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Episode 5.




Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)




Julia mom arrived and Alfred picked up her from the airport,


“Mommy! welcome mom, Julia happily greeted as her mom walked in.


“Thank you so much my Darling and congratulations. Is this my baby? Fiona asked going to the cradle she was kept as they just smiled at her.




“Oh my God, see how lovely she looks like me, Fiona said carrying her and they laughed.


“Actually I thought she looked like me, Alfred said.




“Nah I don’t think so, but as time goes on we will know. She’s so beautiful honey, Fiona said.


“Thanks mom, how was the journey? Julia asked.




“Good good, I almost kicked the pilot out to take charge because I needed to see you. Oh my God I was so scared when i heard you hard labour, why did you waste time in doing the caesarean operation? Fiona asked.





“Mom I was scared, I was scared to be torn what if I didn’t make it? Julia asked.



“You dare think of such thing in a time like that? Common dear how did I gave birth to you? God gave them that knowledge to save lives and what matters is you giving birth and surviving that time, Fiona replied.




“Yea i know, but I wanted the Hebrew women part, Julia said.


“What nonsense talk is that? You know what I understand by the Hebrew women talk, is that you didn’t die in the labour room, you delivered safely and you are not different from the Hebrew women. Please next time don’t try that, you may suffocate or stress up my baby in there, Fiona said.




“Yes ma, Julia said laughing.


“Your dad apologized for not coming, he had…….. “An important meeting but its okay. Am glad you came anyway despite your schedules, Julia cut in.




“Yea someone must surely come to see you since you refused coming down there but its fine. That reminds me, Chloe gave birth about a year ago, are you aware? Fiona asked.


“Chloe? You mean my Chloe? My God we lost contact, Julia said.




“Yea she told me that because i saw her by chance. I gave her your number and I thought she must have called you, Fiona replied.


“No she didn’t. Honey did you get any call like that? Julia asked her husband.




“Nope not at all, Alfred replied.


“Oh maybe when next we see. Awwn my angel is awake, Fiona said.




“I hope she’s not hungry? Mom I don’t know, did I suck too much when I was a baby? Julia asked and Fiona laughed.


“Darling don’t mind your mother, go get your right okay, what’s her name? Fiona asked giving her to Julia.




“Palesa, Alfred replied.


“Beautiful name indeed, Fiona said………………


Anastasia returned in the evening and her kids welcomed her,


“Thanks dearies, ermmm is daddy back? She asked and they nodded.


“But he went out again, Grace replied.




“Ohhh did he ask of me? As in where I went to? Anastasia asked.


“No, but he’s aware you were not at home, Grace replied.




“Okay thats good, hope you’ve eaten? Anastasia asked.


“Yes aunty Dite gave us something to eat, Grace replied.




“Alright, Anastasia said and wanted to go in.


“Mommy won’t you ask of baby? Precious, the twin of Grace asked.




“Baby? I know aunty will take care of her, Anastasia replied.


“But baby was hungry, aunty had to give her oranges, Precious replied.




“Really? But that was a good choice, I’ll go see how she’s doing okay, Anastasia said touching her and went in.




She met Dite struggling to bath the baby as she stood close to the door watching her..


Ditebogo raised her head and saw her,


“You’re back? She asked with a sweaty face..




“Yea and I see you’re doing a good job, Anastasia replied.


“Good job bathing a baby barely 2 days old? Can you see how stressed out we are right now? What experience do I have to take care of her? How old do you think I am to take care of such fragile being? How can you be this heartless? Dite angrily asked.




“Hey! never use that tone on me next time, when did you start growing wings to talk to me the way you like? Anastasia asked and Dite got up keeping Hope on the bed.



“Do I really have a tone? Right now I wish I can pour out to you just what I feel the same way you are pouring your frustration on this innocent kid. Are you really her mother? Because I doubt that! Ditebogo shouted and left the room while Anastasia nodded looking at Hope on the bed and slowly attended to her.




Mpho returned and met Anastasia br**stfeeding Hope and burst out laughing.


“So finally she get to eat huh? Don’t tell me you are tired of your precious daughter Yuh? Mpho asked.


“I am not okay, I went out to see how I can get help to get you out of the debts. You don’t expect me to carry her out right? Anastasia asked.




“Like I care! Mpho said getting ready to retire to bed.


“And again, I hope she won’t disturb my sleep? Just settle her the way you can, I need a peaceful sleep, Mpho said.




“Actually her name is Hope, Anastasia replied.


“Who cares! Mpho said and laid down backing her and Anastasia stopped br**stfeeding her in anger.




Ditebogo was greatly annoyed as she stood up from her bed and suddenly began to pack her things,


“What rubbish! Did i come here to be anybody nanny? Yes they are my nieces but I can’t take the responsibility of their welfare on my head, I gat my own problems too. I am just 18 carrying such burden and is just too much, Ditebogo said and suddenly stopped as she remembered Hope.




“But what about that cute soul? Why does it feel she needs me in such a time? Oh God! Dite exclaimed in a confused state and sat on the bed sad.




The next day Dite woke up to attend to her normal duties and she met Anastasia in the sitting room fiddling her phone, Dite greeted her but she ignored.




Minutes later they heard Mpho shouting in the room,


“Where is this woman! Don’t you know what to do with her? Mpho shouted.



“Is she not your daughter? Attend to her also, Anastasia replied and hissed and Dite left what she was doing and ran to the room.


“Please take her away, just far away before I’ll do something to her I’ll regret, Mpho said pointing to the crying Hope.




“But why? Dite slowly asked.


“Are you still standing there asking me why? Mpho asked and Dite carried her.




“I know for sure a time will come you all will regret this, Dite said.


“Sister i am regretting already, what’s more to regret than this? Just go, Mpho said and she slowly














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