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Happen 51

As Produced By Sheriff Squinty

Theme: Mated & Marked



“I’m sure, Gabriel. We’ve waited long enough.”

He breathed out heavily, eyes roaming across my still fully-clothed body. “There’s no telling what can happen tomorrow. We can’t waste anytime. I know the risks and I am willing to take them.”






Before he could argue more I shifted position slightly and grabbed my own shirt, tugging it off of my small frame as Gabriel moved backwards so I

could maneuver. I was thankful for my Wolf in this moment, because I

followed her instincts, since I had no s£xual experience whatsoever. I had no clue how to be s£xy or seductive but I would try my best.

When my shirt was gone, I glanced up to see Gabriel ogling my scantily-

clad chest shamelessly. There was noticeable bulge forming in his lower

regions and I felt a rush of excitement. A devouring hunger appeared in his eyes and a second later his lips smashed against mine desperately, the

force pressing me back against the pillow. The kiss was desperate and unyielding, and I opened my mouth to grant him full access as heat

exploded within me. We shifted position sowe were laying side-by-side on the bed, all previous worries temporarily held at bay.

Gabriel’s hands burned trails of fire down my sides as they moved across the bare skin on my ribs, down to my hips and across my stomach, before finally reaching up and cupping my br**st through my bra. My nipples

hardened and I groaned slightly and pressed myself further against him, not used to the foreign sensation of being touched there. Gabriel made a noise deep in his throat and his hand reached around, fingers tracing my spine before finding the clasp of my bra. I made no move to resist as he quickly undid the hooks and I shimmied out of the bra.

With my chest fully exposed, I suddenly drew back, hesitating. I was not

regretting my decision, but I could not prevent the sudden burst of self-

consciousness that emerged. I was not what one would consider ‘curvy’,

and I’d always been a bit embarrassed at my size in the chest area. No one had ever seen or touched me there before…what if Gabriel found me

lacking? Despite my Wolf’s protests to the contrary I found myself blushing and glancing away when Gabriel examined me, puzzled.

“Is something wrong?” He asked throatily, his breath caressing my face due to our close proximity.

“Um…I just…ah….I don’t want you do be disappointed,” I mumbled in humiliation. My face was burning.







“Yeah, well…there isn’t a lotto find…there.” Hopelessly I gestured at my chest, berating my complete and utter lack of experience and eloquence. How was I messing this up already?

“Sorry, I just don’twant you…” I started again when Gabriel didn’t say

anything, but he quickly silenced me by clamping a hand over my mouth. His expression had hardened and he looked angry.

“Don’t you dare apologize,” he snapped at me and I could only sit there, blinking up at him, all too aware of my half-nakedness.

“I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Mate,” Gabriel said solemnly,

oozing sincerity, and I gaped at him. I realized he’d never complimented my physical appearance before, and I hadn’t known how much I needed him to say it. My heart fluttered in my chest while my Wolf crowed triumphantly.

Told you so, she said smugly, but she was quickly ignored as Gabriel

released my mouth with his hand, only to touch his lips to mine again. This time, there was no protest made on my part as his hands roamed every

inch of the newly exposed skin, caressing my br**sts and rubbing my nipples, causing me to whimper with the foreign sensations coursing through me.

Gabriel’s mouth left mine only to travel down my neck, leaving open-

mouthed kisses and bites that set my skin on fire. My hands fisted in his

thick hair as his mouth reached the valley between my br**sts. I felt the

hairs on my body stand up in anticipation as a new need unfurled deep

within me. I knew that my lust would not be sated this time until we

completed the process; we were too far along now for my Wolf to be held at bay.

His mouth finally found my left br**st and covered it, his tongue sliding

along the surface of my left nipple, leaving it hardened and making me

writhe with pleasure. Wetness was pooling down in my lower regions and I squirmed as the ache between my legs persisted.

His other hand roamed and cupped my backside firmly. He pressed me against his body and I could feel his arousal pressing against me; a






sensation that only increased my Wolf’s drive to Mate. I let my hands roam his bare body, my fingers tracing the musculature of his shoulders and


One of his hands ventured lower, finding the button on my shorts and

working to undo it. I reached down and assisted him until I could kick my

shorts off. The air nipped at my skin eventhough it wasn’t cold. I felt

incredibly exposed and aroused at the sametime. Gabriel continued to kiss me expertly, alternating between biting and sucking on my lower lip, while his hand aimlessly wandered down until his fingers grazed the top of my

pantyline. Heat intensified between my legs as I realized that I wanted to be touched there more than anything else; that part of me had never been

explored, and there was nobody more fit than Gabriel to do it. My thoughts were spiraling downward into the naughtiest of places but for once, I didn’t hold back.

Feeling a rush of bravery, I reached down and tugged at the waistline of Gabriel’s shorts, urging him to remove them. Once again, he complied

without protest. Clad only in boxers now, the bulge was even more

noticeable and I marveled at its size. Gabriel did not leave me much time to contemplate, however, for his fingers stretched lower and softly brushed

against my aching core through my underwear, making me groan in

frustration. I felt as if he was deliberately teasing me. His fingers began to

rub circles between my legs and I felt a spike of pleasure that slowly began to build. I arched my back so he could have better access but he surprised me by grabbing my underwear with one hand and smoothly pulling it off of my body so I was completely naked in front of him.

“You’re perfect,” He groaned huskily, eying me with pronounced approval and letting his gaze linger on the newly exposed area. A blush formed on my cheeks and I tried not to squirm in front of his admiring stare.

“Your turn,” I managed to whisper, my curiosity not yet sated. I wanted to see him…all of him.

I reached out to help him as Gabriel removed his boxers, his manhood

springing forth in full view as he sat above me, every part of him exposed. I






couldn’t keep my eyes away and before I could help myself I sat up and reached out, taking him into my hand and exploring every inch of the

incredible length. Gabriel groaned and leaned back as I stroked his

anatomy, growing stiffer in my palm if that were possible. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to do, but instinct guided me and soon Gabriel was

growling huskily with pleasure as I continued my ministrations.

With a great force Gabriel shoved me back down onto my back and kissed me fervently, tongue colliding roughly with mine and exploring my mouth thoroughly. Now both completely naked, I could feel him pressed against my most intimate parts and I pushed my hips towards him, reveling in the feel of his body moving against mine.



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Abruptly, Gabriel began to kiss down my neck and chest again, his tongue trailing across my ribs and down towards my belly button as he shifted his body downwards. I felt more heat pooling in my core and my breath caught in anticipation as he sucked on the tender skin on my stomach and near my hips. His eyes flickered upwards to mine, and if I wasn’t mistaken there was a hint of playfulness in his normally serious expression. I pondered at the

meaning but my question was soon answered as his mouth wandered

lower and lower, tongue scraping across my skin until his lips finally found my most intimate region.

I gasped and my hands turned into tight fists gripping the bedsheets. The explosion of pleasure from my core was like nothing I’d ever anticipated

and the feel of his mouth there, kissing and licking the delicate skin, was

unreal. I arched my back and moaned, wrapping my legs around him. I

thought I heard a deep growl of satisfaction emanating from Gabriel but all I could focus on were the sensations his mouth was causing. He was

absolutely magical, and my Wolf and I were lost in a happy delirium. His






fingers soon joined his mouth, teasing and taunting the folds of skin, and I felt pleasure building again. This time, the pleasure would not ease, and it was beginning to grow to unbearable levels as I whimpered pitifully.

“Gabriel,” I choked out when I felt that my body had enough torment from his lips. His mouth found its way back up my body, slowly and deliberately touching every ounce of exposed skin on the way. It was torturous and I bit down on his lip, as soon as his face returned to mine, wanting to tease him as much as I could with my currently limited access. As expected, Gabriel

growled in response and pushed me further into the pillows. His mouth

moved feverishly down to my neck as his manhood pressed against me

again. His fingers, however, remained making circular motions between my legs, only increasing the dampness. I panted, unable to wait any longer.

“Gabriel…please … .”

Gabriel’s lips were swollen and his eyes completely black. I knew his Wolf was at the forefront of his consciousness, ready to take over.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked huskily. His muscles were clenched

with the visible effort of restraining himself. As an Alpha, his Wolf must be incredibly strong. It was a marvel Gabriel could withstand so much foreplay. “Stop asking me that,” I replied impatiently, my own need evident in my

voice. I brought my mouth back to his and nipped his lip impatiently. As

soon as I did so, Gabriel swiftly turned us so I was flat on my back again, his form above me. The air around us was warm but I still felt a shiver course

through me as I fully realized what was about to happen.

Gabriel disappeared for a moment, getting up off of the bed, and I felt

alone and bereft before he returned, clutching something in his hand. He almost looked sheepish and my eyes widened as I realized what it was.

“I figured you wouldn’t want to risk pregnancy, with everything….” He

trailed off. I nodded hastily, knowing he was right. Gabriel’s chances of

impregnating another she-wolf were next to none, because he needed the optimal bloodline, the perfect other half with the ability to bear his child.

There were scarce few females in the world capable of childbearing with an Alpha bloodline…the pregnancy was not easy, and not suited for the






average female. However, as his Mate, we had an exceptionally high chance of pregnancy so it was wise to not take risks, especially now.

Seconds later, he was was setting the protection in-place, rolling the

condom over his still-erect and sizeable manhood. I tried not to let my

sudden burst of nervousness show…I still could not fully comprehend how my fragile frame was to accommodate him. Cheeks a rosy red, I tried not to stare at his anatomy but I did not miss the way Gabriel’s eyes appraised me and the satisfaction that appeared in his dark orbs as he ogled my body yet again.


“Are you ready?” He asked softly, an expression of tenderness crossing his features that I never would’ve expected before. He had really come a long way. However, the desire to take me completely was still clearly at the

forefront of his thoughts.

Mouth dry, I nodded, content with staring into his eyes.

“You know there’s a chance we….that my Mark will fade.”

I nodded again. I knew the risks, and I knew there was a chance it wouldn’t work out, but I couldn’t let Gabriel psych himself out of this. His Wolf clearly

wanted release and I’d already made up my mind. Instead of verbally affirming my agreement, I kissed him yet again, this time taking the initiative to deepen the kiss.

Gabriel’s breath left his chest in a rush and he gripped my hips. I pulled

back and continued to stare at him, putting my trust in his lead. My Wolf

was yipping with excitement and I knew that this was it, this was one of the biggest moments of my life. I didn’t regret it. My passionate feelings for

Gabriel were not to be denied, and I knew they were deeper than I’d ever admitted to myself. He was worth this, and I closed my eyes to ready


Gabriel positioned himself before maneuvering inside of me. At first,

Gabriel began to ease into me, and I felt an unusual tightness followed by a dull pain. He hesitated, glancing up at me. “I don’t want to hurt you.” I had






no doubt that his Wolf, however, wanted this to be much rougher, if Gabriel’s eyes were any indication.

“Then don’t hesitate.” I gripped him closer to me, running my hands down his chest. With one smooth motion, Gabriel thrusted inside of me the rest of the way.

It hurt. I’d always heard it would, but I tried not to visibly express the pain

that radiated from my core. It felt like something had been torn by Gabriel’s

massive anatomy and it was difficult not to whimper aloud. Instead, I

gritted my teeth, and the pain did not last long as my body accustomed to the perfectly natural activity. I was a werewolf, after all, and I could deal

with the discomfort.

Gabriel began to pump slowly at first, until he realized I was adjusting to

the sensation upon which he picked up the pace. After the pain passed the

pleasure began a slow buildup and I threw my arms around Gabriel,

throwing my head back as my wolf reveled in the pleasure. I felt my lower body clenching as Gabriel pounded into my core, his thrusts deepening

with every passing second. The rhythm, too, increased, until Gabriel was

moving within me at a speed that a human or normal werewolf could never achieve. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around him yet again so he had better access to the deepest parts of me. He shifted slightly, lifting me up a bit so he could reach even deeper into my core. I cried out as Gabriel thrust relentlessly. As the pleasure built I couldn’t prevents the moans that escaped me, and the husky noises Gabriel emitted only intensified my


As I thought I was going to burst, I felt a strong hand wrap around the back of my neck. I opened my eyes to see Gabriel’s face just above mine, eyes a pitch-black and fangs fully extended. He was in the thralls of his Wolf’s

power now, and it was time to be marked. I felt my own Wolf come forth and my teeth followed suit. My nails dug into his bare back but Gabriel didn’t seem to mind, lowering his head and inhaling my scent as the

pleasure coursed through me. Just then, my entire body clenched and I felt






a tidal wave of pleasure that surpassed everything before, leaving me crying out in bliss as I felt the world shatter around me.

With a feral growl indicative of the animal within him, Gabriel lunged

forward and I felt his teeth make contact with the base of my neck. It only

hurt for a split second before a bolt of pure pleasure shot through me and I

howled louder, the animalistic sound radiating throughout the room.

Gabriel’s teeth sunk deep within the flesh but I was not aware of the pain; the pleasure overtook everything and was more than I could’ve imagined. The orgasm left me completely breathless and shaking with pleasure, and Gabriel only continued to add to it as he thrust, working towards his own climax.



As Produced By Sheriff Squinty




He pulled back, and I felt the blood beginning to trickle down the side of

my neck. As was customary, my Mate leaned forward and used his tongue to bathe the wound. My skin sizzled where it touched and the pleasure only intensified. I’d always heard of the wonders of the Mating process, but I

could never have imagined all of these sensations.

Our turn, my Wolf growled, and I felt her words emanate from my mouth. Gabriel’s head was back now as he approached his own peak of pleasure, which was my time to Mark him. She was in complete control now. I

planted my hands on Gabriel’s chest as he pulled away to stare down at me, pride and possessiveness radiating from his gaze. He tilted his head to the side, granting me full access. In that moment, I didn’t care that his Mark

could fade. All I wanted was for my Mark to be visible on his skin.

Gabriel let out a husky growl as he reached his orgasm, one of his hands

fisting in my hair as pleasurable tremors racked his body. With a lightning- fast move, I lunged forward and sank my teeth into the spot at the base of his neck above his collarbone. I dug my canines in as far as they would go,






reveling in the sounds that my action elicited from Gabriel. After pulling them out, I leisurely ran my tongue to clean it the same way he had. The blood would stop flowing almost instantaneously, but his Mark remained sensitive to my touch and I felt his fingers dig into my skin.

It may have been animalistic and primal, but cleaning the blood served the most important purpose: it truly bound us. It combined our essence, linked us as one. After we ingested each other’s blood, even in such a small

amount, everything changed. I could already feel it happening now, as I

bathed the wound. I could feel an overwhelming presence pressing in upon my consciousness and it was as if the missing piece of my soul had fallen in place. I could sense a powerful pleasure and radiant joy that were not my

own. I knew everything that Gabriel was feeling now.

We collapsed back down on the bed, breathing hard. Gabriel reached

forward and interlaced my fingers with his. I had never felt so complete or content in my entire life. I gazed into his eyes wordlessly, for these was no need for speech. Everything we needed to know, we could say in our minds. I cuddled up against his large figure, disregarding our sweaty bodies. It was silent for awhile as we peacefully basked in the moment.

“You’re a Luna now,” Gabriel finally said, very quietly. I noticed that he had a hand fisted in my hair while the other was wrapped around me.

“Let’s hope I’m up for it,” I joked weakly.

“You’ll be a great Luna,” he replied seriously. “I only wish it could be at a better time.”

I nodded, reaching out and aimlessly tracing the muscles on his abdomen. My breathing had eased now, and I felt my Wolf stirring again. She would never get enough of this.

Gabriel was watching my hand, and I noticed his not-so-subtle growing

excitement. My eyes found his to see them darkening further, desire in their depths yet again. We were werewolves, after all, and he was an Alpha. We

had much greater stamina than humans. And now that I had combined my essence with Gabriel’s, I felt….stronger, somehow. It probably had






something to do with the fact that I’d ingested some amount of Angel blood.

Gabriel’s thoughts definitely echoed my own, because his eyes were

watching me, lust-addled, waiting for my next move. An idea suddenly

came to me, a rush of bravery. I had never done this before but it was

worth a try, and I knew he’d enjoy it. Biting my lip slightly, I leaned forward and began to plant kisses on his chest. I kissed lower and lower, adjusting my position so I could reach, until my lips were mere inches from his

manhood. Gabriel was watching me, shock clearly written on his face, and I couldn’t help but smile a bit sneakily. He probably thought I didn’t have it in me but I would prove him wrong.

An instant later, I had taken him into my mouth, relishing the taste of him

as the breath left Gabriel’s chest in a gasp of surprise. I tentatively moved

my mouth up and down and swirled my tongue around the tip, judging my performance based off of his reactions. Gabriel’s hand grabbed the back of my head while the other fisted in the bedsheets, much similar to the way I’d reacted earlier. I just kept moving, driving him to the brink as Gabriel let out a low, husky moan.

“If you keep this up, Skylar, I’m not going to let you goto sleep until you can’t walk tomorrow,” Gabriel gasped out and I smiled, continuing my

rigorous movement as he growled loudly with pleasure.

I definitely wasn’t complaining.




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