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Episode 15


Jill Malik P.O.V


I stole the billionaire’s heart

“Do you need anything else Miss Malik?” the flight attendant with bright red lipstick asked.


“No, thank you very much.” I replied as I watch her taking the plates of my table. I just had a deliciously unhealthy breakfast. Pancakes.


“Oh well, if you need anything else don’t hesitate to call me over.”


I smiled sincerely at her. “I will.”


“Enjoy the rest of the flight.” She said and walked back to the kitchen.


I pulled out my laptop and decided to finish my work before I arrive in Barcelona. I still had five hours to go.


This morning Flynn send a limo to pick me up. A freaking limo. How extra can someone be? Everyone who sat in the lobby stared outside, wondering which celebrity arrived. Sadly I disappointed them when I walked out of the elevator in my sweatpants and crop top, as I pulled my suitcases behind me. The driver, who was standing casually at the counter talking to the receptionist, just watched me struggling as I made my way outside. I don’t think he knew that I was the one he was suppose to pick up. He finally realized it when I was opening the door of the limo and start stuffing my stuff inside.


To say he was shocked was just an understatement. I couldn’t blame the poor man too, I looked like crap anyway.


First of all I woke up late and second of all I got my period which means cramps and cramps means I’m going to be pissed off most of the time if I don’t get my daily dose of sugar and chocolate.


I shook my head and focused back on my work. I don’t know for how long I worked, because a cough stopped me from typing. I looked up tiredly and saw the flight attendant hovering over me.




“Miss Malik, Mr Vasilios wished to see you” she said politely.


“Why?” I asked. Since I stepped into the plane I haven’t seen him. When I got out of the limo I saw him quickly disappearing in the plane. The flight attendant – who showed me my seat and store my suitcases- told me that he didn’t want to be disturb.


“I don’t know the answer on that ma’am. He’s at the back of the plane.”


I nodded as I closed my laptop. “I’ll be there in a minute.”


“Ok, I will tell him.” with that she walked back where Flynn was sitting.


I stood up and made my way towards the back of the plane. On my way there the flight attendant passed me and gave me a small smile.


In the far back Flynn was sitting casually with his legs on the other seat, his gaze focusing on his laptop. “Why did you call me?” I asked as I stood in front of him.


He beckoned me to sit next to him. I hesitated which made him look up to me. “No funny business.” he grumbled when he saw that I was hesitating to sit next to him.


I sighed as I took a seat. I looked at his laptop to see what he was looking at.



He was looking at suits. “I’m confused. I don’t know which one to pick.” he groaned and looked at me, “Can you help me choose?”


“Do I look like a stylist to you?”


He scanned me up and down. “Definitely not. Those sweatpants don’t match with the crop top, but you can help me with this right?”


I rolled my eyes. If I can’t even dress myself up how does he expect me to dress him up. “Why don’t you call Chase, he knows better.”


“He’s at a meeting. Come on Jill, help me out of this.”


I sighed and looked at the suits. They all looked the same, I don’t see the problem. “They all look the same.” I said annoyed, “Just pick one.”


“They don’t look the same.” he protested, “They all have their own minor details.”


I narrowed my eyes and brought my face closer to the screen and I still can’t see a difference. “There’s not.”


“There is. I thought girls were the one who could spot a difference even when there’s no difference.”


“Well, I’m sorry that I failed being a girl.”


He laughed at that. “Nah, you’re not a failure. Just different.”


I rolled my eyes. “Of course.”




“So what?”


“Which one of them should I buy.”


“I don’t know, either one is fine by me.”


“The dark blue or the black one.”


“There’s no dark blue one, they are all black.” I said as I fixed my eyes back on the screen.


“No, that one–” he pointed at the center of the screen, “Is a dark blue one.”


“No, it’s black.” That cannot be darkblue, it’s black.


“Do you want to see?” He clicked on it and the details of the suit came up. Dark blue was written in bold letters.


I huffed. “You proved your point can I go back now?”


“No, you haven’t told me which one to pick.”


“Flynn you’re capable of picking your own clothes.”


“I want my pudding to do it for me.” he whined.


I scrunched my nose. “Stop being so whiny geez, you’re a freaking CEO, richest man in whole America and here you are acting like a toddler.”

“Choose for me Jill!” he sighed, “God I hate when my assistant isn’t with me.”


“Would you be lost without him?”


“I’m already lost here pudding.”


I chuckled. “Why didn’t you bring him along?”


“Well..uhm he has work to do over there..uhm in the company.”


I furrowed my brows. That doesn’t make sense, there were so many people in the company who could do it. “I’m pretty sure there were other people there who could do it.”


“I don’t trust them.”




“Yeah, so which one.”


I internally groaned before answering him. “The first one from the top.”


“This one?” he asked pointing with the arrow of his mouse.


I nodded. “Yup that one.”


“Looks good.”


“Of course who picked it.” I sniggered.


“Stop flattering yourself.” he clicked the buy button and then he looked at me. “Have you already eaten?”


“Yep, have you?”


He nodded his head. “Yes, I did. Do you want champagne?”


I shook my head. “Don’t you think it’s too early for champagne?”


“Of course not, are you sure you don’t want it?”


“Nope, but I’m craving chocolate.” I said in all honesty. When I’m on my period I’m always craving chocolate and this morning I forgot to bring a Milky Way with me.


“What brand of chocolate?” he asked.


“Delafee.” I joked. Delafee is one of the most luxurious chocolate brands in the world and I doubt that he will have that, but I can’t help messing with him.


“We’re going for the expensive ones aren’t we?” he teased.


I shrugged. “I did choose a suit for you which cost over $50K and I’m pretty sure you will only wear it once.”


“That is…true.” he laughed and motioned to the flight attendant.


“Yes, what can I do for you?” she asked as she approached us. That’s when I noticed her nametag.




“A glass of champagne for me and a box of Delafee chocolate for Miss Malik.”

When Allison left I look wide eyed at Flynn. “You’re kidding right?”


“What?” he asked clearly confused.


“About the Delafee chocolates. You don’t have it.”


“What makes you think I wouldn’t have that?”


“I don’t know, maybe because it’s so f**king expensive.”


Flynn laughed. “Oh really, I make that money every fifteen minutes.”


I facepalmed myself.




He’s a billionaire.


“I keep forgetting that you’re a CEO.”


“And why is that?”


“Because sometimes you’re so whiny.”


His lips twitched in amusement.


“Mr Vasilios here’s your drink and a box of Delafee chocolate for you Miss Malik.” Allison said as she placed the chocolate box on my lap.


“Is there anything else I can do?”


Flynn waved his hand in dismissal. “This is all, thank you Allison.”


Allison nodded curtly and walked away. I stared at awe at the box in my hands. It’s so pretty. “I can’t believe I will taste one of the most expensive chocolates in the world.” I muttered as I opened the box.


“They are delicious too.” Flynn butted in.


“Have you already taste them?”


“Of course, it’s no big deal for me.”


The box opened and I was greeted by delicious looking chocolate covered in edible 24-karat gold flakes. I picked one and took a bite of it. I moaned as it melted on my tongue leaving an unforgettable taste behind.

“So good.” I glanced at Flynn and he was staring amused at me.


“What?” I asked, do I have chocolate on my face?


“Nothing, you just look really cute when you moan. I only wished I was in your mouth not chocolate.”


“Perv.” I shoved him lightly to the side. In the few weeks I know him I got used to his inappropriate jokes. He usually make them with Rodrigo, but I guess I’m now also on his ‘people I can make inappropriate jokes with’ list.


“Do you want some?”


He shook his head. “Nope thank you, I already ate Froyo this morning.”


After I had finished the chocolates, Flynn and I started a conversation about school and business. He told me about his experience at Harvard, how he was nerdy and how he always stayed out of trouble.


And now he was trouble himself.


He told me that he secretly didn’t want to major in Business administration and instead he wanted to go to Juilliard and major in playwriting.


“But I couldn’t do that, because I don’t want to hand the company over to some stranger. I rather have that it stays in the family.” he said when I asked why he didn’t go with the idea of studying at Juilliard.


Then he asked about me. I told him that I went to school in Barcelona and I lived with my aunt. I got a fully funded scholarship to Columbia University and I was suppose to go back after I graduated, but his sister gave me a well paid job so that’s why I stayed.


“You stay with that chick named Reina right?” he asked.


I nodded, wondering why he asked. “Yes, why?”


“She’s with Luca?”


“I’m not sure. She didn’t confirmed yet if they are back together.”


“Back together?”


“Yep, they were together in college, but broke up.”


“Oh. Makes sense, that guy was completely lost without her.”


“You know him?”


“Yes, a couple of months ago I met him at a meeting and he was constantly talking about this girl named Reina during lunch break.”


“Well, he did try to get back to her in college but she ignored him. I never really liked him, but I guess he’s changed now.”


“Oh yeah he changed big time. Your friend has him wrapped around her finger.”


I laughed at that. We kept talking for awhile, when I started to get tired. My eyes started to get heavy and Flynn noticed that.


“Here.” he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I didn’t had the energy to resist him anymore and I just let it be. It felt better like this.

“Sleep a little.” he whispered before I closed my eyes and darkness consumed me.


I stole the billionaire’s heart



I fluttered my eyelashes open and saw that I wasn’t in a plane anymore. In fact I was now in a car.


“Well hello there sleeping beauty.” A voice said. I looked up and a pair of ocean blue eyes met mine.


“Are we already in Barcelona?” I croaked.


Flynn nodded. “Yes we are, you had been sleeping for three hours straight and you didn’t even wake up when the plane touched down.”


I smiled sheepishly at him. “Guess I was too tired.”


“I figured, that’s why I let you sleep. What’s your aunt address?”


I took out my phone and showed him the address. He leaned forward to give the address to the driver.


I looked outside and saw all the familiar places. Places where I used to hangout. It has been so long that I’ve been back here.


Barcelona. Home.


And still it wasn’t really home. I wasn’t born here. I was raised here for as long as I can remember. I let out a huge sigh. Coming back here, brought back so many memories. Happy and sad ones.


I can’t wait to see Aunt Lydia and Milan after two years.


Oh shit!


I haven’t told Flynn about Milan. What if he will freak out? Should I tell him?


Questions were floating in my head.


I looked over at him and he was also staring outside deep in thoughts. My heart beat faster and I hoped Flynn wouldn’t get out of the car. I hope he will just let the driver bring in my luggage. I don’t want to tell him about Milan just yet.


Maybe later. Maybe when we go back.


After a few minutes of driving we finally stopped at a familiar white house.




I stepped out of the car and breathed in the fresh air. It feels so good to finally be home. When I saw Flynn stepping out of the car I hurriedly ran towards him.


“You don’t have to come out you know. I mean thanks for bringing me here.” I hastily said.


He chuckled. “Of course I will come out and say Hi to your aunt. I’m not that rude pudding.” He walked to the back of the car and helped the driver to bring my luggage inside.


We walked towards the main door and before I could knock, the door swung open revealing my aunt. She still look the same only with a little bit more wrinkles. No doubt Milan gave her that.

“Tía!” I exclaimed and hugged her tightly. I have missed this.


“Jill! Finally you’re here.” she sobbed as she hugged me tighter.


“Don’t cry, I’m here.” I let go of her and rubbed her back softly. “How have you been? You still look so young.”


She playfully shoved me. “Oh shut up, you know I’m getting older day by day.”


I heard a cough from behind me and realized that Flynn was still here.


“I want you to meet someone Tía.” I said and stepped aside so Flynn could step forward.


“Is that your novio? She asked, her eyes glimmering.


“What, no. We’re just amigos.” I said.


She looked at me suspiciously but then extended her hand to Flynn. “I’m Lydia, nice to meet you young man.”


“The pleasure is mine, I’m Flynn.”


“Welcome to Barcelona, Are you going to stay here?”


“Oh no, I’ll stay at my hotel.”


“But why? There’s enough room here. Jill why haven’t you told him.”


“No, it’s okay. I have a meeting tomorrow. It will be easier for me to stay in the hotel where the meeting is being held.”


“Oh, why don’t you stay for din–”


I interrupted aunt Lydia. I should have whispered to her that Flynn still doesn’t know about Milan. “It’s okay Tía, Flynn is probably really tired and want to go home and take a shower. Right Flynn?” I asked raising my eyebrows as I literally tell him to go away with my eyes.


“Uh- yeah uhmm..I should get going. Uhm nice to meet you Lydia.”


Aunt Lydia smiled at him. “Nice to meet you too, you should visit again before you leave.”


Flynn gave her a sincere smile. “I will.”


Flynn motioned his driver that it’s time to leave but before he could turn around to open the door I heard footsteps behind me.



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