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Rose walked out of the mansion looking very upset


‘Hey rose what wrong ‘I asked as I moved close to her


‘I just dont understand why he wants to do that to me ,it so stupid it damn unfair….’she said

‘What you talking about ‘I asked with a quizzical look


‘It my dad he wants to take me to America so he can separate us ….I don’t know who told him stupid things about you ‘she said


‘Me ,what did I do ,why does he wanna separate us ….what have I done wrong ‘I asked

This is all so confusing


‘My dad was told that you a bad influence on me…he was told that you take drugs ,I dont understand it all so confusing ‘ she as she explained everything tome


‘What the hell….me a drug addict, why will he ever believe that’he said


‘I might have given you the permission to prove his nnocence but until you do, I dont want you and Cheng to come close to each other ‘rose dad said as he walked out of the building


‘What the hell ‘she muttered


‘Sir,I really dont know what you have been told about me,but believe me when I tell you am not that kind of a person ‘I said


‘Well we will find that out In three days’he said while rose mum told me to calm down and told me it will all be fine


‘You do not want to disrespect your dad do you, it just three days …I will definitely prove my self and come back for you rose ‘he said


‘But Cheng ‘


‘Rose’I said as I placed my hand on her cheek ‘it gonna be fine….I will call you ‘I said and she nodded before I turned my back and walked away with a heavy heart


I tried my best to control my tears since am a man but when it comes to rose am a total weakling


A ball of tears rolls down my eyes but I wiped it with the back of my hand

How ami gonna survive a day without seeing rose


Just how am I gonna do that


Now I have to stay three days away from her

What if she cant prove my innocence


Then rose will have to leave me forever

No I won’t allow that


I definitely won’t allow that



Three days without his smile that lights up my world

Three days without the love of my life.


Three days without Cheng feels like three hundred years

How am I gonna survive this


How am I gonna live without Cheng for so long

No matter what we can’t be separated


We can never be separated

Never ever


……….. KRIS POV………


‘But why did the old man do that?’I asked Cheng as I sat down next to him



‘Even I don’t understand ‘he said


‘I will be dead if anyone tries to separate haize and I like that’I said and he smiled lightly


‘This is frustrating, I really dont know what to do…who could have told him all that about me….what he heard is the complete opposite of me’Cheng said


‘Hey bro,you and rose love each other so much ,am sure her dad will realise that and he will never try to separate the both of you okay’he said and he nodded ‘but in the main time we

should come up with a plan to make him have full trust in you ‘

‘Plan, what plan ‘cheng asked.


‘Even I dont know yet,but I will think of something ‘I replied



We chatted for awhile


‘Aren’t you going home ‘Cheng asked

‘Nahhhhh…am not ‘I said


‘Waw that great…this is the first time will be sleeping here ‘he said

‘I know right ‘I replied’oh haize is calling let me pick this ‘


‘Okay I will be in the room’he said as he stood on his feet and walked into his room


After a hour haize and I finished talking and I changed into my pajamas and slept on the bed with Cheng


‘Hey Cheng ‘I said while tapping his cheek


‘What you want mkm

rascal’he said with his eyes closed


‘Can you turn your face to the other side’ I asked

‘Why’he replied



‘See you not haize and it feels pretty awkward staring at your face ‘ I said


‘Whatever’he said as he turned upside down on the bed and placed his leg on my head ‘You mad man ‘I yelled as I pushed his leg away from my face and he laughed mockingly

‘Pillow please ‘I said and he threw a pillow at me


‘You see we have three rooms in this house but you can’t sleep in one of them….I know you are sleeping here tonight just to annoy me’he said


I sat down on the bed and smiled at his face ‘If I was rose am sure you will be very happy to see my face’


‘Get that ugly face away from me ‘he said as he pushed my face away with his hand

‘Rascal ,am just as handsome as you are ‘I yelled


‘You wish ‘he replied while laughing


‘Jerk’I said as I hit his head with the pillow and slept on the bed

Cheng wanted to annoy me and he started fake snoring


I placed my leg on his mouth and then he bite me


‘Your feet smells terrible ‘he said

‘That definitely a big lie’I replied


After Cheng and I got tired of bothering each other we both slept off


………CHENG POV……..


I walked into the school compound and the first person I saw was rose

She ran towards me and hugged me tight


‘Cheng…how are you ‘she asked and I smiled



‘Am fine and you ‘


‘You too are not allowed to be together ‘a teacher said as she walked towards us

‘Ma’m I don’t understand ‘rose said


‘Your dad has ordered the school to keep an eye on the both of us’ she said ‘you must stay at least twenty feet away from each other ‘


‘What the hell’rose yelled


‘Language Miss rose …now stay away from Cheng will you ‘she said and rose looked at me and sighed


‘Am sorry Cheng ‘she said and i nodded before she walked away with the teacher


口………JISOO POV……… 口

Waw my plan finally walked

Now to move to phase two


I know my friend loves me


Now am gonna use that to my advantage


……….CHENG POV…….

I received a message on my phone that rose wanna see mein the art room


I went to the art room later on and I saw jisoo

‘Hey jisoo ,what you doing here’I asked politely


‘You see I wanted to see you that why I sent you a message from rose phone’she said as she moved closer to me




‘Cause I want you’she said as she walked towards me and caressed me with her hand


‘Hey’I said as I grabbed her by the wrist’what you doing’


‘Oh please Cheng, after all I went through to have you for myself…what your problem uhn…I had to create a rift between you and rose fathere…I made him hate you to get to you …I did things to have you so why the hell are you pushing me away’she said


‘You did all that ‘he said


‘Yes honey, because I loveyou so much …just please be mine’ she said as she caressed me with her hand again


‘Do not touch me ‘I said as I pushed her away and she fell on the floor


‘Cheng ‘rose shouted as she ran towards jisoo and helped her up ‘why did heck did you do that’

Jisoo was crying and her hand was bleeding


How the heck did that happen


How comeshe is bleeding so much

What the heck is going on


‘I don’t know why Cheng is so mean towards me…he told me to help him with something and when I said no he pushed me away,now look at my hand ‘she said


‘Cheng how could you ‘


‘Rose what the hell are you talking about that friend of yours is a devil’


‘Enough Cheng am so disappointed in you right now, how could you.. I do not expect this from you…….come on jisoo let go’she said as she walked away while jisoo smiled at me


What the heck is going on here



This rose gansef

What her problem


And her father too






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