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A few days before the boy’s birthday,


Gianna decided that she was going to get Justin a gift,


“Andre do you know what the day after tomorrow is?” She asked him lying in his arms,


“Nope,What day is it?” He asked her,she frowned and looked at him,


“It’s the boy’s birthday,remember.”


How can someone forgets his son’s birthday?


He’s so irresponsible,


Wonder how Justin had been able to cope with him?


He hits his head slightly,


“Oh,I forgot.”


Yeah,you sure did.


On the real terms,he’d never remembered his son’s birthday,


He only find out if the boy tells him and he just buy whatever the boy asks for.


No surprise gift,


No birthday parties.


Just get him expensive gifts and toys and the whole birthday shit is out.


“What are you going to get for Justin for his birthday?” She asked him,


For her,Reid’s birthday is very special to her and she never forgets it. Surprise gifts and toys,


Birthday parties (even though they aren’t extravagant) and outings.


“Well I get him what he asks for.” He replied, She sat up,


“No surprise gifts?” She asked him,


He shook his head,


“Andre! You’re such an irresponsible father.


Don’t you know kids love surprise gift?


It’s just like given them what you want and not what they ask, Giving them something you love them to have….” She grunt,


“But no one ever told me that.” He sat up too,


“Justin never told me he wants a surprise gift…” She slapped his arms,


“He doesn’t have to tell you,you just have to figure it out.” She corrected,


“Is it necessary?” He asked when she stood up from the bed and started getting her clothes,


“Yes,very necessary and you’re accompanying me to get gifts for the boys.” She took her clothes and walked into the bathroom.


“Andre get ready fast.” She shouted from the bathroom, He stood up from the bed,


Women are such babies,


What’s so special about birthdays one has to go through all this long process to celebrate one?


He stood up from the bed and went to the closet to get some clothes.


When she came out, he was already dressed in a black impeccable suit, Seeing him dressed in the suit,she began to laugh,


He frowned,


“Why are you laughing?” He asked her,she didn’t reply rather she continued to laugh.


“Why are you laughing?” He looked at himself in the mirror again,


Nothing odd,in fact he looks super good,


Then why’s this crazy woman laughing like she just saw a joker?


“Why are you laughing you crazy woman?” He frowned moving towards her, Seeing him moving closer,she puts her palms on her mouth to stop laughing but she couldn’t.


He came to her and pinned her to the wall,


“What’s amusing you?”


She shook her head and made a throaty whisper,




He licked her lips and whispered to her hearing,


“If you don’t tell me now,I won’t hesitate shredding your clothes into pieces claiming you right here and now.”


He meant every word of it and she knew it, Can’t take the risk,


She’s quite tired and sore from their previous lovemaking and isn’t going to take the risk of another.


“It’s just that….” She laughed,it’s do hard controlling her laughter,


“We’re going for shopping and not a business meeting so you don’t have to wear a suit to go shopping.” She blurted amidst laughter,


He moved from her and went back to the mirror,


“What else can I wear?” He asked himself,


He’s always on suit,so he’s now used to wearing it almost on daily basis.


“Wait let me get you something else.” She pushed the door of the closet open and started ransacking the whole place in search of a more simpler outfit.


It was very hard to get a simple outfit,


So she came out with Swiss Polo T-shirt and an Emperor Jean trouser,


“Here you go,try it on.” She threw the clothes on the bed and turned to him,


Andre started taking the buttons of his shirt off,


“No not here! Go to the closet and get dressed.” She said, Was this man trying to undress in front of me? Hmph,shameless.



“Like you haven’t seen me naked before.” He took the clothes and went into the closet.


She was lying on the bed when he came out of the closet,


“Is it good?” He asked feeling uncomfortable in the clothes, She got up from the bed and walked towards him,


He’s looks more handsome and godly in this.


“You should wear more of this,they make you look less scary and cold.” She said,


He frowned,


He was expecting a nicer comment from her,like


Gosh,you’re handsome.


You look super hot.


But no,she just had to criticize his personality again.


“Let’s get going Andre.” She snapped him from his thoughts and walked out the door.


When they got to the Mall,it was already afternoon,


So he’d asked to go inside while he parked his car.


She left him and went inside.


She was standing at the jewelry shop when she saw Ruth,


Ruth was her colleague at her former workplace, The girl doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like her too.


Seeing Gianna,Ruth walked toward her,


“Hey Gianna,is this you? How have you been?” She asked with a pretentious smile,


“I’m fine,you.” Gianna replied haughtily,



“Well,I’m good.Just got promoted to the to Assistant Manager at the office, It’s hectic but it worth it though.” She said,


Gianna sighed,


Now she’s just trying to camouflage.


“You see,I’m getting married soon and I came to get some Jewelry with my fiancée.” She pointed to the man who was at the other side of the counter,


“Baby!” She called the man,he looked up and walked towards her,


“Baby,I want you to meet my friend and my former colleague Gianna,”


“Gianna,this is Authur my fiancée.”


She Introduced the two of them,


Gianna felt awkward when she saw the man eyeing her,


He took her hand in a handshake and kissed the back of her palm.


“You look beautiful.” He commented, not wanting to let go of her hand,


“Sir,you’re still holding me.” An muttered slowly and he let go, Ruth who was busy talking didn’t notice what happened,


“Gianna what did you come here to get?” She asked her,


“Don’t tell me you came to get a jewelry here cause they’re way too expensive…” She added not giving her the chance to answer,


“This one,” she pointed to the golden bracelet on her wrist,


“It cost fifty thousand dollars and this..” She pointed at the necklace around her neck.


“I bought it here a few days ago and it cost a hundred and fifty thousand dollars…”



Everything she was saying,Gianna’s eyes were fixed on a particular earrings,


It was a diamond earring,very small but magnificent, It has starry shape and glitters,


“How much does that cost?” She asked the saleslady,


“Gianna that’s cost a fortune and you can’t buy it.” Ruth said, She was just saying all this to humiliate the girl,


“It’s nine hundred and fifty thousand.” The lady said, “And like your friend said,it way out of your reach.”


Mere looking at Gianna she doesn’t look like a rich girl,so the shopkeeper thought she can’t afford it.


While she was still talking,Andre walked in,


“Anna,here you’re.” He came and wrapped his arms around her not minding the people present,


“I was looking all over for you.” He kissed her hair,


Ruth,her fiancée and the shopkeeper were surprised to see the wealthy and handsome man that was holding her,


“Let’s go get what we came for.” She said,trying to pull him away,


“You wanted those earrings right?” He asked pulling her back.


“No,we didn’t come for that remember,”


“Okay,you don’t want it but I want it for you.” He said, Ruth couldn’t control her jealousy,


Why must Gianna always have the good thing and not her?



“Miss,you said it cost nine fifty right?” He asked the shopkeeper, the woman nodded,


Andre brought out his Black Card and handed it to the woman, Ruth gasped,


Only Wealthy and Powerful men possesses Black Card,


For this man to possess this card it means he’s a very wealthy man.


The shopkeeper took out the earrings and brought out his box to put it.


“Don’t worry,just give it to me.” He took the earring from her and turned to Gianna,


Signaling her,she came closer and he help her out it on, “Its looks so beautiful on you,don’t take it off.”


She smiled a thank you and he took her hands,walking out of the jewelry shop.


“Miss I want that earring too.” Ruth turned to the shopkeeper, seeing the couple leave,


“That’s the only one of it piece and bet me you can’t afford it.” A wave of hot jealously flushed through her,she left her fiancée and went outside.


Andre and Gianna got a GPS Bluetooth Watch for the boys,


The watch has special features too like tracking someone and taking calls,it also a water resistant watch.


After doing some more shopping for clothes,


She was hungry,


So Andre decided they go have lunch together.


They settled for the close by restaurant and Andre opt for the VIP area,


“Sir someone else has ordered this place….” The manager said as the couple came





“Well tell the person that President De Marco wants the place.” Andre said to the manager,


The manager went inside and came out again,


“President De Marco come in,” The manager showered them in,


They entered inside and he placed their order, Since he was eating,he only did order for Gianna.


“Why aren’t you eating?”Gianna asked him seeing him taking only water,


I’m not hungry.”He replied her, She knew he was lying,


It’s not that he wasn’t hungry but,


He doesn’t just eat from any restaurant.


“Okay.” She said not wanting to push further,she just focused on her meal.


A female’s voice was heard outside yelling,


“How come I made a reservation and you’re here telling me someone else had to use it,


What nonsense?


Where’s that person?” She rushed into the VIP area and saw Alexandre De Marco.


“Oh President De Marco,it’s you.” The lady said more calmly,


Andre and Gianna looked up to see the person that just came in,


Tamera Judson.


“Good day.” She greeted the man eyeing the woman sitting beside him,


“Are you the one that they reserved this place for?” Andre asked her, she nodded,


“But since you’re here,I’ll excuse you both.” She nodded and left the room.


Immediately she left,Gianna looked at Andre who was still looking at the door,


“Do you want to go with her?”She asked him with a tinge of jealousy which was very obvious.


“Are you jealous?” Andre asked turning to her,she shook her head,


“Why should I be?” She said now focusing on her food.


After eating a few mouthful,she felt a slight discomfort in her lower abdomen, She adjusted herself on the seat when she felt the pain again.


When she felt wet and warm,something strike her mind.


Andre had just looked up from his phone when he saw her pale face.


“What’s the matter?” He asked,


She couldn’t say a word to him,


Seeing her not talking,he moved his seat beside her and stretched his hands to her, “No! Don’t touch me.” She said quickly,


He frowned then forcefully scoop her up from the seat,


In the process his hands felt something warm and wet,


He withdrew his hand and saw stains of blood on it,


“Are you bleeding?” He asked her,her face drained of colour.


To be continued.

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