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_Episode 29_

Gianna’s POV



“What do you think?”


It was currently ten in the morning. My windows were open to cast the bright sun rays into my bedroom. Dozens of clothing articles were messily strewn across my room as they usually were whenever Celine and I had a semi- important day planned out.


The lavish lifestyle we grew up with allowed us to have most expensive designer clothes we wished for, paving a path for us to have great fashion sense, unfortunately that path was only followed by my best friend. I was more of a—slap on the first thing I see type of girl.


Celine stood in front of my mirror, pulling at the material of her thigh length dress. She looked at me expectantly and arched one of her perfectly shaped brows. “Well?”


The dress fit her voluptuous figure like a second skin. The soft material clung to all the right places, accentuating her hour-glass figure.  Delicate heart patterns lined the dress, creating a cute, soft look. “Hot.” I finally answered, grinning happily.


She squealed in excitement and began applying minimal makeup to her bare face.  “What are you going to wear?” she asked, lathering mascara onto her long eyelashes.


“I’ll probably throw on a dress too.” She looked at me wearily and I rolled my eyes. “I promise I won’t leave the house looking homeless.” I assured.


After one last scrutinizing glare in the mirror, Celine clasped her hands together and redirected her vision onto my lazy figure. “Now. Time to fix whatever that is.”




“You look perfect. Where in this fashionable world would a homeless looking Gianna Vidal fit in without me?”


I briefly glanced in window reflection of the store in front of me. The smile on my face lasted a few seconds before I rolled my eyes at Celine’s comment. “You’re just jealous that this dress makes my hips look curvier than yours.” I teased, lightly clashing my side into hers.


We walked down the bustling streets of New York City. Deciding to leave our cars at home, the place was a short walk away and it was a beautiful enough day. The sun shot bright rays onto the pavement, a great contrast to the rain filled days we had previously experienced.


Wind blew through the countless trees scattered around us, lightly blowing my hair in numerous directions, causing me to raise my hand and brush the stray tendrils from my face every so often.


I probably should’ve tied it up.


“Wait what?” Celine’s voice pulled my wandering vision from the streets to her face. I jokingly giggled at her wide eyes, knowing I had got to her. “Does it really? Oh my God no—do I look bad?”


I grabbed her shoulders in my hand and shook them lightly. “Get your shit together Cel. I was kidding. You look beautiful.” I assured the anxious girl.


“You’re sure?” she asked, biting her lip, she then tucked a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear, a gold earring hung from the bottom of her lobe, reflecting the rays of the sun.

“One hundred percent. Now, let’s go before we arrive way later than we already are.”


She nodded and I wasted no time in linking our arms together and dragging her down the street.


A few minutes later, we found ourselves stood inside Lark Café.


“Hi! Welcome to Lark Café! I’ll be your waiter today, my names Jacob. Table for two I assume?”


We both smiled at the chirpy waiter in front of us. His silver hair stood out against the matte black uniform he was wearing. A bright smile graced his features and if you were looking closely, which I was, you would notice the shimmering gold gem on his tooth.


I cleared my throat and rocked back and forth in my flat shoes, smoothing down the material of my dress.


“We made a reservation.” I spoke up, causing the bubbly man to focus his attention on me. “Should be under Vidal.”


“Oh that’s right, here it is, right this way.”


Jacob led the way through the gardenia themed café and I took the time to scrutinize every detail of the place.


The whole place gave off a fresh, comforting vibe. Multiple thick vines ran down the tall walls, curling around the odd pillar that stood near both the entrance and exit. A shelf was placed against the wall, copious pot plants sat in between each square space, along with a few coffee mugs and different hot beverage options that could probably be seen on the menu.


As we walked further through the rows of tables and chairs, I took note of the happy faces of each and every customer and inwardly smiled.


“So this is our outside patio. Your table is on the far left, next to the Aphrodite statue.” I followed his pointer finger and was led to the sight of a small Greek statue sat on top of a rustic silver pillar.


“I’ll be back in a few minutes to write down your orders.”


The two of us smiled at the boy as he handed us our menus. Without another word, he walked away.


“This place is cute.” Celine commented, glancing over the décor.


I hummed in agreement and picked up the white booklet in front of me, skimming over the delicious looking options.


“Az just shot me a text, said she’s running late and will be here in five.”


I nodded at my best friend and set the menu down after making my choice. “You look so nervous, it’s going to be fine.” I assured her.


She sighed hesitantly and lazily dropped her head into the pal of her hand. “I just want it to go well, you’re both the most important people in my life.”


“It will go well. I’m totally a people’s person.” She rolled her eyes and I was suddenly bombarded with the urge to pee.


“I’ll be right back. Don’t chicken out and run away okay?”

The last thing I saw was the deep scowl on her face and I laughed all the way to the restroom.


After completing my business, I washed my hands thoroughly and dried them off, turning to face the mirror hung against the wall.


I took the time to finally get a good look at the dress I was comfortably fitted in. it had to have been the most simple yet elegant piece I owned. The shiny pink material clung to my skin, accentuating my shapely hips and stopping halfway down my silky thighs.


I traced the seams of the low neckline, adjusting the necklace around my neck.


I was brought out of my trance when I heard the unmistakable sound of the large door being pushed open.


I smiled at the frantic girl who began fixing her bright red hair in the mirror. She returned the smile and looked me up and down, grinning. “Oh you’re hot.” She commented, eyes lingering on my chest. I laughed uncomfortably and walked past the girl, exiting the bathroom.


As I approached Celine, I took notice of the new occupant at our table. The black haired girl, who had to have been Azalea, leaned over the surface, laying a short sweet kiss onto my best friend’s cheek.


Neither were aware of my presence yet and I decided to slow my steps, wanting to allow them a few moments alone.


I cleared my throat once I was in earshot of the two, hushing their quiet whispers.


“Oh my god, Gianna right?” Azalea eagerly jumped off her chair and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. The beautiful girl wasted no time in grabbing my shoulders and pulling me into a bone crushing hug.


I stood startled for a few seconds before hugging her back, smiling as naturally as I could. I caught the eyes of Celine and she giggled before mouthing “She’s a little over the top.”


I nodded slowly and stifled my own laugh when she pulled away. “It’s super great to meet you.” She beamed, clasping her hands together. The bunch of gold bracelets slammed against each other at the movement.


“It’s great to meet you too, I’ve heard great things.” I mused, causing the girl to blush slightly.


After exchanging words for a few more minutes, the two of us sat down in our respective seats.


“Now that that’s over, I’m starving, let’s order.”


The two of us immediately nodded in agreement with Celine and we searched the perimeter for our waiter Jacob, flagging him down.




“And the whole time, I literally had white icing all over my nose. I was so embarrassed.”


I snorted in an attempt to keep my laugh in at how awkward Celine could be.


“You looked so cute babe, I didn’t have the heart to tell you.”

The three of us had been sat in the Café for about half an hour, the scraping of cutlery against plates was the only sound heard—besides our consistent chatter and the light classical music that hummed in the background.


We were deep into a lighthearted conversation about how the two sweethearts in front of me met.


So far, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Azalea and I seemed to get along. I had come to learn that she was a lot like me in certain ways—we found interest in some of the same things and had similar dislikes. I couldn’t help the full smile that tugged at my lips at the thought of us being good friends for all the right reasons and not because we both shared love for Celine.


“Wait. The two of you met in a bakery?” I asked, pulling myself out of my daze.


They nodded in unison. “Oh it’s the cutest little shop ever.” Azalea spoke, swallowing a sip of whatever hot beverage she had ordered.


“I work there actually.”


“You do?” I asked, intrigued. My fork sliced through the decadent chocolate cake in front of me and I brought a piece to my mouth as I awaited her next sentence.


“I do. And Celine over here, walked in on the gloomiest Wednesday night. It was overall a shitty day. My dog has just passed away and I was not in the mood for anyone.”


I stared sympathetically at her and she waved her hand dismissively. “I’m slowly getting over it. Anyway, I was closing up the bakery when I heard the door open and I literally could’ve killed her for keeping us open that extra few minutes.”


“Hey!” Celine exclaimed from beside me.


“Oh hush babe I’m not finished yet!” Azalea patted her thigh gently.


I chuckled lowly at the grumpy expression that graced my best friend’s features and continued munching on the mouthwatering dessert.


“As I was saying before I was interrupted.” She shot a pointed glare at Celine. “She came in and asked to sample a few pieces of our vanilla cake, I asked her what the occasion was and she said it was for her birthday but I came to find out that was a complete lie.”


Celine rolled her eyes and huffed. “I may or may not have walked past the bakery three or four times that week just to see you, until I gained the courage to actually walk in.” she mumbled, a crimson color tinting her cheeks.


“Oh I know. I saw you every single day but decided to see how far you’d take it.”


The two had completely forgotten about my existence, but I didn’t feel left out. I felt happy for them.


I did miss Alex though.


Does he miss me too?


“No way!”


“What? You aren’t exactly stealthy.” Azalea shrugged, spooning a piece of the tiramisu she had ordered.


“Am too.”

“Not even a little bit.”


They were so cute.


“I’m getting distracted! Sorry Gi.” She smiled apologetically and I waved my hand in dismissal.


“She was onto her second slice of cake and it was all over her nose. I had to hold back my laugh every time I looked at her.” She laughed in remembrance.


“She came back every day for the next week to ask me out and after the seventh day, I finally gave in and said yes.”


She smiled at Celine and grabbed her hand, interlocking their fingers. “It was the best decision I ever made, and the rest is history.”


I smiled at the overall cuteness of the pair and felt my chest swell up in joy.


It felt as if nothing could go wrong.

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