Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 4


Jill Malik P.O.V


It was not suppose to happen like this. I was not supposed to meet Flynn in front of a bakery.


Now he was freaking out. I mean what else would I expect? Of course he would freak out. I suddenly appeared back in his life with a daughter.


His daughter.


Our daughter.


I looked at Flynn and he stared back and forth at me and Amari. Amari tugged nervously on my hand. His stares made her nervous.


“She’s my daughter? I mean oh god, she’s so pretty. Did I make that?” His eyes held so much awe as he stared at his babygirl.


I chuckled softly and squatted down so I was at the same eye level as Amari.


“Who’s he, mommy?” she asked as she looked up at Flynn. I caressed her cheek and kissed her on her forehead.


“That’s dad, babygirl. That’s your dad.” I whispered and her little blue eyes widened.


“Dad?” she asked astonished as she still look at me in total shock, her mouth slightly open.


I nodded my head and couldn’t help but laugh inwardly about her facial expression.


“Dad.” She repeated. I stood up and ushered her to Flynn.


“Go say Hi to dad, babygirl.”


Amari seemed hesitant. She looked up at me and then back at Flynn. I mean of course she would. What other kid can say that they met their dad at the bakery shop for the first time?


“Hi,” Flynn squatted down, so he didn’t look like a giant to Amari. “How are you, princess?” I just realized that Flynn was dressed in a tuxedo. Is he going to a wedding?


“Hi,” Amari replied shyly.


“Hi,” Flynn smiled, happy that Amari didn’t burst out in tears.






“Are you both stuck on Hi? What about how are you? Or what do you like?” I rolled my eyes as I said that.


“Yeah, yeah. I’m just happy that I finally hear her voice.” Flynn said, he then looked back at Amari, “How are you, princess?”


“Good, Hungry.” Amari replied, she then looked up at me and tugged on my hand.


“No,” Flynn chuckled softly. “My name is Flynn. But you can call me dad.”

“No, hungry.” Amari poked his nose. “Hungry.”


“No, my name is—,”


“It means that she’s hungry.” I clarified laughing.


“Oh, we will get some food later okay.” Flynn said and Amari nodded her head. He then smiled at her and stood up. “Why?” He asked. “Why did you do this, Jill?”


“You know why.”


“I know you saw the pictures. We could have talk, Jill. You always said that communication is the key.” His voice cracked as he said that. Seems like I wasn’t the only one in pain.


“What was there to talk?” I asked softly, but loud enough for him to hear. “A picture speaks a thousand words and you had five of them!”


He sighed deeply and stayed silent for a while before he spoke again, ” Can you please do something for me?”


“Depends on what it is.” I answered hesitantly.


“Attend Ximena’s wedding today.”


My heart stopped for a split second. Ximena’s wedding? Ximena is getting married? That explained why he is wearing a tuxedo. “What? Ximena is getting married? Tell me she’s getting married to Rodrigo!”


Flynn laughed. “As a matter of fact, yes.”


Oh my god. I cannot believe it! Ximena is getting married today. I remembered that we always talked about marriage and babies. She would be my bridesmaid and I would be hers. We had the ideal wedding pictured in our head, but things didn’t really turn out to be as how we wanted it to be.


Attending her wedding would mean meeting Flynn’s family. And I was not ready for that. I can’t just appear back in their lives after three years. With Amari may I add. I don’t know if they hate me, love me, or whatever the hell Flynn told them about me.


I was just not ready.


“I… I don’t think I can.” I heaved a long sigh and looked at Amari who was jumping impatiently from her left to her right foot.


Flynn touched my hand, but I immediately pulled away.


We were both broken. I could feel it. But I don’t want history to repeat itself. I need to keep my guard up. I can not put him together, while I am still shattered. And I don’t even know if I want to be the one to pick up his pieces.


“Jill, please. I was not the only one suffering when you disappeared. Ximena did too. Probably even worse than me. I don’t want her to suffer for what I’ve done. She doesn’t deserve that, Jill. She does not at all.”


I closed my eyes and my chest tightened. It hurts to think that I have not only broke Flynn, but also Ximena. We were all a bunch of broken pieces. Flynn deserve the pain, totally. But Ximena didn’t. Ximena didn’t deserve everything I’ve put her through. And goodness, I don’t want to know what I’ve put her through.

“What will your family think?” I whispered. “What will they think if I bring Amari? She’s your daughter, yes. But what will they think about me?”


“They know.” Flynn paused for a second and then continued in a croaky voice, “They know what I did. They totally understand why you ran away. You don’t have anything to worry about Jill. Even if you would come back fifty years from now on, they would still accept you with open arms. They love you. And they will love Amari even more.”


“I really want to attend Ximena’s wedding, but—,”


“But what?” Flynn asked. “She misses you Jill. Everyone does. Please, don’t do this for me. I don’t deserve this. But… do it for my sister, your best friend.”


I stayed quiet for a while, thinking about it.


“But I don’t have anything to wear.” I finally said.


A small smile appeared on Flynn’s face. “Thank you, pudding… I mean Jill. I…uhmm will get clothes for both of you. Do you want me to bring you to the venue where the wedding is held?”


I shook my head. “I have a personal driver. Maybe you can tell him the address.”


He nodded. “Okay good. Uhm, I’ll get some cake for Ximena. The wedding starts in…” Flynn glanced at his watch and his eyes widened immediately. “Oh shit!”


“Flynn!” I hissed, pointing at Amari. “Language!”


“Oh sorry, but seriously i’m in deep shit. The wedding starts in thirty five minutes. Oh god! Don’t you worry though. I’ll tell your driver to drive to the boutique where you both can pick something out to wear and then from there on we will drive to the wedding together. Does that sound good?”


I nodded my head. “Yes, that sound very chaotic and we will probably be late for the wedding. But, it’s for Ximena.”


“It’s for Ximena.” Flynn repeated, smiling.

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