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Episode 6






Jill Malik P.O.V


Oh god, seeing Amari on the dessert table was too much. She was covered in chocolate and vanilla cake.


“Mommy! Cake!” She squealed happily. Flynn took her from the dessert table and she smeared the frosting all over his face. Oh my goodness!


“What happened…Oh my god!” Ximena stood behind me, shocked.


“I’m so sorry Ximmy.” I apologized. “I’m really sorry for ruining your special day.”


“Ruining?!” She said and laughed. “I’m so happy you’re finally here. And Amari definitely got her cake obsession from me. If I was her, I would do the same honestly.” Ximena chuckled as she said that.


“Is there a bathroom here?” I asked as I took Amari from Flynn. Rodrigo nodded. “Yes, there’s one in the back. Flynn will you show where. He needs to take a bath too, his whole face is covered in frosting.”


Flynn grunted and grabbed a tissue to wipe it off. “Follow me.”


I followed him and gave Amari a bath. Then I ask Flynn to bring clothes for her. I dressed her up and then we went back to the wedding reception.


Many of McCallister and Vasilios family were here.


“Bloody hell, you have child? You never told me about your wife, Mr. Vasilios.” A british guy, with a very colorful outfit said in a thick british accent. He was handsome. Not as handsome as Flynn, but on a scale of one to ten he would be a nine and a half.


“I’m not his wife.” I said to him.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Flynn said and put his arm on my shoulders. “She was…oversea.”


My eyes widened. Girlfriend. He really is out of his mind.


“Ahh, that explains.” The british guy said. He then looked at me and smiled. “I’m sorry, I’m Harvey Martin. I’m your boyfriend’s business partner. Pleasure to meet you Miss—,”


“Malik. Jill Malik. The pleasure is all mine Mr. Martin.” I said smiling at him. Flynn’s grip on my shoulder became tighter. I’m not even his and he acts all possessive.


“You look stunning and so does your daughter.” He looked at Amari. “I should say, she looks a lot like Flynn. How sad that you carried her nine months and she comes out looking like her dad.” He laughed out loud.


“She doesn’t mind Harvey. She loves me a lot, right pudding?”


Pudding. He called me pudding. It brings back memories, I try to forget.


I smiled tightly at him. “Yes, I do. Now, if you will excuse me Harvey. I’ll get some food for my daughter.”


I took Amari from Flynn and walked to the buffet. I was not really hungry, but I just wanted to escape the awkward conversation with Harvey.


And then I don’t understand why Flynn pretended that we were dating. Why did he do that? He could have just told Harvey something, but not that. I’m pretty sure I’ll see Harvey more often, because he is the business partner of Flynn.




I arrived at the apartment late at night. Flynn came with me, because he held Amari the rest of the night. She was sleeping in his arms and even though I told him he could have put her on the couch, he insisted to hold her.


“Put her there.” I opened the bedroom door for Flynn so he could put the sleeping Amari on the bed. I put the blanket on her and quietly exited the room. The room was still pretty empty. Tomorrow I would do some decorating and other stuff.


“Do you want to stay for a drink?” I asked as we entered the kitchen. The apartment was small, just enough for two people. It was beautifully decorated and it was also child-friendly. Just what I needed for Amari. Of course I like the mansion in Jordan better, but for now this should do it. Later on, If I can afford it I’ll buy a bigger apartment or maybe even a house. And then I finally could bring Milan to study in the states.


“Sure, what do you have?” he asked as he settled on the bar stool. “Have I told you that you looked stunning tonight.”


I blushed when he said that. I will probably never get enough of his compliments. “No, but thank you. Uhm there’s coffee. I didn’t do grocery shopping yet.”


“A coffee will do.”


I made coffee for the both of us and when I served it to Flynn, an awkward silence followed. Flynn was the first one to speak. “I’m truly sorry, Jill.” His eyes was filled with remorse as he said that.


“I forgave you.” I told him. “A long time ago. Don’t worry.”


“I just don’t know what else to say then. So much happened today, I met my daughter, you came back. It’s so overwhelming. Why did you decide to come back after all these years?” He stared at his coffee as he asked me that question. His eyebrows were furrowed in a frown.

“Amari is getting bigger. She asked about you. I can’t and I don’t want to keep her away from you. You deserve to know her, Flynn.” I answered softly. “You have done me wrong, not her.”


“Did it ever crossed your mind to start over again?” Flynn looked up at me with hopeful eyes.


I sighed deeply. Have I? Of course. It happened a million times. I wanted to come back to New York, forgive him and be with him. He was all I will ever need. He was my soul mate. I knew it. And the feelings I have for him, i cannot have it for anyone else.


He was always the only one. Since the beginning. Since that time in Milan.


“I don’t know. I thought our love was a fairytale, but fairytales don’t exist.”


“Do it for Amari? We can have our own fairytale. This will be our fairytale.” he said quietly.


“Amari should not be a reason for us to be together. You cheated on me. On our engagement party. You know the saying ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’. That’s not a fairytale. Fairytales has happy endings. We don’t.”


Flynn scoffed. “Seriously? That’s not true. I changed okay. I realized that I lost my most prized possession, the day you left. You just disappeared. I was lost without you, Jill. We will never have a happy ending Jill. This time, I promise you this, that this time no human being will separate us. Only death will do us apart. It’s a promise.”


“I don’t know what to say. We cannot be together. Or at least not right now. You hurt me badly. It took me forever to get over it.” I told him. “It’s not easy to forget what you did to me. You promised me so many things, and you broke all of them. You need to earn my trust back.”


“I’m so sorry.” he apologized. “I’ll do anything so you can trust me again.”


“Can you please stop apologizing? I forgave you already.”


“I don’t know what else to say. I would do anything to get you back. I need you. I made a mistake and I want to fix it.” He paused and then continued, “I want my family back.”

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