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Episode 29


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


“Legos, I want Legos!” Milan cried as he stomped angrily on the carpeted floor of my office. I groaned inwardly as I watch his tantrum with a tiring expression on my face. First he wanted ice cream, while I was in a meeting. I had to send my PA to get him some, so he would shut up. Then he wanted my phone so he could watch YouTube videos. I handed him my phone, so I could concentrate on my work. When my phone battery died, he wanted a puppy. Where the f**k would I get a puppy from? To stop him from whining I send him to the shelter with my PA. Now he’s back and he wanted Legos.


I didn’t know babysitting would get this tiring. When Jill asked me if I could look after Milan for a couple of hours while she and her aunt could have some girl’s time, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Around Jill the word no just didn’t exist. I would do anything for my pudding.


Milan stopped crying for a second and looked at me with his big dark brown eyes. His lips quivered and then he burst out crying again. He sat down on the floor and cried louder. Oh god! I’ll get crazy at the end of this day. “Ok fine, stop crying!” I sighed loudly, scratching the back of my head. “How many Legos do you want?”


He stopped crying and a small smile appeared on his face. “Fifty!” he cheered happily. “Fifty?” I questioned. “That’s too much.”


“No!” he yelled. “That’s like five.”


I shook my head and laughed. “No bud, fifty is fifty. Five is five.”


“I want fifty!” he said stubbornly.








“Fifty!” his lips quivered and I knew he was about to burst out into tears. I was already tired of his tantrums and I felt a headache coming up. If he cries again, I’ll lose my shit.


“Okay fine. Fifty!” I grunted, grabbing my phone from the charger to dial my friend who worked at a well-known toy store.


“Yayy!” Milan smiled wide like a cashmere cat and clapped his hands happily. The feeling that welled up in the pit of my stomach when I saw him happy was foreign yet it felt good. Seeing him happy completed me.


Being with him felt like I was with a part of Jill.


“Hey man! What can I do for you?” Dillon answered the phone. I could hear a hint of surprise in his voice. It’s not everyday that I’m calling him.


“Can you send fifty Lego boxes to my mansion please?”


“Fifty!” I heard him exclaim.


“Yes, fifty.”


“What are you going to do? Build a Lego house for you and Jill?” he teased.


“How the f**k do you know about Jill?” I asked flabbergasted. I haven’t seen him in months and he knows about my relationship status? I don’t even know what his position is at the store he works for.

“I have my sources, anyway what is the address of your mansion?”


“You f**king stalker.” I grumbled, making him laugh out loud. I gave him my address and he promised it would be there before the evening. I put my phone down and looked at Milan who was now sleeping peacefully on the floor. I guess tantrums are tiring. Hell, it even made me tired and I wasn’t even the one who was throwing them.


When he’s asleep he’s so sweet and peaceful. Finally, silence.


I walked over to him and carried him to the sofa in the corner of my office. I gently put him on the sofa and placed my jacket over his tiny body.


I turned around and was about to pour myself a drink when my office door slammed open. I glared at the person who was standing there and then back at Milan. Thank god, he was still asleep. If he had woke up, I would have personally strangle the person.


“What the f**k?!” I hissed at Rodrigo, who knitted his eyebrows in confusion when he saw the little boy on the sofa.


“Is that Milan?” He exclaimed, his eyes turning wide as he looked at the little boy with thick lustrous jet black hair. I can already see that he will break girls hearts when he becomes older.


“Can you be f**king quiet?” I whisper-yelled, glancing to see if Milan heard him. But he was still asleep peacefully.


“Ah you’re babysitting.” He grinned and grabbed a chair and sat in front of my desk. “I never saw you as a daddy type.”


My face scrunched in disgust. “Don’t call me that.”


“What? Daddy?” Rodrigo smirked. “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”


I glared at him. “Shut the f**k up. So immature.”


“You call me immature?” he laughed. “It’s normal. You’re the one that use daddy in a— how do you say it. Kinky way?”


“Let me be, okay.” I grumbled as I sat down on my chair.


“If you have kids, how do you want them to call you?”


“Father or dad. And not daddy.”


Rodrigo let out a mocking laugh. “Father. As in the name of the father, th—,”


“Can you please, shut the f**k up?!” I hissed irritated. “I already had one hell of a morning, don’t make it worse.”


“Was he giving you a hard time?”


I sighed tiredly. “You don’t want to know. I even brought him to a meeting.”


“What!” Rodrigo jaw fell open. He always knew that I didn’t like kids in meetings. I hated when investors or associates brought their kids, because it was their day to babysit. And now I was the one who brought one. “You brought him to— oh my god. Why didn’t you tell Jill you had a meeting. I’m pretty sure she would have found someone else to babysit him.”


“I can’t say no to her. She was looking at me with her big blue-green eyes and I just couldn’t say no. And then I probably think that she wants me to spend time with Milan, so I get to know him better.”

“You’re so whipped man.” Rodrigo chuckled. “Have you already told her?”


The smile on my face disappeared when he asked me that. Why did he always have to remind me about it?


“Oh god, you didn’t!” Rodrigo’s eyes widened in shock. “Fuck, when the hell will you tell her?”


“I don’t know. I just want to find a perfect time to tell her and—”


“There is no such thing as perfect time.” Rodrigo interrupted. “You are the one that’s supposed to make it perfect, you d**khead.”


“Will you stop calling me names?” I glared at him, but he stayed unfazed.


“You are a d**khead.”


“I’ll ask her if she wants to go on the yacht this weekend and I’ll tell her. This time for real.” I said firmly.


“Oh really? Document it please so I can see it, because I’m pretty sure something will interrupt the talk.” Rodrigo air quoted interrupt.


I gave him a dirty look and he chuckled. “Man, I don’t care how the f**k you tell her. The point is you should tell her.”


I huffed and my eyes shifted at Milan on the sofa. He was still sleeping.


“Do you want a martini?” I asked, standing up to grab the martini bottle from the top shelf in my office. “I see you spent a lot of time with my sister.”


“Your sister is a mess.” I heard him sigh.


“How so?” I asked, while pouring martini in two glasses. I know she was a mess. All the makeup didn’t cover up her puffy eyes, red nose, and dark circles. But I know she would get over it, she’s a strong woman after all.


“Last night she called me up crying after she woke up from a nightmare. It was one in the morning and she wanted pizza.”


“And?” I handed him the glass with martini and he took a big gulp of it.


“I went to her house with a goddamn pizza ofcourse. I couldn’t leave her alone.” he put the glass down and scratched his head. “After that we watched A walk to remember. And she cried again, while eating pizza.”


“Interesting.” I remarked, smiling.


“Why are you so chill about it? It’s your sister we’re talking about.”


“She’ll get over it. And bytheway she only listens to you.”


“Really?” Rodrigo asked astonished.


“She could have called anyone, why do you think she chose you?”


“Because I’m her… friend.”


I chuckled, he’s so blind or maybe he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. It’s either one. Well, he has to figure it out himself.


“Yeah, friend.” I air quoted the word friend.

He cursed underneath his breath. “Now, who’s the immature one?”


“That was not immature, I was just stating facts.”


I heard soft yawning and my eyes immediately went to the sofa. Milan’s eyes fluttered open and he stretched his hands. His eyes found me and then Rodrigo.


“Legos?” he asked in a groggy voice as he stood up and drunkenly walked towards us. His eyes were still sleepy and I knew he wasn’t fully awake yet. I walked towards him and lifted him up. He put his head on my shoulder and yawned again. “Legos?” I heard against my ear.


“They are at home. After dinner you can play with all the legos.” I said, stroking his back softly. Rodrigo watched me with an amused expression on his face. I went back to sit on my chair and put Milan on my lap. He looked at Rodrigo and then at me.


“Who are you?” he asked Rodrigo. Rodrigo smiled at him and sticked his hand out. “Hey bud, I’m Rodrigo. But you can call me Rod, only cool people can call me Rod.”


“I don’t like Rod. Can I call you GoGo?” Milan asked sweetly. I choked back a laugh while Rodrigo was cursing underneath his breath.


“GoGo is—” Rodrigo said, but I interrupted him.


“Is fine. You can call him GoGo. He loves that name.” I said smirking and then looked at Rodrigo who was glaring daggers at me.


“Oh you fu–,”


I covered Milan’s ears and send him a stern look. “No, cussing please!”


Rodrigo huffed and plastered a fake smile on his face. He shifted his attention back to Milan and smiled widely at him. “So,” he drawled, “What do you think of your new daddy, bud?”


I cringed when he said that word and I was already planning his murder in my head. He can’t let Milan call me daddy when Jill is the only one who has the privilege to do that. “What kind of flowers do you like, Rodrigo?” I asked sweetly.


“White lilies, why?” he sounded confused.


“Oh just wondering what kind of flowers you preferred on your coffin.” I answered casually sending a sharp glare at his direction.


His eyes widened and he was about to say something, but Milan interrupted him. “Who’s daddy?”


“Flynn is daddy. Daddy is Flynn.” Rodrigo explained with hand gestures. I grumbled some curse words under my breath and If looks could kill, Rodrigo was ten feet under by now.


“Rodrigo, can you—,” I closed Milan’s ears with my hands and then shouted, “Shut the f**king hell up!”


Rodrigo laughed out loud, but immediately stopped when Milan poked his finger on my chest. “But mommy said that you were her friend boy.”


Friend boy? What the f**king hell is that?


Regulars. And now friend boy. My girlfriend’s vocabulary is really interesting.


“Do you mean boyfriend?” I asked confused.

He shook his head wildly. “No, friend boy. I told her I like you.”


“You do?” My heart skipped a beat. I could feel so many different kind of emotions right now and one of them was love. I love this kid.




“Yes, I like you. You bought a spiderman costume for me and then legos. You are the best daddy ever !” he jumped up and down my lap as he clapped happily in his hands.


I cringed once again at the daddy-word.


“I like you too, but please don’t call me daddy. Just call me Flynn.” I pleaded.


“But I don’t want too.” he whined. “I’ll call you padre.”




“That’s spanish for father.” he clarified.


“I know what it means, bud. You can call me anything except daddy.”


“Okay, padre.” Milan grinned. He looked around at my desk and saw a pen. “Can I draw?”


“I personally think padre sounds even more weird than daddy.” Rodrigo butted in. I forgot that he was still here.


I glared at him. “Please don’t give him anymore ideas.” I hissed and then looked back at Milan who was grabbing the pen and was about to draw on my desk.


“No,no,” I stopped him before he could draw on it. I opened my bottom drawer and got white paper out for him. “Here you go. Draw on this paper, not on my table.”


He took the paper out of my hand and started to draw weird circles and triangles. Suddenly my phone buzzed on my desk and I saw Jill’s name on the screen.


My Pudding: Hey Vasilios. You can pick us up now, we’re done.


Love you <3


“So, we need to pick up mommy now.” I whispered in Milan’s ears and he looked up at me happily.


“Now?” he asked excitedly.


I nodded my head. “Go wear your shoes and grab your jacket.”


He jumped off my lap and walked to the other side of my office to grab his shoes and jacket. Rodrigo looked at him while he walked away.


“So he calls Jill mommy, but I thought the aunt adopted him.” Rodrigo asked puzzled.


“Yes, but Jill spent most of the time with him when he was a baby. Her aunt was working most of the time, that’s why he calls Jill mommy.”


“Ah that makes sense. So what are you planning?”


“We will have dinner at my home and they will sleep over tonight.” I said, grabbing my jacket from the sofa.

Rodrigo whistled. “That means, you and Jill. Keep it quiet is all I say.”


I chuckled. “I don’t think so. She’ll probably sleep with Milan.”


“Milan, the cock blocker.” Rodrigo joked.


“Yeah well shut up.” I warned, looking to see if Milan heard a word, but he was busy tying his shoelaces.


“I’m done!” he yelled after a while and then ran towards me. I ruffled his hair and he laughed.


“So,” Rodrigo said, pinching Milan’s cheeks. “Was nice to meet you, bud. I’ll see you soon!”


“It was nice to meet you too GoGo!” Milan replied back cheekily.


Rodrigo’s face scrunched when he heard his new awful nickname. I couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.


“See you later, daddy.” He winked, whispering the last part. I glared at him and he just gave me a salute sign, before exiting my office.




“So, did you had fun?” Jill asked Milan. I had just picked up Jill and her aunt from the spa and now we were on our way to my mansion. I had ordered my cook to prepare dinner for us tonight.


“I had a lot of fun. Padre is so much fun!” Milan said happily.


“Padre?” Jill questioned and then looked at me. “What does he mean?”


“Well, he came up with the idea of calling me padre.”


“Out of nowhere?” she asked astonished.


“Yes, just out of the blue.”


“Mmmh, well guess you’re his padre now.” she chuckled. I heard Aunt Lydia stifling a laugh in the back seat.


“So, I was about to ask you something.” I looked over at Jill and she raised her eyebrows.




“Are you free to go to the yacht this saturday?”


“Mmh,” Jill turned around to face her aunt. “When are you leaving?”


“Friday.” Her aunt replied.


“Yes,” she turned back around and faced me. “I’m free, Vasilios. What do you have planned?”


I smiled wickedly at her. “Oh, that’s a surprise pudding.”


She groaned and rolled her eyes. “It better be mind blowing.”


“It will be mind blowing.” I promised.

“It will be mind blowing.” I promised.


Soon we arrived home and I parked the car. We stepped out and me and Jill grabbed the shopping bags out of the trunk. I guided them to the front door and opened it. It was unlocked, since the cook was inside.


When I opened the door, the first thing I saw was the huge stack of lego boxes in my living room. Jill who came in behind me also saw it.


“What is that?!” she asked eyeing the huge stack of legos that was in the living room.


“Well—,” I was about to explain to her what happened when Milan came in and let out a huge gasp.


“Legos!” He yelled out. He ran towards the stack, making it all fall on the ground.


“What is going on?” Aunt Lydia asked from behind Jill.


Jill crossed her hands on her chest and looked completely and utterly lost at me. “Yes Vasilios, what is going on?”


“Well, Milan was asking for fifty lego boxes so I may or may not have bought it for him.”


“What?!” they both yelled out. “Are you crazy!”


What the f**k have I done?

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