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Episode 34


Jill Malik P.O.V


“No, that tree is huge ! Do you really want that big of a christmas tree?” I eyed the humongous christmas tree that Flynn was planning to buy. No scratch that, he already got his credit card out. He looked at me and grinned. “The bigger, the better pudding. You know it.”


I rolled my eyes and shook my head. He said the same thing about the turkey, the presents, and the chandelier for the dining room. This year we decided we would organize the family christmas dinner and so far it went pretty great, except for the fact that Flynn only want to purchase stuff that are way too big and expensive. I don’t mind, he has the money, but he could donate that to charity or the soup kitchen. I think I should bring that up tonight, at least the money will go towards a good cause.


The past five months were a bliss and it almost seemed so surreal. I still can’t believe our relationship is actually working and that Flynn totally changed from womanizer to amazing boyfriend. Of course we had our occasional couple fights -the biggest one was the one about Zoe-, but that only made our relationship stronger. He had a hard time with the whole communication thing, because if it wasn’t of Rodrigo Flynn wouldn’t have told me about Zoe showing up in his office. Luckily he learned from his past mistakes and that the only way this relationship will work is when he communicate with me so there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings between us.


Reina and I didn’t live together anymore. Last month we sold the apartment to a newly-wed couple. Reina moved in with Luca in his condo in New York, but currently she’s in Italy. The house in Italy needed to be cleaned and ready for when they will move in. And that will be after Christmas. They wanted to spend Christmas in the states, with us.


“Do we need to buy groceries?” Flynn asked as we walked back to the car. I tightened my shawl around my neck and rubbed my hands together. My ears were frozen, because I wasn’t wearing my earwarmers. I gave the huge christmas tree one last glance, before it was loaded on the truck. It will be delivered in the evening at the mansion.


“No, we’re having the catering remember?” I reminded him about the dinner of tomorrow night. I decided to hire a catering for the dinner tomorrow, because my cooking skills aren’t that great yet.


“I didn’t mean for dinner, but for tomorrow’s breakfast.” he said clarifying.


“Oh no, it’s alright. There’s stuff in the fridge we can make breakfast with.” I said, stepping in the car.


Flynn started the engine of his bugatti and we drove back home. It was heavily snowing in New York and everywhere you go there were people doing last minute christmas shopping. Good thing, I did mine two weeks in advance.


We arrived back at the mansion and the lights were already on. Yesterday Flynn and I decorated the outside of the mansion with christmas lights and this morning the gardener decorated the garden and the garage. It turned out very beautiful.


“I’m going to my office, I’ll see you at dinner.” Flynn said after he had unloaded everything out of the car. He removed a strand of hair from my face and kissed me on my forehead sending shivers down my spine. It always happens when he kisses my forehead.


“Okay, what do you want for dinner?” I asked, letting go of his upper arm.


“Whatever you feel like making, pudding.” He answered smiling and walked upstairs to his office. He had his own office at home for when he couldn’t make it to the office of his company.

I walked into the kitchen to see what there was in the fridge. I only moved in here two weeks ago and I literally know where everything is placed. When I moved in here for the first time and I asked Flynn where the plates were, he just stared at me and shrugged. “Don’t know.” He said and looked around helplessly. It took us a good ten minutes to find out where the plates were.


I opened the cupboard and found lasagna noodles. Mmh, maybe lasagna does sound good for tonight. I got the ground beef out of the freezer that I bought yesterday and started to prepare dinner with the help of youtube and a cookbook I found in the library of Flynn’s yacht.


I placed the lasagna in the oven when the doorbell ringed. I wiped my hand on a table cloth and hurried to open the front door. When I opened the door there was the truck with our huge christmas tree. I guess the gardener let them in.


“Ma’am, can you please sign this?” The driver came up to me with his accomplices and handed me a cheque to sign. I signed it quickly and gave him back. I read his name tag and it said Rob. He did look like a Rob. Bulky, a lot of muscles, and facial hair.


“You guys are going to place it inside, right?” I asked, eyeing the huge christmas tree that will probably take most of the space in the living room.


“Yes.” he answered kindly and motioned towards two other bulky looking guys. “They are here to help me. You can just continue what you were doing, we will make sure that the Christmas tree will be perfectly setup for you.”


“That’s great, If you need anything I’ll be in the kitchen.” I said and walked back into the kitchen to check on my lasagna.


I was about to open the oven when my phone beeped on the counter. I grabbed it and checked who messaged me.


Do I need to bring salad tomorrow? – Reina


No, I just need yours and Luca’s presence.


I haven’t seen Reina in almost a month. Since the day we sold the apartment. The past few weeks we both were so busy with moving our stuff. Me to Flynn’s mansion and she to Italy.


Someone cleared their throat behind me and I turned around, startled. I let out a breath of relieve when I saw it was just Flynn.


“Yes? Are you done with work?” I asked as I made my way towards him and kissed him on his lips. For some reasons, I couldn’t stop kissing him on his lips. It was like a kind of addiction.


“Yeah, I just came downstairs to see where all the noise came from.” He said, placing his hands on my shoulder. “The christmas tree arrived. Do you like it?”


“It’s big, but It will be pretty if we decorate it.” I said, joyfully.


“Do you want to do it tonight?” He asked, his eyes sparkling as he heard the happiness in my voice. We walked to the living room to see how the men were doing.


“Yes, that would be great.”


When we stepped in the living room I let out a gasp as I saw how many stuff they had to move to place the tree.

“I’m sorry.” One of the bulky men with red hair apologized. “We had to move some furniture.”


“It’s okay.” I said, looking at the mess they made. I think I will have to call the housekeeper tomorrow to help me arrange the living room again. Or maybe Flynn could help me with it too. I didn’t want to bother the housekeeper, because she also had a family she want to spent christmas with.


“The tree is already set up. Have a very nice evening Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios.” The other bulky men with caterpillar eyebrows said and motioned at the others that they were done.


“Thank you, Rob.” Flynn gave the bulky men with the muscles, who I assume is the boss of the other two, a handshake and he escorted them outside. When he came back into the living room he held a huge box in his hands.


“What is that?” I asked curious.


“Decorations for the tree.” He said and placed the box on the table. I walked over to him to see what kind of decorations was in the box. There were all kinds of ornaments, garlands, bears, stars, reindeers, etcetera.


“Did you buy these?” I asked, taking out a beautiful reindeer out of the box.


“No, mom gave this to us.”


Flynn’s mom was so nice. When I moved in with Flynn she gave us so many stuff for the house. Luckily she did, because most part of the house was empty and the curtains in the living room didn’t match the furniture.


Flynn stood up to turn on the radio and put the heater on high. Outside it was snowing heavily and even with the heater so high, it was still a little chilly inside.


The voice of Bruno Mars filled the room. Versace on the floor was playing on the radio and I remembered how I used to jam on this song in the bathroom. It was my favorite song. Reina always yelled at me that she was sick of hearing this song.


🎢Let’s take our time tonight, girl

Above us all the stars are watchin’ 🎢


I started to softly sing along as I got the decorations out of the box. I was so excited to start decorating the tree.


🎢 There’s no place I’d rather be in this world

Your eyes are where I’m lost in🎢


I didn’t realize Flynn was watching me intently all the time until I felt his warm breath fanning my neck.


“I didn’t know you were a singer.” He whispered, kissing my shoulders.


“Bathroom singer.” I chuckled and turned around to place a garland around his neck. His pretty blue eyes shone so brightly under the light of the chandelier in the living room.


🎢 So, baby, let’s just turn down the lights and close the door

Ooh, I love that dress, but you won’t need it anymore 🎢


We rocked back and forth as he kept looking in my eyes while I was softly singing along. He knew that his eyes were my weakness. He just had to stare at me intently and I would immediately give in to him.

Let’s just kiss til we’re naked, babyN

Flynn licked his lips as I sang that part and smirked. “Im so ready pudding.”

“It’s just a song Vasilios.” I replied and laughed as I felt his grip on my waist tighten.

“A song with a very very naughty meaning.”

His hand traveled dowm towards my butt and he gently squeezed it. A typical

Vasilios thing to do. His dad was the same. He always secretly squeezed his mom’s

bum and in return she gave him a scowl.

NVersace on the floor

Ooh, take it offor me, for me, for me, for me no, girl J

“You don’t wear versace, but I would mind seeing tommy hilfiger on the floor.” he

said teasingly, referring to my tommy hilfiger shirt.

I laughed loudly and placed my head on his shoulder as we danced on the rhythm

of the song. It felt so good to be like this. The warmth ofhis body and his aftershave

got me lost in the moment.

And at this moment I realized how much I actually love him.

How much I had missed this.him in the past six years.

It’s scary how much I love him yet my love for him would never fade out. Instead

every day it grows and becomes stronger.

He’s my soulmate.

And maybe we haven’t met in a fairy tale kind of way, but then again this is real life

and in real life you have to create your own fairy tale.

I felt a soft kiss pressed on top of my head and I instantly melted.

He sure knows how to bring me to cloud nine and back.

Suddenly a burning smell filled the living room, followed by the sound of the

screeching fire alarm.

My eyes grew wide and a bunch of curse words left my mouth.

I instantly let go of Flynn and ran to the kitchen. Black smoke came out of the oven.

Shit. Shit. I totally forgot the lasagna!

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