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I seriously don’t know what to do about Cheng anymore

how do I clear this akward space between us


It really bothers me alot

What am I gonna do now


I walked into the house and saw haize In the living room watching a romantic movies


‘Waw vampire romance, I thought you hate romantic movies so tell me what brought about this new change ‘


I asked and she smiled


‘You won’t belive who I met in school today, it a guy his name is KRIS and he is so damn handsome an crushing ‘she said


‘Kris have heard that name before…wait a second isn’t he the son of the richest business man ,the only heir to the kang empire,he was interviewed on the Johannesburg show and also ranked one of the youngest and most successful man’ I said


‘Really, maybe you are talking about another kris’sge said

I picked up my phone and started searching for his pic on it


‘Is this the guy you are talking about ‘I asked showing her the pic on my phone


‘Yes he definitely the one…so cute ‘Haize said


‘Well he is cute ,but I don’t trust guys like him ‘I said

‘Why’she asked


‘Well look at him ,he is just too handsome, I don’t think he can ever commit to just one girl

I mean look at him ‘ I said.


‘But Cheng is a bit more handsome than he is ,and heis committed to you alone’ she said


‘Cheng is an entirely different thing and nowI do not think he likes me anymore ,he is now always after jisoo’ I said


‘Jisoo ,that girl that has been your friend ever since we were 5, I never likedthat girl ,she just gat one and vibe ‘ she said



‘Jisoo is the best and she has been my bestfriend for a long time now, but I just don’t know why I can’t stand seeing her with Cheng ‘I said


‘Then get your Cheng back from her, you can easily do that but your pride won’t let you ‘she said


‘How do you know we are not on good terms ‘I asked


‘Trust me it isvery obvious ,and I know you too well so am sure you are the one who started the fight, now you can’t end it ‘she said


‘But what am I suppose to do’i asked


‘Are you seriously asking me,you figure that out yourself ‘she said and I sighed


What am I gonna do now


I really need Cheng in mylife



Hmmmm I see Jisoo is with Cheng


And she is jealous


She definitely likes him


Now am just gonna crank the jealousy up till you speak your mind




The next day I got ready and went to Mackenzie school


All the girls keep giving weird glares and not even one of them as walked up to me and ask if we can befriends


So far so good I only have one friend

And that is KRIS



And I haven’t even seen him today

So weird


I walked into the girls bathroom to pee and on my way back I heard the sound of a piano coming out of the music room


I looked through the big glass wall and saw KRIS playing the piano


He dresses and look like a bad boyfriend anyone will think he only has interest In electric guitar and rock music


But playing a classical musical instruments is really unexpected from a guy like him


I walked into the music room and I couldn’t help but focus on the way his long fingers played the piano


He stopped playing the piano and raised his head to look at me


I suddenly felt akward and turned my back to leave the room but his voice stopped me


‘Are you seriously gonna leave without saying hi ‘he said

I turned my back to face him and I smiled nervously


‘Hi kris’


‘Hello haize ‘he said with a light smile


‘Sooo I see you play the piano really well’ I said


‘Yea ,my dad kinda forced me into classical music….i can play the violin, harp, piano and soon ‘ he said


‘Waw that great ,I can’t play any musical instrument…i mean I love music but I still don’t know

how to play any instruments ‘I said

‘Well I can teach you ‘he said


‘Really…like right now ‘



He nodded and I smiled


He moved to the side of the bench leaving space forme to sit next to him

I sat down next to him and men he smells so good


He showed me the key I was meant to press to create a particular rhythm and anytime I got it

right, he always gives me a very beautiful smile

I made sure I get them right to get more smiles


He is so handsome


He slowly placed his hand on my hand which was on the keyboard and I felt my heartskip a beat


okay i know i don’t like guys and i normally drive them away

So what is so special about this KRIS


Well he is handsome but why do I feel this way around him

I removed my hand from his and stood on my feet abruptly


‘Am sorry I have class now ‘I said


‘So I will see you later then ‘


‘Yea sure’ I said as I walked out of the music room



‘You might wanna end this now because haize is a girl you can’t get ‘Namjoon said as heappeared out of nowhere immediately haize left


‘She will be mine men ,just chill and get ready to loose five hundred thousand dollars ‘I said

‘Ummm ,time will tell who wins and who looses this bet ‘I said


‘Am using the P and D (play and dump) rules this time not the P and P (play and pay )rules ‘I said


‘The play and dump ,you not paying her off ‘he said


‘Come on ,she has alot of money, her parents are rich, what does she need the money for ‘I said and he shrugs


Am really gonna enjoy this little game with haize



I did not see KRIS after the music room thingy and I went home after school

Later in the might, Cheng came back home with Jisoo


‘Hey Jisoo wazzup ‘I said trying to fake a smile

I do not like her at all


My instinct keeps telling me she is bad news and she also does not really like me sooooo

‘Oh haize you here ‘she said as she hugsme


‘Was bestie ,you didn’t tell me haize is back ‘she said with a smile


‘Well she is ‘rose said coldyandam sure she does not like the fact that Cheng is with Jisoo right now


Ummm. That gives mean idea


‘Come on jisoo,have dinner with us ‘I said

At first she did not agree but later on


‘Sure ‘she said after I managed to convince her


Wesat on the dinning table and we started talking while eating

‘So I see you and Cheng are always together ‘I said


‘Yes he is my friend ‘Jisoo said and I looked at rose who wasn’t so happy


I stretched my hand to pick up the jug and then I spilled water on jisoo deliberately

‘Am so sorry ‘I said


‘It fine ‘she said as she stood on her feet “I will go dry this in the bathroom ‘sh e said as she stood on her feet


I put my leg in her way making her trip and almost fall but Cheng held her by the waist

preventing her from falling

That exactly what I want


Rose looks very upset now


The way Cheng is holding her right now makes her very angry

I can see it


Let me add more spice to this


‘Waw,how romantic, you did not let her fall I said, you are justlike prince charming so cute, you guys will actually make acute couple ‘I said as rose hit the table with her hand unable to control heranger


We all focused on her as she walked out of the house through the backdoor Cheng looks at meand I signalled him to follow her and immediately he did

‘Ummm I will go home now ‘Jisoo said not looking so happy


‘Yea bye ‘I said in a rude way


Am sure she noticed that but decided to ignore it as she walked out of the house



Some friendshe is


She knows they arenot on good terms the least she can do is try to reunite them



But instead she is going after Cheng




I walked into my garden as tearsrolls down my eyes but I quickly wiped it as I folded my arms


Why am I crying

Do not cry rose


I want Cheng back


Why can’t I have him back

I want Cheng back


‘Rose’ a voice said as i turned back to face him

I don’t want Cheng to know am crying


He shouldn’t know I care about him this much


I wanted to walk pass him but he held me by my wrists and pulled me back


My hand was on his chest while his hand was around my waist


I couldn’t help myself as a ball of tears rolls down my eyes


He used his thumb to clean my tears and he asked ‘what wrong ”

I glared at him and pushed him away


‘You seriously asking me what wrong, you always with Jisoo and you treat me like I don’t even exist to you anymore, like ama nobody just tell me why you doing that….ido not like it when you get close to other girls like that…i do not like it when you touch other girls or when they touch you like that…i do not like it at all…i know I did something wrong am sorry but do you seriously have to do all that, did not you not stop for once and think about how I might feel…i am your fake girlfriend not jisoo…You should be with me not jisoo…please do not ask me why


am saying all this or ask me if I loveyou because I also am not sure of what I feel towards you

at all but all I know is that I don’t like seeing you with other girls like t……….’


I couldn’t not even finish my speech before he pulled me close and kissed me

My heart was beating very fast as butterflies were tingling in my tummy


His hand was at the back of my neck for support as he kissed me passionately

Wait were did he learn how to kiss like this


O.m.g has he been kissing Jisoo


I am so gonna kill both of them if that the truth

I slowly broke the kiss and westareateach other


‘You give me that stupid space thing again and I will end you ‘I said as he smiled andI wrapped my hand around his neck to continue the kiss again





Okay who is happy

Roseng is back again


The kiss United them again


And as for our love doctor, am I the only one that loves her

But am kindasad cause KRIS means business


Anyway God help her







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