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Episode 3



” Now I want you girls to listen to me carefully.”Β  William Martinez began, scratching his stubble.

” I have a very important guest coming over tonight just for the sake of you too.” He continued, confusing the sisters.

” What do you mean, Daddy?” Alyssa frowned, not quite understanding what was happening. William sighed. He didn’t want to waste too much time as this very important guest would arrive today and he needed everything to be and look fantastic.

” What I meant to say is that, My boss will come tonight to see and choose from the both of you, whom he shall marry.” He blurted catching both his daughters off guard.

” Marriage! And why would I want to get married? And to your boss? Eww!” Alyssa screeched. William rubbed his face agitated and glared at his eldest daughter. She could be so stupid sometimes.

” But you see my dear, daddy can’t wait any longer. I want what’s best for my children and for that, I got you not only the richest bachelor in New York, but the most handsome.” He smiled, getting Alyssa’s attention.

” Oh? Really daddy?” Alyssa beamed. William stroked her blonde locks and chuckled.

” Yes, my dear. He will be here tonight to choose between you and your sister whom he will marry. If one of you gets lucky, he will take you as his bride. So I want you to stop whatever you’re doing and get dressed. Alyssa, you can lend Olivia a dress and help her with her makeup.” He said the last part making Alyssa roll her eyes. She turned towards her stepsister who was too absorbed in her own thoughts.

” Ugh! Why should I have to give her my things? He won’t even spare her a glance once he sees me.” Alyssa bragged.

” Yes dear, but you both need to look good tonight so he can be pleased.” William tried to persuade his stubborn daughter. Alyssa huffed but reluctantly agreed.

” Fine. But don’t expect anything too good.” She spat glaring at her sister who gave her a blank expression. Alyssa stood on her feet and stomped out of the room, leaving only Olivia and her father.

” Did you hear what I said?” Her father’s voice was now dark as ever, causing her to hold in a breath.

” Yes father.” She said getting up.

” I hope you also understand that I want you to be the one who catches his eye.” He said not surprising her the least bit. She caught his steely gaze but made no effort to show trepidation.

” I’ll try my best possible father.” She replied.

” But on one condition.” She said making her father’s evil smile drop.

” You dare negotiate with your father?” He said calmly, making her shudder.

” I simply desire my mother’s freedom.” She said making sure to sound as confident as she meant to.

” My, My, it seems you’ve grown wings my dear.” He frowned, squinting his eyes at his daughter.

” And you don’t have any choice. You need me to get married to him.” Olivia said forcing the man to slump into his seat. She didn’t need to think hard to know that her father practically sold them to his ‘ boss ‘. And if this man was as rich as he said, then there was no doubt he was also planning a way to manipulate him. Alyssa of course would fail to help him succeed because she is as greedy as him. All she had to do was choose her words wisely and seal the deal.

” Only if you catch his eye.” William pointed out. He had no choice. Alyssa was his favorite but wasn’t very smart. He couldn’t rely on her. Olivia on the other hand, was quite clever.

” Then I’ll go get ready.” Olivia said leaving the room immediately. She let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and went straight to Alyssa’s room.

Alexander got out of his car and stared at the tall building before him. He wondered how on Earth a man like Martinez could afford such a place. It wasn’t extravagant, but even the salary he got from him wouldn’t buy such a place. This man was clearly living off of someone.

” What are you waiting for? Let’s move.” Liam smirked coming out if the passenger seat. Alexander sighed.

” Remind me, why I let you come with me?” He asked turning towards the man grinning widely.

” Because, I’m your best friend and without me, we both know that you wouldn’t have come this far.” Liam said as a matter of fact. Alexander couldn’t agree more. He would never have come here today if Liam hadn’t come with.

” Let’s just go. I’ve wasted enough time here.” Alexander grumbled walking towards the door. He knocked a few times, before the traitor himself opened for them.

” Mr Payne, please come in.” He beckoned.

Alexander walked in, not sparing him a glance and made himself comfortable on one of the leather seats. The interior of the house was even more beautiful than the outside.

” Please sir, have some.” Martinez smiled, gesturing to a tray of wine and various dishes brought by an old woman. ‘She must be a maid ‘ Alexander thought.

” Just get them here so I can take a look.” He said, declining the glass handed to him. Liam, on the other hand, thanked him and took a croissant.

” Of course. Gwen, please call the girls.” Martinez nodded towards the maid who quickly went upstairs. Not long after, two beautiful ladies walked downstairs the stairs.Β  Β  One had straight, shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes and think lips. She looked like a model. The other one was not as tall, she had a petite frame but was gorgeous nonetheless. Her raven black hair cascaded down her back in waves and her crystal blue eyes shone even in the dimly lit room. Her skin was a golden color and the red lipstick that coated her plump lips matched her blood red dress.

” Come on ladies. Meet my boss Mr Payne and his friend Mr Brand.” Martinez smiled as the girls curtsied to the men in suits.

” These are my daughters Alyssa…” He said pointing towards the blonde haired girl.

” and Olivia Martinez.” He smiled gesturing to the dark haired one. Alexander caught Olivia’s gaze and held it for a few seconds, admiring the unique blue of her eyes.

” Well Martinez, I don’t have much time to spend here since, as you can see, we have somewhere else to be. I shall go out on dates with each of your daughters next week and tell you who I wish to take afterwards.” Alexander said glancing at his watch. He had a meeting to attend to and he couldn’t afford to be late.

He quickly stood up, not allowing the old man to utter another words and left, with Liam by his side.

” Those are some really beautiful girls there.” Liam smirked once they got inside his car. Alexander ignored his friend’s remark and drove off. Yet he had to admit, as always there was some truth behind what his friend said. They were both gorgeous. But it was their personalities that he wanted to know more. The last thing he needed was another hoe by his side. He discarded such thoughts from his head, he would get to know more about those girls next week.












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