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‘But rose you should have called me …you should she told me about logan’haize said pacing back and forth


‘But you have a very important meeting,did not want to bother you’i said and she sighed

‘What about your meeting with D.x’she asked


‘Maybe another day Haize ,but first I have to apologize to him you know for keeping such important person like him waiting for so long ,it really not fair ‘ I said


‘Well there is away you can meet this person ,u have a great idea’ she said

‘Which is ?’



‘There is a special award show for the elites this weekend ,and i Patrick Mavis the one hosting the show told me that D.x was nominated for the most successful business man ‘ she said


‘ D.x is a business man?’ I asked


‘Yes he is the owner of Xander World ‘ she said ‘I found that out yesterday ‘

‘Waw D.x is the owner of Xander world?’ I asked


‘Yes ,he is ‘haize said


‘That great ,I will definetly come to that award, will tell my secretary to book me a VIP spot ,won’t wanna miss it…I can finally see D.x’i said and she smiled


‘At least I deserve a compliment or a hug, just did something nice for you ‘haize said and I smiled

‘Okay come here honey ‘I said as she moved closer and I hugged her


Imagine having a cousin like this

She is just the best



‘An award show ‘I said





‘Not interested ‘ I said


‘No you have to be interested, this is not some petty award show, it very important and you were nominated for most successful business man ‘my secretary said


‘Okay naomi ,i will goto the award show ‘


‘Okau sir’she said as she smiled at me and walked out of the room

I sighed and remembered haize.


Life just feels sad without her


Heaven knows just how much I love her

I just love her alot




When exactly am I going to see you again



‘I know amin love with Xander pearl but I do not want to rush things between us’ I said as I took asip of my coffee


‘What ,you have to tell him your feelings before it too late Devy,aren’t you tired of all this friend zoneshit between you and Xander …it so annoying’pearl said


I sighed and said


‘Do you have any prove that Xander loves me back ,as far as I see things between us he only thinks of me as a very good friend ‘


‘He loves you, he is just mixing all that up with friendship, make a move baby girl before it too late and you lose him finally ‘she said


‘But pearl things dont work that way,when the right time comes I will confess my feelings to Xander ,but not now’ I said


‘Okay fine but let me just remind you of one things,Xander is an extremely handsome man ,if you don’t make a move now and you don’t make him yours their are thousands of women who are willing to have him for their self ‘she said and I sighed


She has a point


Maybe it high time I make some move on Xander

I think it the best thing to do



So the day for the award finally came


Haize and I walked into the venue looking extremely beautiful and classy


‘Oh my Lady R ,am so happy to see you here’s Mr Jonas greeted with a handshake

People who recognized me shaked my hand and we exchanged pleasantries


I sat down on the VIP spot with my cousin haize and we smiled at each other

‘I haven’t seen D.x around ‘I said


‘Just calm down ,am sure he will be here soon’she said with a smile



Devika escorted me as I sat down in the VIP area

She has been rather close to me this days


Wonder what her motive is


I know we are good friends but she still doesn’t come this close to me.

‘We arrived pretty late ,the show has started’she said and I smirked


‘Yea we so tardy’ I said




The award show went on for a hour and when it was finally time for mine a woman Hannah Wu was called to stage to announce my part


Have heard her name several times in the business world but have not actually seen her


I was so bored I decided to focus on my phone immediately she was called out ‘Good day everyone my name is Hannah wu.. I am so happy to be here today ‘

That voice


That same voice


My heart started pounding as I lifted my face abruptly

‘Haize’ I muttered as my phone fell from my hand


People sitting near me focused on me but I didn’t mind them




Is that Haize

That ishaize


My haize




*and the nominees for best business man are Micheal Jordan, Philip Bassinger ,Xander Davies*

That must be D.x


‘Harry Potter and….* Haize paused for awhile and could not mention the lastname

She looked at meand I looked at her with a puzzled look


People started whispering words to each other



Why is she not talking


A man came close to haize onstage and he whispered something in her ears

She nodded as she Composed herself


‘K…k…kr…kris Kang ‘ that was the name she couldn’t mention

Kris is here


Kris is really here


I looked around trying to find him but I couldn’t

*And the winner is *


*The winner is Xander Davies’ she announced

Now am going to see him


Someone tapped me from behind and I turned to see her

‘Oh hello ‘


‘Madam have this ‘ she said as she gave me a glass of wine

‘Thanks ‘


I was about to turn my face to the front when she mistakenly poured wine on me

‘Oh My God’


‘Madamam so sorry ‘ she said


‘It okay ,it okay..I will go clean up in the bathroom’ I said as I stoodon my feet



I called Xander Davies and he walked up tome onstage


The microphone almost fell off my hand but I controlled myself




This is Cheng



I looked towards rose directions and she was busy cleaning her body as she stood on her feet

Rose this is Cheng




The only thing different about him now is his hair


And he looks so classy


More handsome than before

Xander Davies is Cheng


He was also staring at me like he has seen me somewhere before

‘Cheng it…..’


‘Oh Miss Wu ,microphone please ‘he said politely

Did he just call me Miss wu


Doesn’t he know my name again


I want to talk to him but now not the perfect time

But why is he not acting like he doesn’t know me


‘Okay ” I said as I gave him the mic


‘Thanks everyone for this wonderful award ‘



I was on my way to the girls bathroom when I heard a voice that stopped me from walking

‘Thanks everyone for this wonderful award ‘


I stopped walking


I have heard that voice

7 years ago


Tears rolls down my eyes as I turned immediately


I saw the person onstage and I loosed balance immediately



Am hallucinating


This is an imagination


This is one of my silly dreams

This is not real


This is just a mere imagination


This is












❤KISS 2❤

(Do I know her )




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