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Episode 7 Rayna’s Pov

I alighted from the car in front of Dad’s company. I looked around and took a deep breath, I was getting nervous. “You can do this Rayna, you can do this” I told myself and walked inside the company. Eyes were hovering all over which was what I expected, the last time I came to the company was more than 3 years ago and Dad and I had created a scene before I left angrily. I could here silent murmurs which made me feel uncomfortable. “Miss Skylar” Dad’s PA said smiling at me. “Mr David” I said and we exchanged handshakes. “It’s been a very long time” He said and I smiled halfly clutching my purse closer to myself with my kneesshaking slowly.

“The office isthat ”

“I know” I said and he smiled and excused myself. I swallowed hard and entered the elevator. I pressed and waited. Once the elevator made its sound and the door opened, I walked out of the elevator and into the office. “Good morning” I greeted the stoney faces and took a sit. Everyone kept looking at their watches complaining. “Just because he’s rich doesn’t means he has a right to delay us” I heard one of them said. The door opened and everywhere became silent. I was tapping with my fingers on the desk and I didn’t see who come on. I looked up and everywhere became hot even though the AC was working perfectly okay. “Good morning, I hope am not late” He said and smirked. I felt cut off at the throat and was unable to say anything than swallow. He looked at me and looked away immediately like I didn’t exist. I touched my heart and felt how it beat so fast. “Daxton” I said silently but I was sure he heard me because he looked at me. We stared at each other for a moment and everyone noticed it. Even though he was distance away from me I could still read his eyes. It looked strange because the normal affection I was used to seeing in his eyes was no longer there. It was now HATE..


You are reading Deep Hatred


The meeting started but I wasn’t paying attention, my head was running a lot of different thoughts, the Daxton I used to know wasn’t the same one sitting in front


of me. This one is rich, bitter and cold. What happened years ago starts ruminating in my head, I lost control of my emotions and sad tears filled my face. I was brought back to the meeting when a piece of white clothing was thrown at me. “Woman this is not a place to cry, if you want to cry you can get out of here, this is a place of business, not a place of sharing your crocodile tears” Daxton said to me codly. “Am am sor sorry” I apologized and wiped my tears with my hand. What mom was saying was true after all.


~~Daxton’s Pov~~

The meeting ended after coming to a conclusion that I was going to take 70% of the stock shares while the Skylar would be taking 30%. I was aiming for the whole 100% but Rayna was convincing enough. Once the meeting ended, I stood up and walked outside to the elevator only for me to see her standing at the door. The thought of the both of us staying together in one elevator made me upset and I turned to use the stairs. “Wait” She called back, I turned and looked at her handing over the handkerchief I threw at her. “This belongs to you” She said. I scoffed arrogantly at her and replied her.

“It’s useless to me anyways, I wouldn’t have given it to you if it was useful” I said and turned to leave but this time she held my hand back making me feel the wayI didn’t wantto.

“Daxton what’s going on with you” She said and I scoffed again.

“Your question seems perplexing can you go straight to the point” I replied. “I I I mean why are you doing all this to me, I was told you were the one behind the closing down of the restaurant and now this” She said. “Yes, do I need to explain myself” I asked. “No no, it’s just just” She stammered. I dipped my hands in my pocket and walked away from her although it seemed to be very hard.

I entered the car and asked the driver to drive me home.


~~Selene’s Pov~~

I stood in front of the mirror admiring myself when suddenly my phone rang. “Hello Dad” I said.

“Selene, your sister is back from India, there’s a welcome back party am going to be hosting for her, you have to come and make sure you come with a date or else I’ll find one for you” Dad said. I chuckled

“Kate is back, have missed her so much, don’t worry dad I’ll be there” I said excitedly

“So who’s going to be your date, is it who am thinking” Dad asked


“You bet it is” I replied. He chuckled and hanged up while I start thinking of ways to convince Daxton to the party.


~~Rayna’s Pov~~

I walked upstairs to my apartment and met someone standing at my door, I couldn’t identify who the person was but I knew it was a guy. I walked to my door and the person I saw gave me a fright. “Brian” I said confused. He smiled and gave me a sober look.

“It’s been a very long time” He said.


“Brian am sorry, have forgiven for everything you’ve done to me but I can’t help you” I told Brian. He’s asking me to follow him to a welcome back party and pretend to be his wife just to make his ex girlfriend jealous.

“Look Rayna, I need to know if she still loves me, Rayna when you left, I went to India for a meeting, I saw her and fell in love with her but she broke up with me last year, besides you are not pretending to be my wife, you are still my wife, we haven’t divorced remember, you just left” He said. I scoffed and rolled my eyes at him.

“If it’s a divorce you want to prove that am no longer your wife, I’ll give it to you” I said angrily.

“Please Rayna, am not asking you to be my wife anymore, all I need is your help, I can helpyou with your Dad’s company and also the restaurant ” He said looking at me soberly.

“How did you know …you know what I’ll think about it” I said and asked him to leave

“Please do” He said.

“And you know you have to bring Isa as our daughter” I rolled my eyes at him and opened the door for himgyuu8pp to leave.

Immediately he left I felt myself in a dilemma, on one side was Daxton who has changed a lot and another side was Brian asking me to do something difficult but I can’t refuse because of the offers.

God this is getting too much for me. Am so confused





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