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Episode 1




Olivia sighed as the shopping bags in her hands got heavier by the minute. The sun was scorching hot and she just knew that her stepsister kept her waiting on purpose. She squinted her eyes on the busy road in search for the taxi that was supposed to arrive. She exhaled in relief once she saw a yellow car pull up.

” Sorry to keep you waiting ma’am.” Said the middle aged man. He quickly got out of the car and opened the trunk, helping her to stack the bags inside.

” It’s nothing really. Could you just wait here for a second? There’s someone we have to wait for.” She said looking back to see if her elder sister was coming.

” Of course ma’am.” Said the driver getting back into his seat.

“…. Relax Jennie, I’ve got it all figured out. The bouncer is a friend of mine we could get in even without an ID…” She heard her stepsister’s voice say.

She straightened her posture and opened the, waiting patiently by the door for her to get in.

” ….don’t worry. I’ll handle it. I already told you, I met him one night and we’ll, let’s just say we’ve been together for some time now.” Her stepsister smirked, completely ignoring her presence.

She got into the car and Olivia took a seat too, making sure to scoot as far away from her as possible.

” Shall we, ladies?” The driver asked looking at them through the rearview mirror. Olivia nodded her head seeing as her sister was too busy talking to whoever was on the phone.

” Where are my bags?” Her sister nearly shrieked once she noticed there were no bags in sight.

” They’re in the back Miss Alyssa.” She said, not taking her eyes off the road. The only thing on her mind was her mother. She had no idea where her mother was, whether or not she had eaten or what her father was doing with her. But what she did know was that she was going to find her immediately she got back.

” -are you even listen to me?!” Alyssa screeched making both the driver and Olivia flinch.

” Forgive me Miss. I didn’t quite catch what you said.” She apologized, not even once making eyes contact.

” I want all these dresses washed and ironed when we get home. You know very well how I react to new things. I also want you to clean my room since it’s been messed up after last night’s party and while you’re at it find my red purse. You know, the one my boyfriend got for me last week. I need you to find it before 6pm because I’m going out tonight.” She rambled.

Olivia sighed. At this rate she’d never get to see her mother. She still had a ton of chores to do once she got home and with all what her stepsister said, it was near impossible. But she was going to see her mother tonight… no matter what.

” Yes, miss Alyssa.” She replied.

” Here we are ladies.” The driver smiled, getting out to open the door for them. Alyssa quickly got out and sped towards the tall building they called home. Of course, Olivia would never regard it as her home. It was more of a hellhole than a home. A place where there was only pain and suffering caused by none other than her father. Her mother was the only home she knew, and right now her home was in pain.

” Do you need help with these bags ma’am?” The kind driver asked, opening the trunk.

” No, thank you. Here’s your money.” She declined, handing him some money her father gave her specifically for this outing. The man frowned but on seeing the blank look on her face, he decided not to persist.

He watched as the young lady before him struggled to lift almost ten full shopping bags and take them inside, shaking his head in pity, he drove off.

Olivia wiped the beads if sweat on her forehead and proceeded to scrub the edge of the living room carpet. Once she was done, she dumped the bucket full of water in the bathroom sink and leaned breathlessly by the door. All the house chores were completely, including what Alyssa had demanded and the house was spotless. She had finished dinner quite early while her father was away and Alyssa was in her room so she could sneak some for her mother.

She looked out the window and realized that it was completely dark outside. Her father must have been back. She washed her wet hands and pushed a few strands of her raven black hair behind her ears before heading towards his room.

” Come in.” A gruff voice said once she knocked on the wooden door. Olivia felt a shudder run through her body. The last thing she wanted was to be anywhere near him. She gently pushed open the door and stood at the entrance. The strong smell of alcohol hit her in waves almost making her nauseous. Olivia frowned when she noticed the endless bottles of alcohol on the floor. Her father was nearly naked, drunk and seemed nearly unconscious on the floor.

‘ Weird ‘ Olivia thought. She’s never seen her father so wrecked before. He only ever took too much alcohol to escape temporarily from a problem. But he’d never took this much. What could have made him this way?

” What do you want child?” He slurred, struggling to keep his eyes open.

” Dinner is ready father.” She said looking anywhere but him. The drunken man mumbled a few words before sending her away. Olivia made a beeline for her sister’s room and informed her it was time for dinner. She served the food on the table before quickly leaving for the old storage room where she slept.

She locked the door and went mountain of potatoes in which her father had bought only last week. She dug in carefully until she found the plastic container which she had stolen some food inside. Her father was drunk dead and her sister was on the phone. This was the perfect opportunity to see her mother.

Olivia clutched onto the container and some water in her hands and tiptoed out of her room. She walked stealthy down the hallway and past her father’s room. Her sister was too busy to notice her as she passed the kitchen out the door.

The cold wind blew her rather harshly and she struggled to stay on her feet as she felt aΒ  sharp pain in her head. She took in a deep breath and went to the back of the house where she spotted her father’s torture chamber. The key was fortunately still on the door so she swiftly unlocked it and got in, making sure to lock it from the inside.

The dark room wreaked of blood and rusted metal. The metal in which he would use to beat and punish she and her mother. The only source of light for this room was the moon’s Ray’s peaking in through some cracked holes above them. Olivia could easily navigate her mother since she was always chained at the corner of the room.

” William? Is that you?” Her mother’s hoarse voice called. Olivia felt a lump form in her throat at the sound of her mother’s voice. She hurried to her side and knelt down, dropping the food and using her hands to raise her mother’s head so she would look at her.

” Olivia? Is that you?” She coughed. Olivia felt a tear slide down her cheeks.

” Yes mother. It me.” She cried pulling her in for a hug.

” My dear, please don’t cry. I’m fine.” Her mother cooed using her free hand to rub her back soothingly. Olivia sniffled and pulled away.

” I-I got you some food. Please eat quickly.” She said opening the container and taking some food to her mother’s mouth.

” W-What of you? Have you eaten my dear?” Asked her mother. Olivia nodded her head knowing fully well if she told her mother the truth, she would refuse immediately. She pushed the food towards her mother’s mouth pleadingly until she reluctantly opened up. This made Olivia smile. She fed her mother everything and made sure she drank all the water.

” Are you sure something isn’t wrong? Your father never breaks down like that unless something big happened.” Her mother said taking her hands through her daughter’s black hair. Olivia sighed, that wasn’t what she was worried about the most. She was more worried with the fact that her father was coming to vent his anger out on her poor mother.

” Mother I don’t-” there was a loud bang on the door, startling both women.

” Quick, my dear. Run.”

” But-” Olivia tried to object but another loud bang came.

” Hurry!” Her mother whispered harshly. Olivia quickly stood up and took the container and water bottle. She kissed her mother and fled out through the window, making sure to throw the key on the floor somewhere.

‘ This has to end ‘ she thought as she ran to her room and cried.

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