Sun. May 12th, 2024

Episode 22


Jill Malik P.O.V


“Happy birthday, Amari!”


I can’t believe that my baby girl is three years old today. She’s growing up so fast.


She looked so beautiful in her pink dress that Aunt Lydia bought for her as a present. She even wore heels. Zhoya and Roger bought those for her. They were so cute, pink heels with fluff in the front. I was so against it in the beginning, but later on I insisted. It’s her birthday after all and I wanted her to feel special.


Zhoya made a three layers red velvet birthday cake with a lot of whip cream. She and Roger decorated their house so Amari could feel extra special today.


Early in the morning Flynn and Milan went out. They are still not back yet and it was already nine. In a half hour we would have breakfast.


I was worried. Both of them were so suspicious this morning. Flynn tried to sneak out of the room, but when he opened the door I immediately woke up.


“We’re home.” I heard from the living room. Amari immediately ran towards them while I followed her. I let out a loud gasp as I saw what was now in the living room. Unicorn balloons, roses, and a whole bunch of designer bags.


I was about to say something when my eyes caught a movement outside. “Is that a—,”


I couldn’t finish my sentence, because of how shocked I was. Completely and utterly shocked. I can’t believe my eyes.


“A pony?” Flynn finished my sentence for me and grinned sheepishly, “Yes, it is. Isn’t she beautiful?” He looked outside the window and stared at the pony in awe. “Her name is rainbow.”


“You…you bought a pony for her?” I stuttered, I was still shocked.


“No, I mean do you want me to buy it for her? I just rented this one for a couple of hours.” He said nonchalantly. As if normal dads would do that for their daughter’s third birthday.


“Oh god, no. And are those Gucci bags?” There were at least fifteen Gucci bags on the floor. And the roses. And balloons. Oh and also the pony.


“Yes, pudding. You will totally like the clothes on her. It’s the from their new collection.”


I let out a deep sigh and shook my head. It’s not like I could do anything about it. “She will be so spoiled. Look, she’s already wearing heels.”


Flynn chuckled and walked over towards me. He planted a kiss on my forehead. “You are a great mommy. Thank you for everything you do for her.”


“It’s my duty. But oh my god, is it really necessary to buy her all these expensive stuff?”


Flynn placed his finger on my lips to silence me. “Shh pudding, let’s go have breakfast. Amari baby girl, let’s eat.”


“But I wanna play with the pony.”

“You can play with the pony later, baby girl.” Flynn said and carried her to the kitchen. Zhoya had already prepared breakfast for us all. Croissants and Toasts.


“I also made scrambled eggs and fried eggs.” She said, “Dig in guys.”


Breakfast was delicious. Zhoya was a really great cook.


We went back to the living room to open the presents. Even Milan got a present from Flynn. He got an Xbox. Amari got clothes, dolls, and an inflatable castle.


“Thanks daddy.” She jumped on Flynn and hugged him tightly, burying her head in the crook of his neck.


I watched them in complete awe. They were so cute and perfect and…oh how I wished I had told Flynn earlier about her. He wouldn’t had to miss her first birthday or her second. And he would be there when she said her first word, which bytheway wasn’t mommy or daddy, but cake. Her first word was cake.




I looked at Milan who was sitting next to me. My handsome little boy. “Yes mi amor?”


“If i’m in High school can I come live with you?”


I nodded my head at him and ruffled his hair. “That’s what I promised you. You will attend High school in America.”


He smiled widely. “Yes!! I’ll see Ariana grande and I’ll marry her!”


Flynn laughed at that. “Ariana grande? She’s way too old for you, bud.”


“No,” He said, shaking his head, “She is twelve. She looks like it.”


“I don’t know how to tell you this.” I said, laughing nervously. “But uhm, she’s already engaged.”


“What?!” Milan’s eyes widened in shock and surprise. “To who?!”


“To some guy. I don’t know his name.”


“Well,” Milan shrugged his shoulders. “That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a chance. A goal has a goalkeeper, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot score.” Milan said, making the whole room laugh. He’s way to smart for his own good.


“Mom,” He said. “Do you know I’m the best defender in the football team? I want to be a professional footballer. I would be the best defender ever and Ariana Grande would love me.”


I laughed. “Well, it doesn’t matter what you want to be in the future. As long as you’re happy.”




Several hours later


“Flynn, oh my god. Slower. Slower… Why did you go faster?! Are you crazy, I was so close!,” I cried out, trying to keep my voice down. It was already late at night and everyone was already asleep.

“Pudding, sshh, you’re making so much noise.” He whisper yelled, placing one hand on my mouth.


“Vasilios!” I cried out silently, removing his hand from my mouth. “Please let me. Pleaaasee…”


“Pretty please?” He asked with a smirk, still not slowing down. Oh god, I was getting so frustrated.


“Yes, yes… Pretty please. I’m tired already and I want to sleep.”


“Fine, I’ll let you win… Just this one time.” he said, as he slowed down his car on the screen.


“Yes, thank you!” I said as my car easily passed his. Moments later it passed the finish line and I jumped on the bed from joy. “Yess! I finally won!”


Flynn who sat down next to me watched me with an amused expression on his face. “Does it feel good to win after fourteen losses?”


I glared at him. “Shut up. You’re such a jerk.”


“What?!” He yelled out offended. “I let you win.”


“After fourteen losses. Yeah.”


He laughed and stood up to put the Xbox back in the right place, which was Milan’s room.


After everyone went to bed, Flynn and I got the Xbox out of Milan’s room to play with it in our own room. It would be so much fun, if I actually knew how to play.


Flynn was just silently laughing at me the whole time instead of teaching me how to play with that goddamn thing.


Flynn came back from Milan’s room and crawled under the covers with me. It was already three in the morning. We only had a couple of hours to sleep.


“Pudding?” He suddenly asked.


I turned around to face him. I couldn’t see him, but I could feel the warmth of his body. “Yes?”


“Do you want to go on another a date?… With me… obviously.”


“Only if you will teach me how to play on the Xbox.”


I heard him laugh. “Sure, totally.”


A smile crept on my face. I don’t think that he could see it since the room was so dark. “Then the answer is yes.”

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