Wed. May 29th, 2024


Another hour passed by and I began to grow increasingly uncomfortable. My

stomach had started to rumble and my throat was incredibly dry, but worst of all was my need to use the restroom. I hadn’t consumed much liquid the night before but my discomfort persisted. Surely the vampires wouldn’t let me soil myself?

I cleared my throat, and icy blue eyes quickly snapped to my face. The blonde vampire stared at me with a blank expression.

“I need to use the restroom.” I said coldly, my voice raspy from my thirst.

“How is that our problem?” Marco sneered, glaring at me over his shoulder.

“You’re the onestrapped in herewith me,” I replied. “If I just let it go, you’ll be the ones smelling it all day.”

The blonde one raised an eyebrow, looking bemused. “Marco, give her that bottle you brought and untie one of her hands. Only one, we don’t need her Shifting.”

A bottle? Was he serious?

Marco was scowling but apparently he had no desire to smell my urine for he

approached me, grumbling and clutching an empty Powerade bottle. Meanwhile, my mind was racing. If he untied one of my hands I would have a bit of my

strength back. I had remained motionless the last three hours, trying to relax and store my energy as much as possible. Did I have enough to send a message to my dad? It was as good a time as any to try. I wanted to belong gone before Antonio arrived.

Marco stooped behind me and I felt him insert a key into the padlock that held the chains together. He tugged the chains off of my lefthand before re-locking them. I flexed my hand, glad to be rid of the burning sensation for even one moment. I also felt a bit of my strength return, although not much.

A large plastic bottle was placed in my lap. “Make it quick, dog. No sudden moves or tricks,” Marco snapped before returning to his chair.

Part of me felt extremely uncomfortable trying to do this while they were in the

room, but I had no choice here. Still, my cheeks burned at the thought of that

immodesty. I knew it was petty to care about that at a time like this, though. Who

knew if I’d even get out of here. I took a deep breath and attempted to ignore my

embarrassment; it wasn’t as if they were watching me anyways. In fact, they had

entered a heated conversation about something and I knew this was my chance.

I began to go about my business, attempting to arrange my clothing with one hand so I could relieve myself (which was pretty dang difficult, for the first time in a day I was actually thankful that I had a skirt on), but my mind was preparing energy

instead of focusing on the task at hand. After I finished using the restroom, still feeling immensely awkward, I made a big show about readjusting my clothing.






Really, I was preparing to send the message. Fortunately, the vampires were still in a fairly intense discussion and paid meno mind. I knew I had thirty seconds, at

most, and probably not even that.

I dipped into the reserve of energy I had stored all day, taking a deep breath. It

wasn’t much but I had to hope it would work. With all the force I had, I roughly broke through the haze of pain that was causing my mental block and focused on my father. I closed my eyes, narrowing my vision to just him. I felt my energy

quickly draining and I had to act fast.

“Vampires have me. Somewhere near downtown, warehouse or storage unit.” Even these few words left me with my energy nearly gone, I could feel it seeping away as I tried to maintain my concentration. With one last bit of effort I projected the

image of the building I had seen when Marco opened the door. I kept this image in my mind for as long as possible, hoping against hope that my father could see it.






Then the last vestiges of my energy left and I drooped, exhausted. The image faded from my mind and I felt my mental barriers return as my concentration vanished.

I could only hope it would work.

“I still don’t understand why we can’t just question her.” Marco said. He had started pacing about two hours after I had sent my mental message. Meanwhile, I was

growing increasingly worried. Shouldn’t they have found me by now? It had been well over two hours, and by my guess I had left the club thirteen or fourteen hours ago! Where the hell were they? Did my message not go through? That last thought was extremely disheartening. I tried not to give up hope. I had to make it through. “The Master trusts Antonio with questioning. Not those of our rank.” I made a

mental note that Antonio was not the Big Boss after all.

“We could still ask a few questions. Just basic ones. We captured her after all, we should get to participate in the fun.”

“He wouldn’t like it.”

“He doesn’t have to know, Brutus.” Marco snapped impatiently. I took another

mental note. If I ever got out of here I wanted to know who these vampires were so I could get my revenge.






Brutus sighed, leaning back in his chair. “She could take a couple more hits, I

suppose,” he said coolly, a slight smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth. “I’ve grown bored, too. I wasn’t hired to babysit a she-wolf all day. If it weren’t for her relation to Gabriel we could’ve killed her already.”

I jolted upright in my seat at the mention of Gabriel’s name. So this had something to do with him? It made sense, given the timing of all of this. What did they want with him?

My mental questioning came to a stand still as Marco approached me, strolling with the grace of a predator. I did not like the hateful and angry expression

hovering on his features. With a burst of speed he appeared in front of me and

struck me in the face. I gasped slightly, reeling with the force of the blow.

“All right, I’m bored so you’re going to answer a few questions forme. Where is your Mate?”

I bit my lip, not liking the fact that he was asking about Gabriel and that they knew he was my Mate. This solidified my suspicion that they had been watching us in

the forest that day. That faint scent I’d caught in the woods must have been that of a vampire following me. It had still been before sunrise, after all.

Regardless, I had no idea where Gabriel was at this second. If the vampire had half of a brain he’d know that. I remained stonily silent.

Not liking my silence, Marco grabbed my cheek roughly and glared into my eyes. “I asked you a question.”

I just watched him coolly. Like Hell they were getting any answers from me. Marco sneered and backhanded me again. I winced from the pain of the blow,

although at this rate I wouldn’t even notice my newest bruise.

“He has something we need. I’ll ask you again: where is he?”

There was noway to win here, either by staying silent or by telling him the truth, which I would never do. Not that I knew the answer to his question.

I felt a surge of frustration. “Something you need? Like a breath mint?” I snapped cheekily before I could help myself. My Wolf would be proud. Immediately I

knew I should’ve just stayed silent, as the next slap was much harder.

The questioning continued for four more rounds, and each time I did not answer in

anyway other than to glare at him or make a snarky comment. Each time I

received a slap to the face. One of my cheeks was going numb, although I could taste blood in my mouth from where my teeth had cut into the inside of it. I spit most of it out on the floor, but apparently the vampires really didn’t care for

werewolf blood because they didn’t even glance at it.






“We need to be more rough with her,” Marco snapped, but Brutus was shaking his head. “I told you.HIS Antonio w eyes had darkened somewhat and I was worried his fangs would come out any minute.

“Tellus where he is,” he hissed, leaning in close to my face.

I spit on him. The globs of saliva, and even a little bit of blood, splattered his face

and he roared with rage, punching me directly in my side and cutting my satisfaction short.

I cried out in pain that time despite myself as I felt a definite crack. I hunched over, gasping in agony. My side was on fire. Breathing heavily, I winced. It seemed as if he’d broken a rib.

Marco roughly grabbed me and shoved me upright. I whimpered in pain, screwing my eyes shut as I anticipated the next blow. I had noway of defending myself.

“Marco!” Brutus snapped, sounding angry.

Marco snarled in fury again, seemingly ignoring Brutus’ protests, but his snarl was drowned out by a mighty roar.

My eyes snapped open as the vampires spun towards the source. I heard a loud

screeching noise and then a grating sound as the door was pulled up. Sunlight

flooded part of the room, causing the vampires to hiss in pain and flee to the back corners of the building, but I didn’t care about them. My eyes were fixated on the blinding light.

Four werewolves stood there. Maria, Will, and my father, all with worried and

furious expressions, but my gaze quickly slid to the fourth werewolf, the one who had roared and opened the door.

Gabriel. My Mate, was here. Saving me. I sighed with relief as I heard the vampires snarl in fury behind me.

And then all hell broke loose.






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