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Episode 9


I stole the billionaire’s heart

Jill Malik P.O.V


Anger boiled deep in my system, as hot as lava..


“What the hell was that?!” I yelled out at Flynn once he dragged me out of Victoria’s secret, away from the seething redhead. I know redhead’s were hot tempered, but that girl was on a whole other level of being hot tempered.


We were in the middle of the sidewalk in busy New York City and people who passed us gave us strange looks. “Can you please calm down.” he hushed as he ran his hand through his hair three times, before he fixed his eyes back on me. Deep ocean blue eyes, the kind of eyes that you could get lost in.


“No, no, no!” I stopped in my tracks and he let out a groan.


“We can talk, but just not here.” he hissed, as he held me firmly on my arm and continued to walk.


“We will talk here! I don’t care!” I seethed as I squinted my eyes angrily at him.


He threw his hands in the air out of frustration and snapped: “Fine you want to talk? Let’s talk!”


“What the hell was that inside of Victoria’s secret with that redhead?! Now I’m kicked out of that store thanks to you!” I was infuriated about what happened. I have never been kicked out of a store and then Flynn comes along and manage to do that in less than ten minutes.


After Flynn claimed that I was his girlfriend, redhead started to go crazy. She threw the red corset she had in her hand in my face while calling me all the synonyms of the word bitch. In simple words, she was causing a scene, which led to us being kicked out of the store.


“Will you please calm the f**k down?!” he snapped, and muttered under his breath loud enough for me to hear: “If one hot tempered red head wasn’t enough, karma had give me another one to deal with and you’re not even a redhead.”


My face turned red as I was getting furious at what he just said. This guy really knows how to make me angry.


“What did you just say?!” I snarled giving him a death stare.


“I said calm down! You look like you’re about to explode!”


“I am about to explode, if you’re not telling me now what was going on in there!”


He let out a deep breath. “Do you really want me to say it here? In the middle of the sidewalk?”


“Yes! I don’t think it can get any worse than what had happened in Victoria’s secret.”


What can get any worse than being kicked out of Victoria’s Secret?


“She was the worse one night stand I had and I needed to get rid of her!” After those words left his mouth, all the people that were passing by, stared at us wide eyed.


“You know what?” I massaged my temples as I closed my eyes for a second, this guy is unbelievable. “Let’s go to the coffee shop across the street and talk.”


He smirked. ” Good, I thought you’d never ask.”

“Now, explain.” I said, looking at the hot specimen in front of me. We had just ordered our coffee and settled down in the corner of the coffee shop, away from the bustle. Now that I was sitting across him on eye level I had a better look at his face. He was even more handsome from close up.


“Are you done checking me out?” he asked amused, a smile twitching at the corner of his lips.


“Are you done being cocky?” I retorted.


He chuckled and said: “Always have an answer ready for everything huh?”


“What can I say? Now, let’s talk about what we actually came here for.”


He looked down at his coffee mug and started to talk. “Last night I invited Pamela, the redhead, for a one night stand. She wore her red corset, that her boyfriend bought for her, and I accidentally tore it apart. Needles to say I had to buy her a new one. She persisted that I needed to go with her to buy it or she would cause a scene in my company. And that’s the last thing that I want, I don’t want all my employees to know that their boss is going around tearing girl’s corsets apart. So I decided to go with her.”


He looked up at me, waiting for my response.


“That still didn’t answer my question.”


“What was your question again?” he asked again. I rolled my eyes. Does he suffer from memory loss or something?


“I asked, why did you had to lie to that redhead that i’m your girlfriend?”


“Oh that.” he snickered. “She was the worse one night stand I ever had and her head game was really weak, so no, I don’t want to spend my money on trash..So I needed to get rid of her somehow without offending her.”


My mouth hung with lips slightly parted and my eyes were as wide as they could stretch at what he just said.


I will say it again. This guy is unbelievable.


“You know what, have a wonderful day.” That was all I could say before standing up and leaving the coffee shop without sparing him another glance.




Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


“Sir…Tomorrow you have a meeting with your sister and her business friends from Brazil.” Timon my personal assistant handed me a stack of files as I entered my office.


“Mh, do I have plans tonight Timon?” I asked looking at the 55 year old man in front of me.


He worked for this company for almost fifteen years now and he was also the personal assistant for my dad.


“Yes, with Zoe Clayton. It’s her last night in New York, before she will go back to Russia.”


“Russia?” I asked curious. Isn’t she suppose to go to Brazil?

“Yes, in the latest gossip it says that she is the latest mistress of the Russian minister sir.” Timon said with a straight face, but I could sense that he was uncomfortable telling me that.


“Cancel my plans with her tonight, instead send her flowers.”


“Well sir, she will not be happy with it. You already ditched her on the night of Kat Von D’s party.”


“Do I look like I care? And bytheway I couldn’t help that Hanna was hotter than her. Now go and do what I’ve asked you.”


He nodded his head and walked to the main door, but before he closed the door he turned around and said: “Oh and sir, it was not Hannah you had ditched Zoe for. It was Kelly.”


How the hell did he know who she was and I didn’t? And what’s the difference between Hannah and Kelly? They are all the same. Long hair, big br**sts, and good in bed or in Hannah’s case a bathroom stall.


I sat down on the big chair behind my desk and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I send a quick message to Rodrigo asking if he’s up to go to the club tonight. He immediately responded with yes. I send him the time and place, before shutting off my phone. I looked at the huge stack of papers in front of me. I let out a heavy sigh before I started reading them one by one.


Slowly my mind started to wander to something else. Or not something, but someone.


I sat in the first row at the Milan fashion show, waiting for Zoe to walk the runway. That time Zoe was just a dear friend of mine, nothing else.I was in Milan for a business meeting with my dad. I was in my second year of college and my dad wanted me to gain skills by bringing me to his meetings. I was tapping impatiently with my shoe on the floor, this fashions show was boring.


Then I saw her.


She was stumbling her way to the exit of the building. Her long, wavy brown hair and skin tight peach dress that hugged her curves in all the right places, caught my attention.


I need to know who she is.


I excused myself from the people around me and followed the mysterious girl. I saw her outside sitting on a bench with a bottle of whiskey in her hand.


It was chilly outside, but she seemed unbothered.


I walked closer to her and from close up she was even more prettier. She had pretty blue-green eyes, that were calm and emotionless. I wanted to reach out and touch her lips, full and glossy red even in the fading light of the evening. But I restrained myself from doing it since it would be creepy.


“You know.” she suddenly said, her voice so soft that I could barely hear her. “Haven’t you learned that staring is rude and creepy?”


I chuckled as I sat down next to her. She looked over at me and said: “What is a good looking guy like you doing here outside with me? All the models are inside.”


She was drunk.


I could hear it through the way she talked and the way she smelled. It was a mixture of strawberry and whiskey. For some reasons it was a major turn on.

“What is a pretty girl like you doing here outside, alone and drunk?” I retorted.


I stole the billionaire’s heart

She threw her head back and laughed. “I’m here to forget everything for awhile.” she mumbled after she was done laughing.


“And what do you want to forget?” I asked in a whisper.


“Everything.” She looked at me with her big mischievous blue-green eyes. “And you can help me with that.”


Before I could ask her how, she grabbed me by my tie and kissed me fully on my lips. Her lips tasted like strawberries and whiskey.






“What are you thinking about?!” A voice woke me up from my thoughts. I looked around and saw Rodrigo leaning on the doorframe, smirking at me. “Is it her?”


“Oh shut up, what are you doing here?”


Rodrigo looked confused at me. “Weren’t you the one that called me and asked if we could go clubbing tonight?”


“Isn’t it too–” I looked at my watch and my eyes widened. “Nevermind, let’s go.”


It was already nine at night. I didn’t know It was this late. I looked at the work I had finished and it wasn’t alot. I grabbed my car keys and walked towards Rodrigo.


“Let’s go.” I huffed. “And stop smirking, I know you caught me thinking–”


“Drooling.” he corrected. “Drooling at the thought of her.”


I glared at him. “I wasn’t drooling.”


He laughed loudly. “Of course you will deny that…I know you better than today Flynnie boy, it’s time you tell her.”




“What!” Rodrigo screamed making everyone in the vip section stare at us.


“Shut the hell up!” I hissed. “I mean don’t shut up, but don’t be so f**king loud.”


“I can’t help and bytheway, redhead’s name is not Pamela, It’s Poppy.”


“Poppy?” I asked dumbfounded.


Rodrigo nodded. “Yes it’s Poppy, you’re talking about the girlfriend of Jay Williams right?”


“Yes, but..but…I’m pretty sure she told me her name was Pamela.”


“Oh, then I guess you had sΒ£x with her aunt. Her aunt’s name is Pamela and they look awfully alike.”


“What?!” This time I was the one that screamed. I told Rodrigo about everything that happened at Victoria’s Secret. And now he’s telling me that the redhead I had a one night stand with was not Poppy who I actually thought it was, but it was Pamela her aunt? I need to stop calling girls sweetheart to avoid these kind of situations, dammit!

“Man you’re screwed…I mean Poppy and Pamela look a like, because Pamela is nothing but a plastic. She wants to look like her niece so bad”




I took the whole Martini bottle and gulp it down my throat.


“Hey!” Rodrigo yelled trying to take the Martini bottle out of my hand. “Are you out of your mind? Tomorrow you need to go to office.”


“Fuck that!” I growled. “I had a f**king one night stand with Poppy’s aunt!”


“It’s not the end of the world.” Rodrigo snatched the martini bottle out of my hand and hid it under the table. “You’re mind is messing with you since you saw her.”


“Can I help it?” I groaned. I’m so screwed. How could I not see the difference between Poppy and Pamela. That’s right there’s no difference, except for the fact that Pamela is horrible in bed.


“I said it so many times and I will say it again…Tell her.”


I stared at Rodrigo. “Do you think she will believe me?” I said. “Just like, oh hey I was the guy you had a one night stand with six years ago and I can’t get you out of my mind. Do you know how weird that sound?”


“Not if you take her to dinner?”


“Dinner?” I simpered. “Do you know how hard it was to get her in that coffeeshop to talk? She despise me.”


Rodrigo shook his head as he laughed quietly. “That’s why you should stop being a womanizer. Have you ever thought about why she despise you? Yes, because you’re a f**king manwhore.”


“I really need to clear up my mind.” I took out my phone and Rodrigo looked at me wide eyed. “You’re not doing what I think you’re going to do.”


“It’s her last day here in New York before she will go back to her new lover in Russia. I might as well enjoy while she’s still here.”




Jill Malik P.O.V


I did the final touches on my makeup before I walked out of my room to have breakfast. I smelled the pancakes before my other senses registered their presence. I walked into the kitchen to see Reina frying pancakes in her underwear as she was humming an unfamiliar tune. I snuck up behind her and snagged a piece of Pancake out of the huge stack. I grabbed a plate and retreated with my golden brown pancake towards the syrup. I always wondered how she could make pancakes so perfectly. After slathering the still steaming pancake with liquid sugar, I gingerly cut off a bite and lifted it towards my mouth.


Pure bliss.


“You look cute today.” Reina said as she glanced over at me.


“Thanks, I’m going to a meeting today with Ximena and Claire.” I scooped up another bite to replace the one which was quickly dissolving in my mouth.

“Delicious pancakes.”


“Thanks.” She replied smiling.


After I finished eating my pancakes I grabbed my bag from the counter and walked towards the main door.


“I will see you tonight.” I yelled out at Reina who was still in the kitchen.


“Uhm actually I will have dinner with Luca tonight.” she said biting her lower lip.


“Well have fun.” I said wiggling my eyebrows and giving her a wink.


“Oh, it’s not like that!” she yelled before I closed the door behind me.




“Who are we still waiting for?” I asked, annoyed. We were already twenty minutes in the conference room waiting for one person before we could start the meeting. Ximena was standing in the doorway looking stressed while giving Claire orders. I looked around the table and some of them were already getting impatient.


“How long do we still need to wait?” one of them asked impatiently as he looked at his rolex watch. “The meeting was suppose to start twenty minute ago.”


I was about to stand up and ask Ximena what is happening when suddenly a pissed off Flynn stepped in the conference room.


His hair was messy, his eyes bloodshot red, but he still look as handsome as ever. He sat down on the vacant chair and my eyes widened.


All this time we were waiting for him?

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