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Episode 21


Jill Malik P.O.V


“Fuck!” I cursed as I kicked the water dispenser. It made a loud shrieking sound, before it became silent.


Dammit !


This was the third time this week it had refused to work.


I was tired. I needed coffee. I needed caffeine. And my last source of energy just gave up on me.


I didn’t had a good sleep in three weeks due to so much work and so many things that needed to be finalized. The launch will be in two weeks, and the pile of work I need to finish is still high like the eiffel tower.


“Is there a problem Miss Malik?” Claire asked, walking into my office. I bet the sound the water dispenser made could be heard through the whole building.


I sighed tiredly. “Can you please grab me coffee and something to eat?” I asked as I slumped back in my chair and turned my laptop on.


She nodded silently and walked out of my office. Lately everyone was stressing out. Ximena wanted to have the perfect launch and ninety percent of the time she didn’t agree on the ideas we presented to her, which means we had to start over again and work even more harder.


I don’t blame Ximena, her brand will be available worldwide and I know she wants the perfect launch to impress investors from Brazil, Paris, and Russia who will also be present as VIP guests.


From my office I could hear Ximena giving a presentation to a group of upcoming makeup gurus.


Lately we both were so busy that we didn’t had time to have a little chit chat. During lunch she was either still in a meeting or she had to meet someone important to discuss launch details .


I, on the other hand stayed in my office, finishing my work that looked endless.


I stood up to grab a file from the drawer behind me when I heard a knock on my door.


“Put it on my table.” I answered, assuming it was Claire with my lunch. I rummaged through the drawer and finally found what I looked for. I really need to clean up the mess in here.


When I turned around I let out a yell as I saw who was standing in front of me.


“Flynn?” I breathed out, after a while. “Uhm Ximena is in a meeting.”


Flynn looked ridiculously handsome in his white button up shirt with rolled up sleeves. His hair was damp and his lips were a light shade of pink.


Totally kissable.


I mentally slapped myself for thinking that. Who knows where those lips had been before he came here? The thought only makes me want to gag.


“Actually..I’m not here for Ximena.”he said, casually sitting down on the chair in front of my desk.

“Do you need my help in something?” I put my file down and sat back on my chair opening my laptop. “Tell me.”


I looked up at him and his piercing blue eyes were staring straight into my soul, making me uncomfortable.


“Yeah actually, what do you have planned tomorrow evening?”he asked.


“Uhm nothing. Is there a meeting I need to attend tomorrow, because I’m not going. Just send Claire.”


I was tired, tomorrow is Friday and I was looking forward to spend a night alone watching netflix.


He laughed. “Not a meeting, but a date.”


“Date?” I asked confused. Is that what he came here for?


“Yeah, If you want to go on a date with me.” he clarified.


I stayed silent for awhile as my eyes widened at what he just asked


I was shocked.






Is he alright?


“Can I send Claire?” I croaked out still in shock. Once those words left my mouth I immediately regretted it. What kind of dumb answer was that?


My mind was probably playing games with me. I didn’t had my daily dose of Caffeine and sugar yet, I think I must be hearing stuff.


Flynn laughed and shook his head. “No pudding, I want to go on a date with you, not Claire.”


“Right yeah, of course.” I answered, still in a daze. This felt so surreal.


Not because he asked me, but because Reina was right.


Sooner or later he will ask you on a date. Mark my words.


“So is that a yes?”


I nodded softly. I pinched myself on the cheeks while closing my eyes. Maybe this was just a dream.


Part of my imagination.


Why would he want to date me, he’s a womanizer. Isn’t that what he’s famous for after being the most hottest, richest, and youngest CEO.


“Pudding, are you alright?” I heard Flynn’s voice in the distance.


I opened my eyes and he was there. Looking at me confused and worried.


This was not a dream.


“Did you just ask me on a date?” I asked, scrunching my eyebrows in confusion.

“I did.” he said, “So is that a yes?”


This was reality.


“Uhm yeah, I mean It’s a yes Vasilios.” I answered, nodding my head in the process.


“Oh god.” he sighed relieved, “I thought you would play hard to get. I will pick you up at seven tomorrow.”


I am going on a date with Flynn.


“Where are we going?” I asked curiously.


“That’s a surprise.” he said mysteriously. “But wear something beautiful.”


And I need to dress up. Which means shopping.




“Are you alright?” Flynn asked worried as he studied my face.


“Just in shock.” I answered with all honesty.


He chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’m sitting here all casual and chill, but damn my heart is running faster than Usain bolt right now.”


“Please don’t get a heart attack in my office, I don’t want to deal with a dead bo—,” I rambled, before Flynn cut me off.


“Pudding, I think I should go so you can process my question.” he suggested, standing up from the chair.


“Yes of course.” I needed him out of my office, so I could sort out my messed up mind.


“But the answer stays yes.”


“Yeah yeah.” I assured him. “The answer stays yes.”


“Good.” he smiled. “See you tomorrow pudding.”


When he left my office, I banged my head on my wooden desk.


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


I couldn’t even think straight when he was here. Of course, it’s just a date. It’s not that he’s serious about me right?


“Miss Malik, Oh my god. You’ll get a concussion!” Claire yelled, running into my office with my lunch.


I stopped banging my head and looked up at her. The smell of strong coffee filled my small office.


“Coffee!” I stretched my hand out and grabbed the coffee out of her hand. This was what I need.


Coffee. Strong, dark, and bitter.


Hopefully this will help me think straight.



“The black one looks better on you, than the red one.” Reina rummaged through my closet, looking for possible date night outfits.

Today, once again I came home late which means I couldn’t go shopping. It was also the date night with Flynn. He would come pick me up in an hour and I still have no idea what to wear.


“I don’t have shoes to go with that dress.” I said sadly. It was a beautiful dress and I haven’t wore it since I bought it last summer. It was an utterly gorgeous black dress with a plunging neck, wide straps, and a geometric strappy back detail that dips to a tasteful low back. I don’t know why I haven’t wore this before, it was beautiful.


“I do have shoes for you.” Reina ran to her room and came back with a pair of stilletos.


Oh hell no.


“Those are skyhigh.” I protested, eyeing the killer heels she had in her hands.


“You are used to wear heels. You wear it everyday to work.”


“Those are not so high.”


“Doesn’t matter, look these ones has a platform it will not be that bad.” She showed me the bottom parts of the shoes.


I sighed. I don’t want to go into a discussion with her about shoes. It will only make me more tired than I already am.


“Fine, put them there. I’ll do my makeup and I’ll come out in a bit.” I said defeated.


She grinned widely. “Ohhh! I’m so happy for you! I knew he would ask you! I can see Vasilios babies running around.”


She was too enthusiastic for her own good.


“That’s enough Rei.” I groaned. This was the nth time she was saying this to me. “Wait in the living room for me.”


She nodded and exited my room.


I applied a smokey eye makeup, watching a makeup tutorial of Nikkietutorials on my phone. Then I put my hair in a high ponytail, leaving some strands lose in the front.


At last I put on my shoes, practiced a couple of minutes in them in front of the mirror, before making my entree in the livingroom where Reina was waiting for me.


She let out a loud gasp when she saw me.


“You will have Flynn begging on his knees for a second date!” was all she said as she turned me around. “Oh god, you look stunning.”


I laughed. “Well I think you’re exaggerating about Flynn begging. But geez thanks.”


“You two are so cute I—”


She got cut off by the knock on the door.


That’s Flynn! She mouthed and ran to the door to open it. I followed behind her and saw Flynn leaning on the doorframe.


“Oh yes, she’s here.” Reina chirped. “Jill!”

I walkedinto the foyer and Flynn’s eyes widened when he saw me.

“I know right.” Reina gushed. “She leaves you speechless, mouth wide open,

wanting for more.”

“Those are my exact thoughts.” he licked his lips, his eyes trailing up and down my

body. “So f**king beautiful.”

“Thank you Vasilios.” I smiled. “You cleaned up nice too.”

“Is that all?” he asked, preternding he was hurt. “This is the suit you chose for me


I looked at his suit and it was indeed the one I chose for him. “You look handsome,

now is that enough for your ego?”

He laughed and took my hands in his. He turned to Reina and said: “Don’t worry IIl

bring her home before midnight.”

“You don’t worry.” Reina playfully nudge his shoulder. “This is not Cinderella, Im

not her evil stepsister. You can bring her to your home, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Reina!” I hissed.

Flynn laughed and after I said my goodbyes to Reina we walked towards the

elevator. Flynn pressed lobby and we waited for the elevator doors to open.

“Ready for what Ive planned for you, pudding?” he asked, stroking my hand softly.

He send me a dazzling smile, showing off his white teeth, shutting my brain once

again off.

Damn Vasilios!

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