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Andre drove like a maniac,while Gianna was still pleading with him to slow down,


“Andre please slow down,you’re gonna get the both of us killed.” She cried,


Andre didn’t mind her words, he continue to accelerate the speed of the cat till he got to his speed limit,


Seeing he wasn’t paying attention to him,Gianna wrestled with him on the steering.


“Get your hands off the steering Gianna.” He ordered but she didn’t stop,


“No,since you wanna get us killed,I might as well help you.” She said in an angry voice,


But he could still decipher the fear and trembling in her voice.


Seeing she was trying to be stubborn, he matched the break and the car stopped.


Gianna got out of the car immediately and walked towards the cliff st the side of the road,


“Gianna come back here.” Andre ordered getting out of his car,


She paid no attention to him,just continued walking like no one was talking to her,


“Gianna I said come back here.” He called again but no didn’t stop,


Why should he be angry?


It was just an act not that I was even flirting with Dean,


He that lied to me that I’m his only woman but went behind me and got Jasmine pregnant,


Isn’t he filthy too?


Hey eyes were so clouded with tears she didn’t notice the cliff ahead of her.


“Gianna stop!” Andre yelled running after her but she ignored him,


Getting to her last step,she’d almost falling off,


If not for Andre who held her back and pulled her to himself,


“Watch where you’re going.” He said exasperated, She pushed him away from her body,


“Stay away from me,don’t touch me you cheat.” He frowned,


Why’s she calling me a cheat when I just saw her kissing another man?


He pulled her close but she started hitting his chest,


“Leave me alone Andre, leave me.” She was hitting him harder but her punches didn’t hurt him a bit,


Recalling what Dave had told him earlier,he smiled,


When a woman’s asking you to leave her alone,she’s just wanting you to pull her closer.


He grabbed her with his strong arms,


“Now you stay still.” He ordered,


With the fierceness from his voice,she stood still and began to sob,


Looking at her,he felt helpless,


This woman sure knows how yo turn s man against his will.


Pulling her closer,he hugged her tight while she was still sobbing,


“It’s okay stop crying.” He said softly but she didn’t stop,


“Why should I stop?




You’ve just created a mess for me by doing what you did earlier.


It was just an act Andre! Just a simple act but you just have to ruin everything.” She continued to sob,


“You must have seen it as an act but did Dean see it that way?” He asked sarcastically,


“Yes,Dean was being professional…”


“Being professional by pretending to forget his line countless times so to get you kiss him again.” He said angrily,


She couldn’t say another word,


“Anna,they’re not as innocent as you think they’re.


They’re all wolves pretending to be nice to make you fall into their traps and they’ll devour you.” He said,


“Dean isn’t like that,he’s far from being a wolf..” She said and he frowned,


Why’s she always protecting this Dean?


“Dean is very sincere and trustworthy.” She pulled away from him,


Scenes from her last meeting with Jasmine flooded her head, She being pregnant for Andre,


Gianna felt suffocated by the thoughts of Andre cheating on her,


“And you? What are you?” She asked angrily, He was surprised at her question,


“What do you mean by that?” He asked her not getting her question.


“What I mean? I mean you’re a cheat Andre,you’re a cheat.” She aired every word so firm he could understand,


“What do you mean by that?” He asked,


“Don’t ask me,go ask your pregnant fiancé.”


She finally let out,


Did Jasmine tell her anything?


Wait. Did she just referred to Jasmine as pregnant?


That can’t be,he has made sure she was reported infertile and hadn’t had any s£xual


stance with her,


How come pregnant?


“Jasmine can’t be pregnant Anna,she can’t be.” He said,but the more he tried to talk her out of it,the more relent she became,


“I saw her with my own eyes Andre,she was having symptoms of early pregnancy state.” She said,


She wasn’t thinking straight now.


How come?


Actually eight years ago when Jasmine was to run the Fertility Test, He’d gone from behind and told the doctors to fake the result.


Being the heir to the family’s heirloom, he’d almost all the hospitals in the state under him.


Seeing his grandfather was hell bent on making Jasmine his bride,


He made the all doctors and the physicians his grandfather called to bring a fake result while he held the original result.


With this his grandfather had to bring in a surrogate,


A woman he’d ran countless check on and he knows her true identity.


He pulled her closer,


“The child’s not mine,I’ve never lay on same bed with Jasmine ever since she was betrothed to me.



You’re my first woman and would always be my first.” He kissed her forehead even though she was Stoll squirming.


Guiding her to the car,he made her sit down while he got into the driver’s seat and drove her to her house.


That night while she lay beside him,


She decided to tell him what happened to her yesterday.


“I met Jasmine yesterday.’ She said while he was stroking her hair,


“And she fed you with lies that she’s pregnant for me.” He said,she slapped his arms,


“No,rather I found out something bigger than that.” He stopped stroking and looked at her,


“Are you pregnant?” He asked placing his hands on her stomach,she slapped his hands off her stomach,


“No….I recalled what happened to me as a child.” He kissed her hair,


“She stole my jade from me,it was given to me by my mommy shortly before she died.” She said,


“I know.” Andre whispered with his lips on her forehead,


“How do you know?” She asked him,he smiled,


“I knew from the day you signed the contract years ago that you were Aunt Katerina’s daughter and that you’re the true mistress of the De Marco’s,my true bride.” He said casually,


She was shocked,


How come he knew all this?



“I wouldn’t want a random stranger to bear by child,so I ran a thorough check on you.” He said like he read her mind,


She was short of words.


When Jasmine was brought to the house,he didn’t like her one bit, And even,she doesn’t strike any resemblance to Aunt Katerina.


Soon after,his grandfather ran a DNA check on the girl to be sure she was his lost granddaughter,


The result came out positive bit Andre didn’t believed it.


Years later,when Jaime was older and still shows no resemblance to the dead woman,


His grandfather secretly took another DNA but Jasmine got wind of it and altered the result.


Since he was the boss and the doctors report to him on daily bases,


He was told about the girl’s lies by one of the doctor who was confirmed to be dead a few months later.


He got the original report.


Then he began to wonder,


During the first DNA test,Jasmine was barely nine so wouldn’t be able to alter the result.


Someone was helping her from behind and that person has been his target for years now.


“So why didn’t you tell your grandfather about Jasmine’s lies.


“He won’t believe me and my family is a den of lion,I wouldn’t want to drag you into their messy lives.” He said,


“Love isn’t our way,rather we believe in strength and power.” He said,


“And not all would want you as my bride.”


“Don’t worry sooner or later,everything would be over.” He assured kissing her earlobes.


To be continued…….

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