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Episode 21


Jill Malik P.O.V


“I hate you!”


Flynn tried to grab the tablet out of my hand, but it was already too late. Order cancelled.


“Pudding!” he cried out as he tapped furiously on the screen. “What did you do? You were not even supposed to know.”


“I told you already. Amari is turning three not twenty three. You cannot buy a diamond necklace for her that cost over five million. Normal fathers don’t do that.”


“I’m not a normal father.” Flynn put the tablet back on the nightstand and turn around to face me. “I’m a cool father.”


“Yeah right.” I muttered.


“She could have use it for later you know. It could have been an investment. She would own one of the most expensive necklaces and when she goes to kindergarten she can brag about it, oh and she can also say that Jessica Alba wore that necklace to the golden globes.”


“Really, Flynn?” I stared at him, shaking my head. “Those kids only care about toys. No one would be interested in a necklace—,”


“It’s not just a necklace.” Flynn interrupted me. “It’s a $5.8 million necklace.”


“Well they wouldn’t care either. And they wouldn’t even care about Jessica Alba.”


“Then what do you suggest me to give her, mommy?” Flynn asked emphasizing the last word.


“Well, an inflatable castle, toys… I don’t know, but something for a three year old.”


“A bentley.”


I glared at Flynn and he laughed out loud. “I’m kidding. I will buy a grand victorian mansion for her.”


“A what?!”


“Chill, pudding. It’s a playhouse. It will be in the garden. Amari will love it.” Flynn said, stroking my bare upper arm.


“I don’t have a garden.”


“In my garden of course, I mean you will live with me eventually.”


“Flynn.” I grunted and stood up from the bed. “I’ll take a shower.”


“Are you mad?” He asked. “I was just stating the obvious.”


I rolled my eyes and opened the door to the bathroom. “I’m not mad. Just be a normal father.”


“I am a cool father, normal is boring!” I heard him yell out.

“Breakfast was delicious. Thank you Zhoya.” I said as I helped her clean the table.


“Oh it was nothing, I feel so happy that you guys are finally here. I could not make it to Ximena’s wedding.” she said, putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.


For breakfast we had croissant filled with chocolate, tartes, and some sort of buttery pastry with icing sugar. Zhoya made all of it. She was a real kitchen princess.


And of course Amari had to have a piece of red velvet cake that Zhoya made yesterday.


“You can leave the cups there. The maid will come later on today and she will do the rest. Let’s go change before we keep the others waiting.” Zhoya said as she dried her hands on her apron.


I nodded and went back upstairs. The others were in the living room playing a game. Flynn dressed both Amari and Milan while I was busy in the kitchen with Zhoya. I’m really curious to see if he did a great job.


I had already put my dress on the bed. It was a simple blue dress with flower embroidery that reached right above my knee. The perfect outfit for a day at disneyland.


When I came back downstairs everyone was already waiting even Zhoya. “Are you guys ready to go?” Roger asked.


We all nodded our heads and headed outside where the car was waiting for us.


We drove to disneyland and the closer we got the more exciting Milan and Amari got. They actually look pretty good. Flynn did a great job at dressing them up even though Aunt Lydia had to help him here and there.


“We’re going to have so much fun pearl.” Milan said excitedly as he smiled at his baby sister. Amari nodded her head eagerly, her ponytail swinging from left to right, hitting the side of Flynn’s face.


“I wanna see Aladdin.” Amari said, “Do you wanna see Aladdin?”


“But Aladdin is boring.” Milan pouted. “Right dad, it’s boring right?”


“Aladdin is not boring.” Amari said, her voice raising a little. My feisty little girl. I chuckled.


“Peter Pan is better. I love Peter Pan.”


“No!,” Amari yelled, “Wendy is not nice.”


“What do you mean, pearl? Have you ever seen the movie?”


“Okay, okay… We will visit both okay?” Flynn said in a soothing voice.


“I want cake too.”


That was Amari asking.


“You already ate so much cake, babygirl. It’s not good.” I said caressing her chubby cheeks. She gave me the puppy dog eyes. “Mommy..!”


“No, Amari. You will not have anymore cake. Tomorrow it’s your birthday then you can have all the cake you want.”

I stole the billionaire’s heart

Her eyes lit up and she smiled widely at me. “Cake, cake, cake!”


Aunt Lydia sat next to me, laughing at Amari’s facial expression and happiness. “Such a bundle of joy.” She muttered softly.




“I’m hungry, mommy.” Milan whined after we exited the Peter Pan attraction.


“I know a good spot to eat. Let’s go to Annette’s Dinner, they serve the most delicious burgers and milkshakes.” Zhoya said.


We went to Annette’s Dinner, it was such a beautiful place. The kids felt so at ease and it wasn’t so crowded, so we could eat and talk in peace.


“Was it fun today?” I asked Amari and Milan as they took a sip of their milkshake.


“Yes.” they both yelled out in unison.


“I love candy cotton.” Amari said happily.


“Cotton candy.” I corrected her. “What about you Milan?”


“Peter Pan was so fun… And oh when I saw Mickey. He’s even better in real life mom.” Milan’s eyes sparkled from excitement as he said that.


“I like the ice cream.” Flynn said and Roger nodded his head at that. “Yes, the ice cream was so good. It was worth the wait.”


The line for ice cream was so long, they had to wait thirty minutes. Luckily in the end it all paid off.


We talked a little more and then we were ready to go home. It was such a fun day at disneyland. We all had a good time and I got to know Zhoya and Roger better.


When we arrived home, Milan and Amari showered, and then they could watch a movie before going to bed. It took fifteen minutes to choose a movie. Moana it was.


Flynn and I sat on the balcony in our room gazing at the stars and the moon. It was a beautiful night.


“Did you had fun today?” Flynn asked, sitting down next to me.


“A lot of fun.”


“Mmh, me too.” He said. We stayed silent for awhile until he let out a deep tiring sigh.


“What?” I asked as I studied his expressionless face.


“You’re here.” He whispered softly.


“Huh? What?” I was confused.


“I said you’re here.” he repeated.


“Yes, I am.” I furrowed my brows in confusion.

“Well—-,” I didn’t know what to say. The only thing I could do was stare at him, waiting, until he says something else.


“I– You have no idea how much I missed you. How sorry I am. Like, you just have no idea.”


“Of course I do.” I said, “Flynn, I think mine was even worse. I cried for days. I couldn’t get over you. Like ever.”


“No you don’t pudding. You don’t. Do you have the feeling that even though the person is next to you, you are still afraid. Because I do. I’m afraid that I’ll lose you again and that you’ll never come back. I always think about the what if’s. What if you would never come back? I would probably go insane.”


I stayed silent for awhile and sighed deeply. “I’m here to stay, Vasilios. And I know what you feel. I know exactly what you feel. Come here.”


I opened my arms and hugged him tightly.


“Please stay forever.” He mumbled softly.


“As long as you don’t do stupid stuff.”


“Does buying a High top sneaker for Amari count as stupid?” He asked, still hugging me.


“Tell me it’s not the Giuseppe one. Those cost almost five hundred bucks.”


“That’s the one.”



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