Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Episode 40


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


When I kissed Sera I tasted something like rotten fruit. It was wrong. It was f**ked up. I hated every single cell in my brains for it. But I can’t change what’s done.


Now I am going to lose the most precious person in my life. I know she is going to find out, sooner or later. And I know that the best thing to do is to tell her the truth.


But I can’t.


I can’t tell her. I can’t see her crying. I can’t see her in pain. I can’t see her walk away from me. It was a moment of weakness and I hate and regret it so much, but I know that there’s no denying in it.


I cheated on her.


Even though it was just a kiss.


And I know that Jill wouldn’t hesitate to pack her stuff and leave. How much could she possibly take? After everything she went through with me, it’s easy for her to leave but she decided to stay. And here I am, creating ways for her to leave me.


I focused my attention back on my laptop. I had a meeting in twenty minutes and I still haven’t made a powerpoint presentation yet. My pudding was at home with Ximena, doing wedding stuff. The wedding is tomorrow and I have never felt so miserable and happy at the same time.


Today her dress arrived, I haven’t seen it yet. She didn’t like the previous dress, so she ordered a new one. Part of me is excited to see it and part of me is hurting because I’m keeping a huge secret from her.


I know it’s stupid and dumb from me for not telling her the truth. But what if she never knows it. What if I can just forget about it and move on? Sera wouldn’t open her mouth, because Quinn is treating her like a queen. There’s no way she would tell a soul about what had happened at the party.


I got myself in a mess and I can’t even get out of it.


I let out a huge sigh. Tomorrow she’s going to be Mrs. Vasilios, but only god knows for how long.


I know I’m going to lose her. It may be tomorrow or in twenty years. The moment she knows about the kiss, is the moment she will leave me.


They always say that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. But I know what I had. I know that she is not replaceable. She brought the good out in me.


The pain I’m feeling in my chest right now is not bad compared to the pain Jill will go through when she knows the truth.


I screwed up. And this time it is real.




Jill Malik P.O.V


I was so stressed. The wedding is tomorrow at the Bourne mansion. The past few weeks Flynn and I looked at some venues with our wedding planner and we immediately fell in love with the Bourne mansion.


It was so beautiful with panoramic views and manicured gardens. We could definitely make some amazing pictures there.

I rarely saw Flynn the past few weeks due so much wedding preparations. The food had to be tasted, the invitations had to be sent out, and the cake had to be ordered. It was crazy.


The only time Flynn and I saw each other was when it was time to go to bed and most of the time we didn’t had time to talk. I know something was bothering him, because he was really quiet and distant.


Maybe he’s just nervous for the wedding like I am. It’s all going so fast and in twenty four hour I’m going to be Mrs. Vasilios. This morning I wrote a letter for him, that I will give him before the wedding. Just a little appreciation letter.


Ximena left the mansion earlier, she was with me all day. She helped me with the dress and the letter. She was so excited and she cried when I asked if she wanted to be my maid of honor.


My aunt and Milan went back to Barcelona after the engagement party, but they will come back tomorrow morning. Reina and Luca are also going to come tomorrow.


I put on my bathrobe and walked into the kitchen to see if my lasagna was ready. The last time I made lasagna it burned.


I put the lasagna on the table and looked at the time. Flynn should be home in an hour or two. He had a meeting today, again. I sighed and was about to walk back upstairs when I heard the doorbell.


I looked back at the clock. It was eight at night, who could it be? There are no guards today, because Flynn and I gave them a day off.


Maybe it was Ximena, did she forgot something?


I opened the door and there was no one outside. Instead I saw a beautiful bouquet with roses.


An early wedding gift was written in cursive on the envelope that was sticking out.


I looked around to see who brought it, but there was no one. There was also no name on the envelope. From who could this possibly be?

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