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Episode 16


Flynn Vasilios P.O.V


I stood frozen in shock as I watch the little boy running towards Jill. He looked so happy at seeing her.


Jill squatted down and hugged him tightly. “My baby.” she said happily as she hugged the little boy. He buried his face in Jill’s neck and kissed her on both of her cheeks.


My baby?


Did she have a baby?


The boy didn’t look older than six years. He had a huge smile plastered on his face when Jill whispered something in his ear.


Is he mine?


It can’t be, the little boy had curly black hair, neither me or Jill had curly black hair. He looked like an arab boy, but I could be wrong. He could be italian or spaniard.


I snapped out of my thoughts when Jill turned around and faced me with the little boy in her arms. “This is my friend, Flynn. Will you say hi?” she whispered to the little boy. He nodded and looked at me from under his thick black eyelashes. His eyes were a dark shade of brown.


He is definitely not mine.


Was Jill pregnant six years ago and is that why she was so upset that night? And where’s the father? I had so many question and I was mad that Jill didn’t inform me about him.


“Hi Flynn.” the little boy whispered shyly. I flashed him a smile and pinched his cheeks. “Hey buddy, everything good?”


He nodded and his eyes twinkled from excitement. I can see that he really loved Jill. “Yes, mommy is home. I missed mommy.”


Mommy, he called Jill mommy.


There’s no doubt he’s her son. Even though he doesn’t look like Jill, maybe he had the features of his father. But where the f**king hell is the father? I remembered that Jill said she only lived with her Aunt.

Jill probably saw all the confusion on my face, because she gave the little boy back to her aunt and send them to the living room to wait for her. Once they left, she looked up at me. Hell yea, I needed answers.


“I should have told you about Milan.” she mumbled softly.


So she remembered me. She remembered the one night stand in Milan.


My heart almost jumped out of my chest. It was racing so fast I was afraid it would leave my chest. “So you remembered?” I choked out after a while, trying to hide my excitement.




“Yes, about Milan?”


She nodded. “Yes, I can remember it like yesterday.”


Dammit, this girl knew all along that I was her one night stand and she didn’t say anything. My heart suddenly stopped.


What if she didn’t love me back? Is that the reason why she didn’t bring the one night stand up?




I haven’t thought of that.


“It’s a long, complicated story.” she sighed avoiding eye contact.


I tilted her chin up so she could look up at me. Her blue-green eyes looked tired, but at same time I saw a sign of relieve. “I have all night, pudding.”


“Well, I haven’t seen my family in two years. Maybe we can meet up for lunch tomorrow?” she suggested.


I have a meeting at lunch tomorrow, so that wouldn’t work. “I can’t, I have a meeting. What about dinner?”


“Sounds good to me, what time?”


“I will pick you up at eight.”


“That’s great, uhm so I guess you want to go to your hotel now? Thanks again.”


“My pleasure pudding.” I gave her a hug, before motioning to my driver that it was time to go.


“Be safe.” she whispered before I opened the main door.


“Are you looking out for me pudding?” I teased as I hear the concern in her voice. It’s cute.


She shrugged. “It’s just something I always say.”


“Well, you don’t need to worry. My driver is not planning to kill me anytime soon.” I gave her a wink and walked out towards my car.


“Mandarin Oriental.” I said to my driver before I stepped in the car. I had so much on my mind right now. First Jill had a son that look six years old so she must have been a couple of weeks pregnant when I had met her at the fashion show. Or maybe she discovered that night that she was pregnant.

Was that the reason why she wanted to forget everything that night? Did her baby daddy left her? And then the fact that she remembered the one night stand in Milan. She remembered me, but why didn’t she showed any emotion. Why didn’t she showed any affection towards me? She is so damn good in acting, I should have give her an oscar. I massaged my head. I felt a headache coming up.


So many question I want to ask, so many answers I need.


And the only person who can answer me is the girl that stole my heart from the first time I laid eyes on her.




Jill Malik P.O.V


I threw a bowl of chicken in the large frying pan as I continued to chop the onions. Chicken Costa Brava was my favorite food and probably the only dish I could make.


“So, you haven’t told your novio about Milan?” Aunt Lydia asked as she stood next to me and sprinkled salt in the pineapple juice. Her hair was tied in a tight knot on top of her head, I was afraid her scalp would come off.


I shook my head. “He’s not my boyfriend Tía and I didn’t know he would get out of the car otherwise I would have told him.”


The only reason I didn’t want to tell Flynn about Milan was because he will ask so many questions. And I don’t know if I could answer them without bursting out in tears.


“He will ask so many questions Tía.”


Aunt Lydia shook her head in disapproval. “I’m pretty sure he will. But I think you’re ready to answer them aren’t you cariña?” She wiped her hands on her apron and waited for my answer.


“Yes, I am. It has been six years already.”


Aunt Lydia smiled at my answer. “Good, because he deserves to know. He looked really confused when he saw Milan. And Oh have I told you that Larissa visited me during christmas last year?”


I snapped my head at her in surprise when she mentioned Larissa’s name. “Really?” I asked happily. I’m so glad she could finally visit her home town without getting flashbacks about her father, Uncle David.


“Yeah, we spent Christmas together with Milan. I wished you were here.”


I sighed as I threw the onions and garlic in the pan. “I wished that too, I was so busy with finals.”


“That’s okay, I hope you can make it this year though.” Aunt Lydia threw some tomatoes, olives and salsa in the pan and poured the pineapple juice before putting the lid on it.


“Mommy.” I felt someone tugging on the bottom of my shirt. I looked down and saw my little rayo de sol.


“Yes, mi amor.” I cooed as I picked him up.


I put him on the kitchen counter and watched what he was taking out of his pocket. It was his school report. I opened it and a smile crept on my face. “These are really good grades amor.”

“Yes mommy, can we go get ice cream after dinner?” he asked sweetly. Oh god, it’s so hard to say no to his sweet voice.


I laughed softly and kissed him on his nose. “Well, it’s too late to get ice cream now. What about tomorrow?”


He nodded eagerly. “Yes, muchas gracias.”


I was so happy he was learning spanish. Milan was enrolled in a private school where they teach in english. It was quite expensive, but I want to give him the best of the best, because he deserves it. At home Aunt Lydia teaches him to speak spanish and it was so cute if he did.


“De nada, but now I have to finish dinner okay? Do you want to wait in the living room with Tía, until I said dinner’s ready?.”


He nodded and jumped off the kitchen counter and immediately ran to the living room. I did the final touches on dinner and started to set the table. After fifteen minutes I called that dinner was ready.


“Smells so good, right Milan?” Aunt Lydia said as she came into the kitchen followed by Milan.


“Mommy is a good cook.”


“Aw, you wound me amor, I’m not a good cook?” Aunt Lydia asked, pretending she was hurt.


“I love your churros.” Milan shrugged.


I laughed as I scooped rice and chicken on their plate. We prayed and had dinner.


During dinner we talked about Milan’s upcoming birthday party, which would be held on Sunday. It would not be a grand birthday party. Only Milan’s friends and Larissa were invited. I told Aunt Lydia about my life in New york, my new job, and how I was able to send her money every month. In turn she told me about Milan, her job as a freelancer, and Larissa.


I haven’t seen Larissa since that day in Milan, six years ago. She had called me a couple of times, but when I changed numbers we lost touch. Occasionally I saw her in tabloids of beauty magazines. She became a really well known model in France and Italy.


After dinner Aunt Lydia offered to do the dishes and told me to put Milan in bed.


“Mommy, I’m done with brushing my teeth.” he said as he showed me his set of perfectly white teeth.


“Good boy, now go to bed so I can turn the lights off.” I walked towards his night lamp and turned it on. I tugged him in and gave him a goodnight kiss before leaving his room.


“Mommy.” he whispered as he held my hand.


“Can you tell me the story of my other mommy and daddy?”

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