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Jasmine looked up at Deans angry face, “You don’t dare touch her!” He thundered,


Stroding to the crying Gianna,he held her up,


“I..didn’t…steal….it….she….stole…it….from…me, She….stole…my….jade.” She was saying in a mantra,


“I believe you Gianna,I believe u,you’re not a thief.” He said not her not minding what had happened,


I believe in you Gigi,even if the world doesn’t believe you.


“You do?” She asked him wiping her eyes,


She was looking to him in the eyes and all he could see was sincerity and trust.


“Yes Gianna,I do trust you,even more than I do myself.” He said hugging her.


Seeing him support her and also hug her,Jasmine felt very jealous of Gianna,


Why must everyone be supporting her? First Andre my fiancée, now Dean Wilson. What’s so special about her? Hmph.


She turned to Aaron,


“Let’s go.” She said eyeing Gianna still holding Dean,


Aaron brushed past them and left with Jasmine.


“Come let’s get going.” Dean took her and they headed to his minivan.


“To my condo.” He ordered the driver and the car sped to his mansion.


The next morning,she dropped Reid at school for their field trip,after briefing the teacher on his medication and the do’s and dont’s of her son.


She left kissing the boy goodbye.


“Make sure you have fun.” She waved to him as she left the school compound.


Got into a cab and drove straight to Denver Tower.


Her makeup artiste was already waiting for her in her changing room,


“Good morning Miss Gianna.” The lady greeted as she entered the room,


“Morning dear,” she sat down in front of the vanity mirror,


Her phone rang and she checked the caller ID, Andre was calling,


Recalling what happened yesterday and seeing Jasmine pregnant, She rejected his call,


He called again


She rejected his call again,


Seeing he was going to disturb her with his calls,she blacklisted his number


Andre was angry when she called again but wasn’t able to reach her, “Why’s she rejecting my calls?”


He called his assistant,


“Dave come here.” He ordered,the man who was getting the files for tomorrow’s meeting ready left what he was doing and ran to the boss,


“Yes boss,you called.”


“Give me your phone.” The man brought out his cell phone and handed it to Andre, He dialled Gianna’s cell and it began to ring,


She accepted the call,


“Hello, who’s this?” She asked,


“It’s Andre.Woman why are you rejecting my calls?”He angrily,


Andre,I’m very busy now please,leave me alone and go call your fiancé Jasmine.” With this words,she hung up,


He called again but she’d already blacklisted the number too.


What’s up with this woman?


And why’s she referring him to Jasmine?


Since he wasn’t familiar with women’s ways,he called his assistant.


“Dave,you’ve a woman right?” He asked,


The man shook his head,


“No,never had one.” He answered,


Now,I’m talking to a novice like me,


“What does it mean when your woman blacklist your number?


Just imagine you have one.”


“Well,women are very difficult to understand, firstly when they say this they mean another thing.” He said,


“Explain?” Andre asked,


“Well you see,when a woman tell you to get out,it means she want you to come closer,when she tell you to leave her alone,she wants you to stay with her.” The man explained while Andre just nodded


“Women get very jealous and when a woman get very jealous,it means she’s in love with you and doesn’t want to see you with another person.” He said,


“Is that applicable to men too?” He asked wanting to know what his feelings for her was.


“Yes.” The man answered,


“When someone get jealous of their partner,it means they’re in love with the


person.” Dave added,


Was Gianna jealous?


Does she love him?


There’s only one way to find out,


“Dave book the next available flight,were going back home.” He said, The man frowned,


“But Sir, the meeting…..”


“Just do as I say.” He ordered,


The man left and placed a call to the airport to book the next flight to the States


“Miss Gianna you’re the first in play and Director Selden and the rest of the crew are waiting for you downstairs.” Mary,Gianna’s makeup artiste informed her,


“Is Dean here already?” She asked the lady,


“Yes,I saw him awhile ago with…”


The door burst open,


Katy walked inside the room.


Unfortunately for Gianna, she’ll have to share the same room with Katy till the latter’s changing room is done with.


“Hey you,come do me a makeover.” She ordered the woman,


“But,Miss Gianna’s roles is first in play and she’ll have to be ready before you.” Mary replied humbly,


“I don’t care come do my makeover first.” Katy said indignantly,


“Mary come do my makeover please,I don’t have the liberty of watching some aimless dog barking.” Gianna said calmly,


Mary chuckled,


This Gianna might look calm but she sure has a sharp mouth.


“What did you just say to me.” Katy said moving towards Gianna,


“Did I talk to you? No.


So why are you getting all agitated?” Gianna asked her still in a calm manner.


Katy was so infuriated and ran to hit her but the door opened right on time,


“Gianna are you ready? Its almost time.” Director Selden said,


Seeing Katy’s angry face,he knew for once that something has just happened.


“What happened here?” He asked,


“Nothing just that Katy here was persuading Mary to do her makeover first before mine.” Gianna replied coolly,


The man turned to Katy,


“You don’t have to go first,your role comes later but Gianna’s is first. I believe you’ll have to wait till she’s done with hers.”


“Gianna get ready,I’ll waiting for you downstairs.” He turned to her then left the room.


“Mary please come do this fast,like you heard,


They’re waiting for the female lead not the supporting character.” She said, Her words seem innocent but it held a very hateful meaning to Katy, Mary couldn’t help but chuckle.


The play had to start from where the two main character (the male were in a music room alone with the boy teaching the girl how to play the piano and that was when they’d their first kiss.


Everything was set,


“Action!” Director Selden said from behind the scene,


The two teens were sitting alone in the large music room and from the look of things,the boy was teaching the girl how to play the piano but her interest wasn’t in what the boy was teaching her,


Rather she was busy admiring the boy sitting beside her,


“Emily are you paying attention?” He asked seeing seeing her lost in her world,


“Yes.” She replied,quite embarrassed that he caught her staring again,


“You’re not…..” She leaned further and kissed him,


“Cut!” Director Selden yelled from behind the screen,


He walked to Dean,


“Dean concentrate here,you’re losing it man.”He reprimanded him,


“Sorry Director Selden.”Dean said,



He’d just lost focus having Gianna kiss him, Her kiss was so magical he forgot his line.


The man walked away and they adjusted themselves again,


“Action!” The director yelled again and they started all over with Gianna kissing Dean again,


He forgot his line and got reprimanded.


This happened for two more times but the last one the door blasted open.


Andre rushed in furiously,


How dare he kiss my woman?


He rushed to Dean and gave him a punch,taking his collar,he pushed him out of the stage.


“President De Marco…..” The director came to stop him but with one hand he


pushed the man away and the man landed on the floor,


“Andre stop!” Gianna cried seeing the havoc Andre was creating,


She ran to him to hold him but he pushed her away and continued to punch Dean who fought back too.


Most of the set instruments got damaged during the fight,


This pained Gianna and she went to where Andre was punching Dean,


She gave him a tight slap across his face,


Andre let Dean go and turned to her,


Fear was written all over her face as he dragged out out of the place, “Andre I’m sorry.” She cried but he didn’t say a word to her,


He just dragged her to his car,pushed her inside and drove away.


To be continued.

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