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Episode 3


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


“And that’s why I decided to move back to New York!” I announced at the dinner table.


My mom had made steak, that was a little bit overcooked and mac and cheese, that didn’t taste like mac and cheese at all. We didn’t complain, because this was her first attempt of cooking in probably twenty years. Usually we had a cook, but today she called in sick.


My parents were devastated when I told them about Bree Paloma, that little bitch. For nine months she lied to me that the baby she carried was mine. I didn’t believe her in the beginning, because we didn’t do any rough stuff and I was using a condom.


Somehow Bree convinced me that the condom broke and that I was the only one she had sΒ£x with that time. I was forced to live in Greece with her for nine months, since I’m a CEO and the baby she was carrying would be the heir of my company. It would not be a good image if I would be in New York and my pregnant girlfriend in Greece.


There’s no words to describe how furious I was when I did a paternity test to see if the baby was mine. Turns out it wasn’t! That little bitch had sΒ£x with four other men that time and she didn’t really know to which one the baby belong. I was the only billionaire among those four, that’s why she chose me as the father.


“Why? Why can’t you stay in Greece?” Ximena asked appalled. I looked at her, she looked pale after I announced the news of me moving back.


“Well–,” I said. “The headquarters of my company are here and I don’t want to see Bree anymore for the rest of my life.”


“No!” she shouted panicky and then shut up abruptly when everyone was staring at her.


“Ximena dear, is something wrong? My mom asked as she put her fork down to walk over to Ximena. “I’m fine, I’m fine!” she yelled and stood up and mumbled a excuse me before she disappeared upstairs to her room.


I just shrugged. Must be her time of the month again.


The next morning I was having breakfast when I saw Ximena rushing down the stairs to go to work. She wore a awful black conservative dress, that made her look like a nun.


“Is that the new style?” I noticed when she came to the kitchen to grab a banana. She just glared at me and snarled, “Oh please, shut up! What do you know about style, when the only style you care about are thongs and corsets!”


I was taken- aback by her sudden outburst. Why is she mad at me? I haven’t done anything. And thongs and corsets? I prefer my girls naked.


When It was lunch time for Ximena, I decided to pay her a visit and apologize for whatever I did to her. Usually I don’t apologize to girls, but she’s my sister and I might need her help somewhere in the near future.


I parked my bugatti veyron next to Ximena’s white bentley and walked inside the building. In my right hand I had the keys of my car around my index finger and in my left hand I carried a bag with ten pieces of omakase from Ximena’s favorite sushi place in New York, Sushi yasuda.


“Good morning Mr. Vasilios.” Claire chirped as I walked passed her, ignoring her whole presence. Claire is not the kind of girl I want to associate myself with. First of all she’s not my type and secondly she tried way to hard to get my attention. Who the hell wears red bright lipstick with blue eyeshadow to work? I’m surprised that Ximena didn’t fire her yet, but then again my sister is way too nice.

I walked into Ximena’s office without knocking and I was shocked to see her there again. They both looked up at me, Ximena’s eyes all red and swollen and she was glaring angrily at me.


I knew who she was. I’d met her six years ago and we did some pretty dirty stuff. Fun thing, she can’t remember me, at all. The only reason I went to Ximena’s graduation was to see her and see if she still remembered me. Sadly, she didn’t. I can still remember the moaning, the panting, and the way she was begging, god she tasted so good.


“Fuck.” I cursed softly when I felt my little boy getting a little too excited in my pants by the thought of her. “What are you doing here?” I heard the angry voice of Ximena that woke me up from my reverie.


I smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry for whatever reason you’re mad at me, but I brought you sushi.” I walked over to her desk and handed her the sushi. “Now, will you tell me why you’re mad at me?” I than looked at her friend, whose name I can’t remember, but I know exactly what’s hidden under all those clothes. A ravishing body, that can turn any sane man psycho.


“Don’t you have work to do?” I asked quirking an eyebrow. She rolled her eyes and let out a disapproving sound.


So unprofessional.




Jill Malik P.O.V


Ximena and Flynn are total opposites of each other. While Ximena is caring and loving, Flynn is arrogant and rude. “If you need anything, I’ll be in my office.” I said to her as I shot a glare at Flynn before walking out of Ximena’s office. I still had tons of work to do. Ximena has a new eyeshadow palette that will be launched in two months and it still needed a name. Until now I can’t come up with a suitable name. The eyeshadow palette she will launch will have mostly dark colours and it’s suppose to radiate confidence.


While I was busy thinking and writing down possible name ideas, someone slowly opened my door. I looked up and saw it was Ximena. She looked much better now than she did in the morning.


“Hey.” she said as she walked towards my desk. “Can I ask you for a favor?”


I rose up an eyebrow. “Sure.” I said, putting my pencil down.


“So, tonight it’s Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick launch and she invited me, sadly I can’t make it, because Blake ask me to go on a date with him, so would you please be kind enough to fill in my place?” she looked at me with puppy dog eyes.


I bit my under lip. I don’t like to attend launches hosted by Kat Von D, because it’s all so fancy and filled with celebrities and billionaires.


“I-I don’t know, can’t you send Claire?”


Ximena’s eyes widened when I mentioned Claire’s name.


“Oh goodness, no, have you seen her? Her makeup is terrifying and horrible. No honey, no, please Jill, for once?” she pleaded.


I let out a heavy sigh. “Just because you’re such a nice boss to me, where and when?”

Ximena’s eyes lit up. “Thank you, thank you so much! You’re a doll” she squealed happily.


“Here.” she handed me a gold brown manila envelope. “This is the invitation card, you should bring this with you, the address and time is also written in it.”


I took the envelope and opened it. GoldBar, 389 Broome St, New York, NY 10013. 8:00 PM.


“Wow her launch will be held in a nightclub?” I asked surprised.


Ximena nodded her head. “Yes, but a really fancy one. I bet Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid will be there.”


“Dammit, now I have to look for a dress for tonight.” I mumbled putting the invitation card back in the envelope.


“Don’t worry, I will send my personal stylist to your apartment at six, he will bring some clothes and shoes for you.” Ximena said excitedly. “Thank you once again Jill.” Ximena walked around my desk and hugged me tightly. “Blake and I will love you forever, oh and did I tell you he will bring me to Paris tonight?”


I chuckled and shook my head. Despite how much I love Ximena, she get’s way to spoiled by Blake. Who goes on a date all the way to Paris? Blake and Ximena of course.




I let out a frustrated groan. I had to leave in an hour to Kat Von D’s launch party and I was still sitting in my peignoir in front of my Vanity table. Reina on the other hand was in heaven.


“Ah, sparkles, glitter…This is heaven!” Reina sighed dreamily as she hugged a red sparkly dress.


Chase, Ximena’s stylist, gave her a weird look. He came an hour ago with a bunch of clothes, shoes, and makeup. He asked me what I wanted to wear. I scanned the dresses and nothing was close to what I had in mind. They were all either too revealing, too sparkly or too short.


“Have you already made your choice?” Chase asked as he looked wearily around.


“Do you have any suggestions?” I asked for the nth time.


He sighed heavily. “The black one perhaps?” he suggested.


“Goodness no, that dress looks hideous. It has so many feathers, people will think I’m a peacock.”


“The blue one is als—,”


“I made up my mind, I will wear Elie Saab.”


“That was my first suggestion.” Chase said, as he picked a black sparkly dress from my bed.


“Well Chase, It’s not that I have any other choice. The other dresses are just not my style.” I slipped on the dress and it fitted me like a glove. It was a sparkly black lace mermaid dress with a slit and a deep cleavage in the front. It hugged my hips firmly that I’m so afraid to sit down in case it would tear apart.

“Chase, it’s really tight around my hips.”


“Don’t worry, It will not tear apart if that’s what you’re afraid of.”


“It better not.”


“Now go sit down, I still need to do your hair and makeup.” He pulled my hair out of my ponytail and started to brush it out.




“Stunning. Beautiful. Magnificent!” Chase hushed as he spun me around.


“Holy mama!” Reina squealed. “You’re going to take the spotlight from Kat Von D herself.”


I laughed. “I don’t think so, but thanks for the compliments.” I walked to the life size mirror in the corner of my room and couldn’t help but let out a gasp when I saw my reflection. My hair was half up and half down. Chase curled the bottom parts of my hair that hung flowy on my shoulders. My makeup was done stunning. He managed to make my short eyelashes twice longer than it actually is.


“Now it’s time for these shiny babies.” I turned around to see what Chase meant with ‘shiny babies.’


“Hell no!” I called out looking at a pair of sparkly five inch heels.


“You don’t have a choice.” Reina said in a matter of fact tone. “If you don’t wear it, you will trip on your dress.”


I rather trip on my dress barefooted than in a pair of five inch heels. “No, guys please.”


“No,no,no, I will not let you wear that beautiful gown of Elie Saab with flats honey. I don’t want to degrade my friend like that.” Chase shook his head.


I glared at him.


“Time is not waiting for you Jill.” he said looking at his rolex and tapping impatiently with his shoes on my carpet.


“Give me those goddamn shoes.”


Chase smirked and threw the shoes at me. He and Reina then went out of my room. I slip the shoes on, grabbed my purse, and walked to the living room were Chase and Reina were now waiting for me.


“You look like a model bestfriend!” Reina squealed excitedly when I entered the living room. “Go get you a man boo!”


“Reina I’m going to a launch party not a club.”


“I don’t care, go get yourself a sugar daddy! I heard Kat Von D has a lot of billionaire friends”


“Well that’s true, but honey I’m just going for the launch of her lipsticks not for her friends.”


“Ladies you can chitchat later, Jill you’re already five minutes late to the party!” Chase said, interrupting the conversation me and Reina had.


“It’s called fashionably late, Chase!” Reina said sassily.

“Well,” Chase replied in the same sassy tone, “I don’t want Jill to be fashionably kicked out after I’ve spend two hours on her look..So Jill, are you ready?”


I rolled my eyes. “Yes Chase, bye Reina.” I said before closing the door behind me.


When we were already in the elevator I remembered that I forgot my car keys on my nightstand. “Shit!” I looked at Chase. “I forgot my car keys.”


“Don’t worry, Ximena send her personal driver to pick you up and drop you off.”


“That’s really considerate of her.”


“Yes, she figured out it wouldn’t be safe if you would drive alone late at night.” I love Ximena. She remembered that I didn’t like to drive late at night.


“Shall we?” Chase extended his hand to me and I took it. We walked together through the lobby, here and there women were looking viciously at me and men were staring at me agape.


“You’re not even at the party yet and you made the men here insane and the women angry.” Chase whispered chuckling in my ear. “Oh shut up Chase, good thing you’re gay huh?”


He laughed softly. “Good thing I’m gay baby.”


When we came outside a white range rover was waiting for us.


“Hello Baxter, you sweet delicate thing.” Chase greeted the driver who was holding the door open for me.


“Hey Chase, nice to see you man!” Baxter said and his eyes shifted to me. “Good evening Miss Malik.”


“Good evening Baxter.” I replied smiling.


I stepped in the car and saw that Chase is not coming with me.


“Chase aren’t you coming?” I asked before Baxter closed the door.


“Honey no, I have a dinner date with my boyfriend, oh and bytheway if someone ask who your stylist was for tonight, tell them it’s Chase Capris.”


I nodded before Baxter closed the door.


Everyone is going on dates and here I am going to a lipstick launch party.

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