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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 12_

Alexander’s P.O.V.


I cleared my throat and placed a forkful of pasta into my mouth, the cheese instantly melting in my mouth. The sound of cutlery clashing plates could be heard, echoing off the walls.


This was by far the most awkward dinner I have ever attended, I would make up an excuse to leave, but this my own house.


“So, Gianna.” I heard Sarah start from beside me, I slightly rolled my eyes, already imagining the thoughtless things she wanted to say. I anticipated my wife leaving and hopefully never turning back. But sadly- she decided she wasn’t going to give me a break, and instead torture me even more with her presence.


Our guest swallowed the food she was eating and bit her bottom lip in nervousness.


The sight was almost stimulating.


I shifted my vision back to my wife.


“Any boyfriends around?” she asked, with a wink and a smirk following her question.


Gianna shook her head and smiled coyly, “No, I’m pretty much focused on everything else.” She mumbled, shoving a spoonful of salad into her mouth to avoid speaking more on the topic.


Thankfully Sarah dropped the subject and instead turned to the kids, asking them silly questions to keep them from making a mess.


Before I had the chance to get up, I felt a leg slowly sneak up mine. I shook my head lightly and gripped her calf , gently throwing it back to the ground and hoping no-one caught on to what was happening.


The last thing I needed was my wife throwing her sharp stiletto heels into my eye.


I looked across the table and Gianna smiled seductively, biting into her soft lip one more time. Minute or two passed and I sighed, glad we were in the clear and her little game was over.


Soon enough I realized that I had spoken too soon, except this time she opted higher and I felt her foot lazy drag itself up and down my length, which was now hardened. I shot her a look and she ignored it, rolling her eyes passively and continuing her actions while eating, as if she was used to multitasking in such a way.


I moaned softly, covering it up with a cough and my wife stared at me questioningly. I gave her a small smile and stood up, wiping the corner of my mouth with a serviette. “Excuse me.” I said, making my way out of the room.


I landed up on the balcony, staring at the stunning view of the city lights, trying to calm myself and take deep breaths. I took out a cigar from the front of my pocket and lit it, taking a long drag and puffing out the smoke.


Despite the bad effects smoking had, I found myself doing it to calm down. I felt soothed by the burning feeling that ran through me.


After a few minutes, I put out the cancer stick and popped a piece of gum in my mouth, smiling at the minty flavor’s contrast to the cigar.


The sound of the door opening caught my attention and I didn’t feel the need to turn around, knowing who it was.

“You’re missing out on all the fun Mr. Moritello.” She spoke, leaning against the railing and looking out into the distance.


“You were reckless in there, what if my wife had seen you?” I asked rather brutishly, but she ignored it and instead turned to smile at me.


Her pearly teeth shone in the moonlight and I stared at her, inwardly cursing myself for looking at this young girl in such a sΒ£xual way.


I had never been attracted to woman who weren’t the same age as me. I found them intriguing in their own mature sense. They were old enough to know what they wanted in life and I always found a stable relationship fitting for me. I was a simple man with humble needs.


But I would be a fool to ignore the captivating beauty of the young female Goddess in front of me. I found her more than intriguing, more than just simple. She was a breath of fresh air, to put it lightly. I found myself being more enthralled each time I laid eyes on her.


Gianna was almost as beautiful as Sarah, if not more. Which was understandable due to the age difference.


“You enjoyed it Alex.” She whispered. “I saw how pleased you were.”


Her hands slightly gripped the end of my tie and wrapped it around her manicured fingers, pulling it towards her, me following with it. We stood there face to face to for a minute before she leaned forward and placed feathery kisses on the naked column of my neck.


I tried my best to stop her, not wanting to get caught by anyone, but I couldn’t find the strength within me to do anything other than enjoy the feeling of her teeth slightly nip the skin. I moaned lightly and felt her smile against me, accomplished.


She reached my lips and I held my breath. “See, giving in wasn’t so hard was it Alex?” she whispered.


I nodded my head and gulped, waiting to feel her lips on mine. Wanting-no yearning for the feeling, but it never came.


“Well you’re gonna have to work a little harder for it.” She stated, pulling away completely and letting go of the material that was in between her fingers.


I stood there dumbfounded and stared at the teasing girl surprised. She winked and turned away, swaying her hips from side to side and leaving me shocked.


After I few minutes, I got myself together and opened the door, walking back into the room where everyone was sat, the table now cleaned of food.


The girl winked at me slyly and smirked at my unimpressed expression. She wants to play dirty?


Game on.

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