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_Episode 23_

The sounds of birds singing woke me from my sleep and I winced at the bright sun rays wafting through the tall windows. I had no clue why the drapes weren’t closed to shield the morning sun from my sensitive eyes but I shrugged it off, yawning as I stretched my arms over my head.


I couldn’t help but smile in remembrance of the blissful weekend I had just spent with the stunning girl I’ve come to know more of over the past two months. Gianna was a breath of fresh air for me. I felt as if the colours of the world were a little brighter when we were around each-other.


I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind that this shouldn’t go on for long and that it wouldn’t end well, but I immediately buried those thoughts and replaced them with the glorious image of her dark hair wrapped around my fingers.


She was Paradiso in terra.


Having to depart from her yesterday left me miserable and I knew I needed to see her again soon if I wanted my mood to be uplifted. I was slowly beginning to rely on her for added happiness in my life which I knew wasn’t healthy.


rimettiti in sesto, vecchio.


I pushed the nagging thoughts away and finally rotated to face the woman who I was forced to share a bed with, but to my surprise and gratification, she wasn’t lying next to me as I had expected. Which explained the sun shining through the room. She undoubtedly woke up early for once.


With a sigh, I got off the comfortable mattress and sauntered into the bathroom. My bare feet made a padding sound on the wooden floor beneath me and I grimaced at how cold it was.


After completing my morning routine, I made my way into my children’s rooms and knocked on each individual door. I was confused at the lack of reply and opened each door just to come face to face with empty bedrooms.


Where was everyone?


I jogged down the stairs and opened the door to the game room. It was empty. My confusion only grew as I walked through the seemingly quiet house.


It was when I walked through the living room I heard laughter coming from the kitchen, the smell of various breakfast foods wafted through my nose. I was met with the sight of my wife dancing through the kitchen as she cooked what looked to be waffles, Maria hung tightly on her hip as she giggled at her mother’s antics.


My two other children munched on toast and sipped orange juice as they watched the scene unfold, eyes wide in happiness.


I rubbed my eyes feverishly, confused on whether I was still sleep or not.


“Papa! You’re up!”


I felt little arms wrap around my legs and I smiled, lifting my daughter into my arms. “Good morning la mia principessa. Β  I smiled, stroking her pink cheek with my index finger.


“Oh my love, you’re just in time for the breakfast I made, come eat come eat!” Elena jumped out of my arms, allowing her mother to embrace me in an awkward hug, her arms wrapped around my torso and I lightly tapped her head. She stood on her toes and leaned up, placing a kiss on my lips.

For old times’ sake, I kissed her back, much to her satisfaction.


It didn’t feel like it used to. Kissing Sarah felt wrong.


She directed me to the steaming foods on our kitchen table and I sat on the opposite end of her after greeting the rest of my kids.


I decided to bury my dozens of questions, not wanting to ruin whatever this is- for my kids.


“I made waffles, eggs, a fruit platter,Β  fette biscottate and other Italian dishes I have no idea how to pronounce. Oh and smoothies. There’s orange juice too if you’d prefer that.” The woman in front of me clasped her hands together, plastering a huge smile on her face after listing all the foods she had prepared.


Sarah never cooked. I was astonished that she even knew how to.


Last time she attempted to cook anything was just after we got engaged.


“Looks lovely.” I complimented, eyeing the food suspiciously. She was being nice. Too nice, it was almost suspicious. But I brushed off the feeling and plated a few of the delicacies in front of me anyway.


Surely she wouldn’t be poisoning innocent kids.


“Mamma, will we be seeing Gigi today?” Lucas asked, staring at the woman with his chocolate brown eyes.


Sarah dabbed the corner of her mouth with a paper towel, patting away nonexistent food before she answered. “Yes darling, your father and I have plans for today so we’ll be leaving you with her for a few hours, si?”


I looked at her in question but she waved her hand in front of her heavily caked face and mouthed, ‘I’ll tell you later’


Gianna never wore heavy make-up.


Now is not the time. I reminded my subconscious


I instinctively smiled at the thought of seeing her later, she managed to brighten my day without being around me.


I felt like a high-school kid.


With a wife, and kids, and a supposed mistress.


But those were minor details.


Breakfast flew by with minimal chatter between Sarah and I, the kids filled up the silent room with silly questions and random facts they had learned throughout the day.


Everything surprisingly tasted good, I was impressed.


“Are you pleased with the food baby?” she asked, sipping on the orange juice in front of her.


The pet name sounded strange coming from her but I didn’t show it, choosing to ignore her odd behavior for now.


“It was great thanks Sarah.” I smiled tightly.

She nodded proudly and I got up from my seat, excusing the two toddlers who seemed to have been done with breakfast. They scampered out of the kitchen and I lifted Maria from her high chair, aiming to clean the contraption as well as all the baby mush she had managed to get all over her face.


An hour later, the room was fully cleaned.


I strode towards the trashcan, emptying our leftovers into it.


The take-out bag from our favourite breakfast place going completely unnoticed.




“Alright Sarah cut the crap, what’s with the ‘trophy wife’ act.”


I strutted into our walk in closet and leaned against the entry-way. Staring at the woman in front of me, awaiting her answer.


“What do you mean?” she asked, feigning ignorance. Her manicured hands searched through her large amount of clothing, pulling out a dress and lining it against her body. She stared at herself for a few minutes before turning to me. “How do I look?”


I ignored her question and impatiently tapped my foot against the tiled floor. “You’re a bore Alexander, has anyone ever told you that?” she rolled her eyes and slipped the sundress over her slightly curvy figure.


“Answer my question.” I was growing each impatient as each second passed by.


She sighed and walked out of the room and into our bedroom, compelling me to follow her.


“Look, I know I haven’t been the best wife or mother for a while now. And I figured I’d try harder for you. I don’t want it to come to the point where you’re looking for validation from other women.”


I already have. I mused, deciding not to voice my thoughts as she continued.


“That’s why I’ve arranged for us to go see Ana again. I figured if anyone could help save our marriage, it would be her.”


I desperately wanted to tell her how nothing could save our failed marriage but decided against it. In the back of my mind, I knew trying with her was the right thing to do for both my image and my family but I tried my hardest to suppress the thoughts.


“Do you really think seeing our marriage counselor will help? It’s don’t nothing for us in the past.”


“I truly do think it will. We could at least try right?” she looked hopeful and I saw genuine excitement flash through her eyes, and something else I couldn’t put my finger on.


I sighed and sat on our bed, placing my head in my hands.


I missed her.


“Alright fine, whatever.”


“What was that?” she asked, strolling towards me with what looked like a hopeful expression on her face.


“I said I’ll do it. We’ll go.”

Sarah squealed in excitement and bounced on her feet in happiness. “Oh thank you mi amor, I promise you won’t regret this.”


I hope not.




I sat on the leather armchair in the living room and watched as my smallest child played with a set of blocks on the floor. Grinning at how adorable she was. My phone alerted me of a new message and I picked it up, hopeful for a text back from Gianna, but still nothing.


I tried not to grow worried but I assumed she overslept.


My wife jogged down the stairs in her white flat shoes and white sundress, her blonde hair held back by an expensive pair of sunglasses to match the look. “Are you ready?” she asked, standing next to me.


“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked, looking toward our other children who just walked in.


Realization spread across her face and her red lips formed into an ‘O’. she glanced at the time on her watch and scowled. “She should’ve been here by now. I’ll call her.”


I nodded in her direction as she dialed Gianna’s number. The phone rang for a few minutes with no answer and she huffed. “I could’ve sworn I told her to be here early last night. She must be hung over.”


I rolled my eyes discretely and refrained from saying anything uncivilized, not wanting to upset her moments before we left.


“I’ll text your sister instead. We have no more time to waste.”


I ignored her words and checked my phone once again, only to be met with a blank screen.


Why hadn’t she answered?


By the time my sister had arrived, I still hadn’t received any texts or calls from the girl and I sighed worriedly.


“Bye my loves!” Sarah knelt down to the kid’s level and placed kisses on all their faces, staining their cheeks with her red lipstick. “We’ll bring back some ice cream for you, yeah?” they nodded happily, forgetting all about the smudged make-up on their skin.


I embraced my sister in a tight hug and thanked her for arriving on such short notice, to which she replied with a wave of her hand. “No need to thank me, I love spending time with mi bebes we’re gonna have so much fun right, angels?” she asked, ruffling their hair.


Sarah turned around and walked through the door without a second glance, totally disregarding my sibling, who snickered at the woman discretely.


“Still the same witch brother. You could do better.”


I smiled at her and said goodbye to my children once more before grabbing my keys and following my wife out the front door.



“I’d say it’s a pleasure to see you both but judging by the circumstances that would be misleading, no?”


Anastasia Jilten was a woman too old to still be working. She belonged on a field in Italy, sipping on fine wines, but instead. She sat in this clammy office all day, mending other people’s problems. But from what I had gathered, she adored it.


Sarah and I sat in the hairs placed in front of the woman and I smirked at her. “It’s always great to see you Ana, no matter the situation.”


“Oh hush, Alex. You know you’re always welcome here.”


I doubt she could say the same about my wife.


“So what brings you here today?”


Before I could get a word out, Sarah spoke. “We’re here to fix our marriage. It’s long overdue.” I nodded curtly and loosened my tie from around my neck.


“Why the sudden need to repair it?” she asked, jotting down notes into her large book.


“Well,” Sarah began, looking at me nervously. I stared back at her in confusion, waiting for her to finish her sentence.


“I’m pregnant.”


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