating stare. I grit my teeth and ignored them. It wasn’t entirely my fault that Brett had been removed from his position as Alpha. He had helped dig that grave himself.

Or, at least that’s what I kept trying to tell myself.

Lastly, and inevitably, my eyes rested on Gabriel. I felt a small jolt as I realized

he’d already been staring at me. His dark eyes were intense, and as our eyes met I

saw hooded desire that he did not attempt to hide. I was sure my expression

mirrored his and his tantalizing words from earlier were continuously on repeat

inside my brain. He may have been dressed simply but his shirt was tight enough to accentuate the muscled form underneath. Checking him out was only worsening things so, with a small and apologetic smile, I managed totearmy eyes away.

My Wolf was getting restless. Moments later, Will and Eva entered the clearing

hand-in-hand, and I tried to keep my face expressionless as I took in Eva’s flowing dress and perfect hair. She looked absolutely beautiful; it was customary to dress

up for the Mating ritual. I did not miss the way her vivid blues scanned the crowd

and then returned to the area next to the wooden platform where Gabriel was standing. I also did not miss her taut and almost longing expression as she

discreetly observed her former love.

However, just as my hands were curling into fists, Will whispered something in her earthat I did not catch. Eva turned to face him, and her tense expression visibly

relaxed. She wasn’t the easiest one to read but I thought I detected sincere affection in her eyes as she gazed at her Mate. Will put an arm around her as they trudged up

the platform together. In that moment, I thought that maybe she truly did care about Will and this would help her to get over her wasted affection for Gabriel faster than any other method.


As the ceremony started, I felt incredibly selfish for letting my mind wander, but I couldn’thelp but think about tomorrow. The journey back to Gabriel’s village, and the events afterwards, were making my stomach churn in anticipation. In my

opinion,tomorrow could not get here fast enough.


~~~~~~~~Maria’s POV~~~~~~~~

I felt like a horrible person. Will was one of my best friends, and I was so selfish that I couldn’t even make it out to his Mating ceremony. It was probably the most

important ceremony of his life, yethere I was, sitting in my living room and

stuffing my face with chocolate ice cream. It was my go-to food, especially with

everything that happened recently. I knew it was sad and pathetic and that I needed to just get over it, but it was hard. I’d liked him for years now and feelings like that didn’t just ‘go away’ .

I’d been recuperating, really I had, at least until my father informed me that the

ceremony was tonight. After that I pretty much lost it. I was currently watching

some re-runs of one of those corny reality shows Skylar hated. I already knew what she would’ve done in my position; Skylar was incredibly self-sacrificing and she

would’ve gone. I wanted to be as noble as she was but I couldn’t find the strength. I shoved another spoonful of cold goodness in my mouth, not caring that I’dbe

getting another brain freeze at any moment. At first, my Wolf had tried to comfort me, but now she was strangely withdrawn in the back of my mind. Against all

logic, she had some sort of tenuous connection with Will ever since I’dbeen of Mating age. It didn’t make any sense because she should not feel attracted to

anyone but my one true Mate but I’d learned to accept it. Unfortunately, it just made this worse.

Okay, stop being such a selfish bitch and go, I told myself for the tenth time after a few more minutes of mindless TV. The all-important ceremony would be starting any minute. I even had an outfit laid out in case I changed my mind, because I sure as Hell wasn’t going in sweats.

As I tried to convince myself, I felt my Wolf begin to stir restlessly in the back of my mind. She whined softly but I pushed her away, sinking back into the plush

cushions of the couch again in defeat. My sudden rush of bravery had deserted me again. Who was I kidding? When it came to Will, I was such a coward!

I gripped the spoon tightly in my hand as I thought of the woman destined to be

Will’s Mate. Eva. The stupid redhead that had wreaked havoc in Skylar’s love life. Why oh why did she get Will as a Mate? The thought of him Marking her caused a powerful surge of jealousy to rush through me. Realizing I was about to contort the spoon with my werewolf strength, I quickly dropped it on the table. Thinking of

that woman’s beautiful face only worsened things.

My Wolf whined again, this time louder.

What’s your problem? I asked, a bit snippier than intended. My Wolf, ever the patient and kind one, ignored my rudeness.

I think we should goto the ceremony. I’m itching to get out of this house. Something feels . . . different.

We can’t. Or…I can’t. I don’t know what I’ll do if I see them … .

My Wolf was practically turning impatient circles. We need to go.

I’m telling you that I can’t do it!

Yes you can. Show them how strong you are.

I sighed in frustration at my own weakness. Her impatience was growing. In fact, she was practically trying to force herself through my skin now and I felt her

tangible sense of urgency.


Okay, if you just need to run, we can do that later!

It isn’t that. We need to go. This time, it was her tone that was snappish.

I was silent for a moment. Rarely did she act like this, and use such a harsh tone with me.

Please! She was insistent, and I’d never heard my Wolf beg like that before.

Despite my misgivings, I really did trust her instinct and I always had. She was part of me and I respected her needs. Plus, she did not ordinarily behave like this so it must’ve been important.

Fine. Whatever you’re going on about better be of more importance than me getting my heart crushed.

Sure, I was being a bit melodramatic, but for today I was enjoying my pity-party. Five minutes later, I was escaping my house, setting the pace at a fast jog. My

Wolf was urging me on and she was growing increasingly frantic. I’d scarcely had time to run a brush through my scraggly dark hair and change into jeans before she forced me out of the bathroom. I wondered if there was something wrong, but

surely my father would have notified me? Either way, I had to force myself not to

Shift. I rounded the corner and entered the thick trees, following the multitude of scents. Dread was forming in the pit of my stomach because I absolutely did not want to see the ceremony. My Wolf’s instincts came first, though. I gritted my

teeth and braced myself for whatever I would see as I rapidly approached the assembled pack.

I heard Gabriel’s deep baritone as I trodded along the well-worn path. This close to the rest of the group, it was much easier to discern individual scents although the

smell of the pack overall was nearly overpowering. Sifting through the various

odors absentmindedly, I suddenly came onto one that made me stop just at the edge to the trees.

The group was huddled together in the clearing, and I noticed Will and Eva

clasping hands on the platform, but the smell was so distracting I couldn’t even

think about the ceremony. It was a scent that was faintly familiar, somehow, and

smelled woodsy. For some reason, I felt my Wolf stir with excitement, and I began to take deeper breaths as I tried to inhale more and more of the scent. It was

absolutely compelling. I had never caught a scent like it and it momentarily made me feel safe and comforted. Thoughts of Will were banished from my mind. I was beginning to have an inkling of what was happening, and my eyes began to scan the crowd to instinctively pick out what I was looking for. Dare I hope . . . ?

Then I sawhim. He wasn’t looking right at me, at least not yet, but the way he was glancing around the crowd curiously let me know that he was searching for the

same thing I was. My heart lurched as I looked at him, his beautiful, tousled blond hair and strong jawline. Despite the teeming mass of werewolves, I knew the scent was coming from him. I had not smelled it in a long time, and he was the only

newcomer here.

Finally, inexorably, his piercing blue eyes met mine. I gasped as my Wolf began

howling in my mind, joy radiating from every fiber of her being. I recognized him; though it had been six years and he looked older, I remembered Kale from my

childhood. But it wouldn’t have mattered if I knew him previously or not, because that was not what left me gasping.

Mate! Mate! He is ours! My Wolf crowed, yipping with happiness.

His face had lit up in absolute wonderment, and even from our distance I could see the silver sheen appearing in his orbs. Slowly, he began to approach me, both of us unaware of the fact that the ceremony had temporarily halted and everyone was

realizing what was occurring before their very eyes. My heart was thumping hard in my chest. I probably looked like a complete idiot, but in this moment I didn’t

care. My eyes were roving every detail of his handsome face and toned body, and my senses were absolutely coming alive as he drew nearer and nearer tome.

“Maria?” He gasped finally. The sound of my name coming from his lips made me and my Wolf shiver. The lustful impulses were beginning to course through me as he finally came to a stop right in front of me. I understood now why my Wolf had some sort of mild connection to Will . . . because his brother was my Mate. He had left our pack with I was so young that my Wolf wouldn’t have recognized him as our Mate yet.

“Kale . . .” I replied, completely star-struck. I saw desire in his eyes, plain as day. And right then, he raised a hand and gently cupped my face, sending pleasant

tingles sizzling across my skin. In this moment I no longer cared about Will, or

Eva, or even the vampires. I could only stare into those blue eyes, completely lost in their swirling depths.

I had found my Mate, and I was deliriously happy.




Am aware a lot expected Eli to be Maria’s mate,

Awwwn, but don’t you think that’s too predictable?…..

Well, we have Kale.

Further references will be made to their mating process as we dwelve deeper into the story.

Calculative-ly I think we’ve covered about 83% of the story already. Stay around to see the end of it.



The previous couple of chapters have very romantic I would say, no quakes, no hurts, no tragedy, ALL LOVEY-DOVEY…….


Well, i think you should enjoy it while it lasts, as it’s the build to the almighty and

devilish Cain’s arrival,

And of cos, the inevitable.

Skylar & Gabriel’s mating…..

Bout that…………well,

I’ve received a lot of threats,

Both message- icaly & comment-icaly.

Stuffs like being buried alive, stoned to death, castrated, and it’s crew.

All so if i exclude any s£xual details from the story like i did the previous. Well i guess you guys saw it coming.

But you can be well assured i won’t be passing my boundaries.

Just so…… know……. I won’t be…….. CASTRATED….


Thanks in advance.


I guess I’ll see you guys in the next Happen.

Theme: (i guess I’ll keep that to myself too)


But don’t miss it……..


_ _-Agboola-_ _



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