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Episode 3.




Alfred went back to his wife after getting what she wanted for her, “I dropped by to see your friend, he said. “Really, how is she and the baby? Julia asked.




“Fine I guess, but I think she gat a problem, Alfred replied.


“What is it? She asked.




“Her husband wanted a different gender, sadly she has given birth to 5 females, He replied.


“Oh my God, not even a male? Julia asked.




“Is not her fault you know, he said.


“I know but will he understand that? Gosh! Julia exclaimed.




“You know what? Let’s forget about their problems, am sure they will sort it out themselves, Alfred said pushing it away and the baby began to cry.




“Awwwnnn cute voice, Alfred said carrying her to Julia………………..




Mpho entered and found Anastasia sleeping, he went over to where the baby laid looking at her and the baby began to cry. Anastasia opened her eyes to see Mpho,


“You came? Welcome, she slowly said but he only kept quiet and left the baby bed.




“Get your things ready, you’ll be leaving here first thing tomorrow morning, he said and her eyes bulged out.


“That quick? My baby needs……….. “And who cares about her! Do you know how much I’ve spent to get


you registered in this expensive hospital just to get this? I am spending no dime again here, get your things prepared, and if you still insist to stay, thats your business, He shouted and left immediately.




“Christ! Anastasia exclaimed ignoring the baby cries as she angrily looked at her.


“This is all your fault! Can’t I get a boy for crying out loud! She shouted angrily and left the room..




She met with Regina on the way,


“Where are you going to? Regina asked.



“Good thing I’ve seen you, my husband just left and he’s asking me to get my things ready, Anastasia replied.




“You mean you are leaving the hospital? How soon? Regina asked.


“First thing tomorrow morning, he seriously meant what he said, Anastasia replied.




“This is what you get when you lie, you should have told him the truth all along, now look at the mess, Regina said.


“I have no time for your putting of blames, where is Julia room? Anastasia asked.




“Why? Regina asked..


“Am I kidnapping her? I just want to see her thats all, Anastasia replied.




“Alright fine but where is the baby? Don’t tell me you left her alone in the room? Regina asked.


“Just stop okay, you can stay with her if you want but I need to see Julia, Anastasia said.




“Room 49, Regina replied and she left immediately.


“What about the baby? I have work to do now! Regina shouted but she ignored her.




Anastasia got to the room and knocked once,


“Yes who’s there come in, Julia answered and she opened up to see Julia br**stfeeding.


“Wow she’s strong already to walk, Julia said and she laughed.




“Its not my first time you know, congratulations to the latest mommy, Anastasia said.


“God the experience was hell but it worth it, congrats too and how is the baby? Julia asked.




“She’s sleeping and I left her with my friend to say hello, Anastasia replied.


“Oh alright, Julia said done br**st feeding and Anastasia got the baby from her.


“What’s her name? She asked.


“Palesa, Julia replied.




“Wow beautiful, who named her? Anastasia asked.


“My husband did, she replied.




“Why didn’t you name her yourself? Anastasia asked.


“Nothing, maybe our next child I’ll do that, Julia replied.




“Okay but I know you had a name for her, Anastasia said.


“Yea I wanted naming her Hope, I love that name so much. What about you? Julia asked.




“Its a good name, I never planned for a girl Name anyway but looks like I’ll call my daughter that, Anastasia replied.


“Really, thats good and am sorry for what happened. Your daughters and special and beautiful, and they can equally do just what male children can do in a family, don’t give up okay, Julia said and Anastasia nodded.




“I’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning, Anastasia said.


“What! Not too quick common, though you gave birth through v***nal but its advisable still to go that quick, Julia said.




“I know, but my husband is greatly disappointed. I know how much he has spent to get me here, he did all of that in joy to get a male child but it came out the opposite, Anastasia replied.


“But still can’t he just let you stay at least for 3 days so your baby will be examined? OK fine I’ll pay the bills, Julia said.




“No please I don’t want more trouble, I just have to follow him home peacefully. If you really want to help me Julia, you can do so by giving me a job, Anastasia said.


“A job? There is no vacancy for now and again you’re a nursing mother, Julia replied.



“Julia I heard you saying you want to get back to your job as fast as possible, there is no problem you can do that. You can just give me a job as a nanny and I’ll take care of everything for you, it will enable me forget about my problems at home too besides I have no tangible certificate for a job you know, Anastasia said and Julia was quiet.




“This is hard, I wish my husband was here but I’ll discuss this with him, Julia said.


“Please do, i really need it now because is now obvious my husband won’t take care of me anymore, Anastasia said and Julia heaved carrying her bag. She brought out a card giving it to her,


“Call me with it, I don’t know when I’ll be leaving here, but according to my husband he said I must be totally healed and tested okay to go by the doctor, Julia said.




“You’re lucky you know, Anastasia said.


“Don’t say that please, use this to hold on, get something to eat till I get out of here. I’ll try to talk to my husband about it okay, Julia said giving her some cash while Anastasia slowly collected.




“I feel so ashamed now, sorry for bothering you this way with my problems, Anastasia said.


“No please don’t mention, be sure you take care of that angel and forget about what your husband may do or say, just be happy, Julia said and she nodded.




“Thank you, I’ll give you a call. I need to go now, Anastasia said giving back the baby.


“Thank you bye, Julia said and she slowly left.




Anastasia got back to the room to see Regina with the baby,


“How can you be this heartless? Regina angrily asked.


“Look just spare me that, when i left she was sleeping okay not that i left her in purpose or ran away, Anastasia said sitting down.




“Fine, why did you go see Julia? Regina asked.


“To see my child and get her details of course, I can’t lose contact with my child when i leave here, Anastasia replied and Regina scoffed keeping the baby back.


“Safe journey back to Venda, Regina said and left while Anastasia cared less but kept looking at the card


and kept it in a safe place…………………




The next day Mpho arrived in the morning and met Anastasia eating, “Good morning, she greeted but he was quiet.


“Be quick with it, the car is outside already, he said.




“I already packed the bags, she replied.


“Good to know, he said and took the bags down while she hurriedly dressed the baby up and Regina entered.




“Oh thank God, please help me greet Julia, tell her there was no chance to say goodbye, Anastasia said.


“Sorry, i am so sorry to disappoint you but i won’t, I still don’t have the courage to see her face, Regina replied and Anastasia hissed loudly.




“Suit yourself, she said and Regina nodded.


“Bye and take care, Regina said but Anastasia ignored and quickly swallowed her food to run down.




They arrived at Venda and their girls ran out to welcome them but Mpho gave them the shout of their life,


“What’s that for Mpho! Anastasia unconsciously shouted on him and kept calm when he looked at her.




“Am sorry, but for crying out loud please pour all the anger on me and leave the kids alone, Anastasia said but he just went in leaving the bags outside.


“Welcome sis, Mpho junior sister said taking the baby from her.




“Thank you, Dearies please help me with the bag, Anastasia said taking a bag while her girls struggled to take one inside.




“Mommy what’s her name? Her first daughter asked when they settled at home.


“She’ll be called Tsholofelo, meaning hoping, Anastasia replied.


“Okay baby sister Hope you are welcome, her daughters happily said while Anastasia gave a little smile


thinking about Palesa………………









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