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Happen 26

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“It doesn’t matter now,” Raziel said, keeping his voice calm. “It’s over. Skylar, continue please.”

Still surprised that Gabriel wasn’t getting mad at the way Raziel spoke to him, I

hurriedly continued my story up until my rescue, not wanting my Mate to lose

control in Raziel’s sitting room. From then, I skipped to the night in the forest when Riley had died. This story was much more difficult to tell because as I did so I

could see the images flashing behind my eyelids. I tried to stay composed, keeping my voice fairly devoid of emotion as I described Riley’s last moments and the

brutality of the vampire attack. Raziel’s gaze darkened as I spoke and I could see his visible dislike of the horrendous creatures.

I ended with the gruesome discovery on the foot of my bed, trying not to think

about it too hard to avoid being freaked out again. When I was finished, he leaned back in the armchair with a contemplative expression on his face. The teapot in the kitchen suddenly startled me as it began to emit a high-pitched noise, and Raziel

went to fetch it as Gabriel and I once again let tension surround us. I bit my lip, a small part of me wanting to talk to him after seeing his angry reaction to the way the vampires had treated me.

I tried to remind myself of the emotions I had felt last night after he stormed off. He had acted like a complete ass, so he deserved my less-than-friendly treatment. Raziel returned shortly with two cups of tea and a couple packets of sugar. He

placed one steaming cup in front of me and one in front of himself; I gratefully clutched it in my hands and inhaled the soothing scent.

After a moment or two of silence, he finally spoke. “I know exactly who you’re

dealing with. There’s only one vampire that would behave like that, who has so

many vampires under his thumb, and who is old enough to attack with such silent brutality and move around without being detected. In fact, he’s the oldest vampire in existence.”


I frowned, not liking where this was going.

“I’ve never heard you mention him,” Gabriel responded, confusion evident in his voice.

Raziel sighed, expression dark. “I hoped I would never have to. It’s not a good

situation if he is involved. Vampires had to come from somewhere, of course, and at the beginning there were only two. Regardless of how those two became

vampires in the first place, they began to turn others. They are the makers of all

other vampires. The eldest and more vicious of the two is named Cain. I believe it is Cain and his coven of vampires that are attacking you.”

His eyebrows were furrowed with concern, which worried me. If Raziel was

nervous, then perhaps we were underestimating what we were dealing with. I

shuddered visibly; the thought of the oldest vampire in the world creeping into my room was horrifying. He could have snapped my neck in an instant. Why didn’t he? And what did he want with Gabriel? I took a sip of tea, wincing at the scalding

heat, but the taste was soothing and left a trail of warmth down my throat.

“Cain,” Gabriel said quietly, testing the name. “What do you know about him?”

“He created his own bloodline of vampires, although none of them are as strong as he. A turned vampire,no matter how old, will never be as strong as the one that

originally created them all. Cain is ruthless and sadistic. He likes to toy with his victim’s mind before killing them. He plays games with his prey. Creeping into Skylar’s room would be typical for him.”

“You sound like you know him,” I blurted out before I could stop myself. It was true that Razielknew an awful lot about Cain’s killing methods.

Raziel’s grave eyes met mine. He stared at me for a moment, solemnly, making no effort to contradict me. My eyebrows raised. Was he implying what I thoughthe was implying….?



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“I have….come into contact with him a couple times over the years,” he admitted. “How many vampires does he have with him?” Gabriel asked, effectively cutting me off from asking anymore questions.

“I would guess about fifty or sixty, from the whispers and rumors I’ve heard

throughout the years. Vampires are exceedingly rare creatures that prefer to live


solitary lives, so I don’t doubt that Cain’s coven is one of the largest—if not the largest—around.”

“How do we get rid of him?” Gabriel continued, just as I’d opened my mouth

again. I tossed him an irritated look, as there was a question I desperately wanted to ask.

Raziel stood up, drawing himself to his full imposing height. “I’ll have to do some research. I’ve been having difficulty discovering intel on this particular subject. I need some more information on the timing of….” He trailed off, giving me an odd glance that told me there was something I wasn’t aware of. I frowned as he

continued. “….everything. Truthfully, Gabriel, when I told you to come tome if the vampires ever discovered you, I’d hoped I was just being paranoid. Your pack is

almost impossible to find in those mountains.” His expression darkened. “Then

again, Cain has all the time in the world on his hands. I should’ve known he’d never stop.”

The man sethis cup of tea back down on the table, looking perturbed. “I do have something that can help you, though. A protection of sorts. Give me a moment.” Mumbling something unintelligible to himself, Raziel left the room and I was

alone with Gabriel again.

I sighed, not wanting to speak with him, but I was burning with curiosity. Too much was being left unsaid.

“So all along he knew that the vampires might find you?” I asked finally, trying to keep my voice neutral.

Gabriel shifted on the couch, still looking down instead of directly at me. “He came and warned me many years ago,” he said, histone indicating that he was reluctant to tell me this.

“How did he know?” I continued to press him.

“He’s been around a long time and learned a lot of things.” He kept his voice curt but I tried not to let this annoy me.

“Why do they want you?”

The question that had been pressing upon my mind for a long time, that had been bothering me since the vampires had interrogated mein the storage room. They’d been desperate to find Gabriel and see how much I knew about him. Yet I had

never received a solid answer as to why they wanted him.

Gabriel looked up at me finally, and his eyes were burning with a dark intensity. I saw reluctance in them, clear as day, but mixed with a bit of resignation. He clearly

did not want to tell me but was trying to convince himself that he’d basically promised to reveal his secrets.


“You said I’d get my answers here,” I continued, very softly. Gabriel’s mouth tightened and wariness crossed his expression.

A minute passed in silence. I tried to be patient, eventhough I was practically

sitting at the edge of my seat. Dimly, I registered Raziel’s returning footsteps. He entered the room in my peripheral vision, carrying a very large box. I was too

focused on Gabriel to query about its contents; I kept my eyes fixed on my Mate. “Tell her, Gabriel, or I will,” Raziel said calmly. Apparently he had been listening in.

Gabriel sighed heavily, running a hand through his dark locks.

“They want me for my blood, Skylar,” he said, very quietly.

I frowned, not comprehending. “Well…they’re vampires. Of course they want blood,” I replied, feeling stupid.



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He shook his head. “My blood isn’t….normal werewolf blood. They want me

because of my lineage.” He exhaled slightly in frustration. I continued to stare at him in confusion. He wasn’t doing a good job of clarifying things. What did he mean by ‘normal werewolf blood’?

“There’s a ritual,” Raziel cut in, saving Gabriel as the latter was trying to find

words to say. “They need Gabriel’s blood for it. Skylar, there’s a lot of things in this world that you never would have dreamed possible. Werewolves and vampires are the most common mythical creatures, but they aren’t the only ones.”

I blinked up at him, feeling a prickle of nervousness. I wasn’t sure I liked where this was going.

“Vampires are creatures of the darkness, demons. Sunlight isn’t their only

weakness but it is the only guaranteed way to kill them. Cain has always believed that if he can walkin the sunlight, he will be truly invincible. However, a demon’s blood will never let him do that.” Raziel exhaled, and I felt my heart rate increase as my mind began to work overtime. “He needs the blood of something pure, made of goodness and sunlight. Something holy. Even just a small amount of holy blood will do.” Raziel’s eyes focused on something over my shoulder.

Feeling my nervousness spiking, I slowly turned around to follow his gaze.

Directly behindus was a large, beautiful painting done in a medley of watercolors. However, the color wasn’t what struck me. What stood out was what the picture


depicted: a host of Angels, flying high in the sky, their beautiful white wings

spread wide. As I looked upon the snowy white feathers of their wings, I suddenly felt like I was going to faint. I felt my mind flashback to the day I had snuck in

Gabriel’s room, when I had found the stunningly white feather and felt a strange sense of energy emanating from it.

“Angels…?” I stuttered out disbelievingly. “But…aren’t Angels in Heaven?” I felt so incredibly dumb but my mind was refusing to comprehend what Raziel was saying. Wait…Raziel…Gabriel….Biblical names…was it just coincidence…?

“Not all of them. It is a rare occurrence, but once or twice in a millennium there

will be an Angel cast down from Heaven for committing a Sin. The Angel will be doomed to spend the rest of their immortality on Earth unless they can redeem

themselves.” His piercing eyes grew distant, almost morose. “I was one such

Angel, cast down a long time ago.” His piercing eyes flickered to my face, which I’m sure was slack-jawed with shock.

No wonder my Wolf and I had felt the sense of foreignness and power. There was a holy being standing in front of us. I could only gape at him in disbelief.

“Sadly, I don’t have my wings anymore, for I committed another crime, a terrible

one in Heaven’s eyes, here on Earth.” His mouth twisted in a sardonic smile. “It

took a couple centuries but eventually I fell in love, with a beautiful werewolf, and I unintentionally impregnated her. Fallen Angels are never supposed to reproduce. We cannot reproduce with humans, so normally it isn’t an issue, but a werewolf is physically capable of carrying an Angel’s child. My choice was to either kill the

child or sacrifice my wings and special abilities. It is obvious which one I chose.” He sighed,his next words coming out almost bitterly. “My Angelic abilities slowly faded overtime, my strength ebbing until I’m as fragile as a mortal being now. My wings molted and I had to watch the feathers drop, one by one. The one thing that wasn’t taken from me was my immortality. I’m destined to live among the sinning, mortal beings forever, never aging or dying. Witnessing human wars, hatred, and strife for the rest of eternity.”

I dared glance at Gabriel. He was refusing to look at me, but at some point he had stood up from the couch and was pacing back and forth, fists clenched athis sides. I felt slightly dizzy as I tried to absorb the new information. I actually felt a pang

of sadness for Raziel. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose my werewolf senses, my Wolf herself.

“So if you’re an Angel…then your child…and Gabriel?” I was a step behind, trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

“Gabriel’s mother was my one and only child, making Gabriel my grandson.”


I stared at my Mate in shock as the pieces clicked together. Gabriel was one-fourth Angel. My Mate had Angelic blood running through his veins. Part of me didn’t

want to believe it, yet it all made sense. The feather in his closet, his regal features, and his ability to Command other Alphas. He had holy blood in his veins; of

course he would be stronger than any other Alpha on the planet.

It was such a foreign concept. I’d never really considered religion before, so the ideas of Heaven and eternal life were mostly beyond my comprehension. Yet,

being in Raziel’s presence, I believed him. My Wolf and I had already realized he wasn’t werewolf or vampire, he was other . And now we understood.

Raziel gave me a few seconds to process before he continued speaking.

“Unfortunately, when I chose to let my child live, I didn’t realize the danger I’d be putting her, and her future child, in.” His jaw clenched and I saw visible self-

loathing flash through his icy orbs. “You see, vampires can’t drink pure Angel blood. It will burn them from the inside out.”

He glanced over at Gabriel, who was still refusing to look at me. How was I

supposed to act around Gabriel now? Why had Fate chosen ME of all people to be his Mate? “But the blood of a hybrid will not. Werewolf blood dilutes Angel blood to a level where avery strong vampire, like Cain, can drink it.”

“So then Cain…” I began, numbness beginning to take over my body as everything started to make horrible sense.

“Gabriel is the only living hybrid on this planet. Cain will stop at nothing to get his blood because it will allow Cain to walkin the sunlight, breaking his curse of the darkness.” His face was grim.

“Cain, and every vampire he has ever turned, will be invincible.





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