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Episode 4


I sat on my bed and he came smiling at me, his broad smile giving me a nice aura although my face was filled with tears. “It doesn’t suit you” He said wiping my tears with his strong but smooth hands. He clasped his hands with mine and sat on the bed with me. “I like it when you smile” He said and my lips starts to part showing my white set of teeth. “Much better” He said and pulled me closer. I didn’t talk,I didn’t want to since he was here, Daxton was finally here, rather than talk I’ll just watch and do whatever he asks me to.

“You look beautiful Rayna, very beautiful am so blessed” He said and pressed my head down and kissed my forehead.

Then he disappeared.

“Daxton Daxton” I called my smile fading away and my tears dropping. “DAXTON DAXTON, DON’T LEAVE ME PLEASE” I screamed and woke up. Mother who was just outside my ward ran inside to see me acting strange. “Rayna” She called and sat beside me. “Are you okay honey” She asked and I nodded. I didn’t tell her I dreamt of Daxton again.

“Mommy where’s my child” I asked. “She’s in the incubator Rayna don’t worry it’s going to be okay” Mom said and stroked my hair.




It’s been a month since I came back from the hospital after staying there for more weeks after giving birth to my child, my Isa. I named her after Daxton’s late mother, nobody knows this especially father.

I see the way Dad and Brian look at my child, like she’s an abomination and I don’t like it but there’s nothing I can do about it, Dad hasn’t even touched his


granddaughter at all unlike mom, she loves Isa so much and spends a lot of time with her, even now she’s with my baby.

Am going to be staying with mom for some time now, I can’t stay with Brian because am afraid of what he’s going to do to my child, there’s wickedness in his eyes. How I wished Daxton was here to see what our love produce.

“Rayna” Mom called distracting me from my thoughts. I didn’t even know tears were falling from my face until it touched my neck. I wiped it off immediately to avoid mom from seeing it but a mother will always be a mother. “Rayna are you crying again” Mom said and dropped Isa gently on the bed. “It’s nothing mother, you called me” I replied.

“Yes, can you help me get my phone from my room, I would have sent the maids but your father despises the fact that anybody enters our room” Mom said.

I nodded positively and walked to Dad’s room, I stopped at the door when I heard voices from the room. The door was slightly opened so I was able to peep in and know who is inside. “Brian what’s he doing here, he didn’t tell me he was coming here” I said silently. I put my ear on the door to eavesdrop on their discussion which seemed confidential.

“Mr Skylar, that child will be a major setback for us one day, she may be your grandchild but she has poverty running in her veins, and one day her father might come and use her against you” Brian said.

“You are right Mr Caine, that’s why have hired someone to come take her and dump her in an orphanage, I don’t want Rayna to know am behind it so we’ll make it look like a kidnap, that child is a threat to us” Dad said. I felt like screaming and yelling but I closed my mouth and turned back, mom was standing at my back. She pulled me to my room and sat me down. “Mom, dad wants to separate me from my baby, dad is bent on destroying me” I said.

“Shhhh” Mom shushed me and went to my wardrobe.

She brings out a traveling bag and starts putting my luggage in it.

“Mom what’s going on” I asked carrying Isa, I wasn’t going to let her go now. “You heard your father Rayna, he has turned to a beast, the more you stay with him or your husband there would be trouble for you and your baby, am sorry Rayna we should have done this a long time ago but I wasn’t ready then” Mom said and held my shoulders.

“Rayna you are leaving here now, you are leaving this mansion and your husband ” Mom said.

“Carry Isa to my car now and stay there with her while I call one of our trusted maids to carry your luggages to the car” Mom said.


“But mom where am I going to go” I asked.

“I have a friend, your father doesn’t know about her, she has a restaurant, you can stay with her there at least for now, she’ll help you am sure she would” Mom said. I pulled out my wedding ring and threw it away, finally I was leaving this prison.




~~Daxton’s Pov~~

My phone rang as I entered the car. I looked at the caller and smiled.

“Hey little sis” I said and frowned. The background of wherever she was was noisy like a club. “Are youclubbingDebbie. No am not big brother am just having

fun at home, am calling to wish you a happy birthday…..(I chuckle).. thanks Debbie….so big brother the money I asked you for, can youuuuu sendittoday. (I

laugh out loud that the driver looks backatme) I knew there wassomething

behind your call, you are not the type to wish somebody happy birthday so early….but brother…it’s okay I’ll send it to you before evening ambusynow (she

squealsin excitement) okay thanks brother, I love you and you thebest”

I drop my phone and smile. It’s been up to a year since I left the city and things have been working well for me. I started as a driver in a company and luckily the daughter of the owner found interest in me and she asked her father to make mehis Personal Assistant. Have told Selene I have no interest in her but she keeps on insisting. Am starting my own company soon so I won’t have to be depended on anyone again and the company am starting is going to be my first step to destroying Rayna’s father and also Rayna. The whole Skylar family will pay for humiliating me.


~~Mr Skylar’sPov~~

I watched angrily as Mia my wife fell to the ground after I slapped her violently. “I WILL ASK YOU FOR THE LAST TIME WHERE’S RAYNAA” I yelled

making the maids shiver. She laughed sarcastically and stood up. “She’s in a place where she would be happy, a place where you would never find her” She said and I slapped her again. This time she was bleeding.

“Mr skylar if my wife is not here then am backing out of the deal” Brian said. I picked Mia up and looked at her, my eyes were burning real rage.

“I would bring my daughter back home and make sure she doesn’t leave again” I said and dropped her to fall on the floor. I pushed the maids out of the way and walked out.





~~Rayna’s Pov ~~

Staying with mom’s friend, Aunt Jessica made me lighten up a little, I was free at least but my happiness isn’t complete without him.

I help Aunt Jessica in her restaurant, cooking hasn’t been hard for me ever since I met Daxton. Infact cooking was one thing I know am very talented in. Even though I didn’t know learn to cook at home, Daxton the professional cook had taught me and I had gotten so perfect in it that I couldn’t help but boast about it.

Aunt Jessica is planning to pass down her restaurant to me since her children her not interested in “cooking for the public”, but I don’t care since am doing what I want to do.

It’s been 3 years since I left home, although am still in contact with my mom, I really don’t know how dad is doing and I don’t care.

“Mama” My baby called, Jennifer aunts Jessica first child walked in the restaurant carrying Isa.

“Awwwn, my baby is back” I said and she stretched out her hands for me to carry her. I smiled and carried her from Jennifer’s.

“She’s been making a fuss since crying that she wants to see her mama” Jennifer said”

“Well your mama is here already babe, I was just going out to make a delivery” I said and put Isa down.

“The girl who made the delivery is from overseas, I hope she enjoys it” I said. “Isa, you stay with Aunt Jennifer for now, mom’s going to be back” I said and knelt down then kissed Isa. I bid a goodbye to Jennifer and walked out. I took my car and drove to the address.


I looked at the mansion and wow it was huge, just like my dad’s own or probably bigger.

I ringed the door bell and a lady came out.

“Delivery for Miss Selene” I said, she smiled and collected it. She gave me a tip but I refused.

“Thanks” She whispered like she didn’t want anyone to know I was here. “Yeah thanks” I said and walked away…..


~~Daxton’s Pov~~


I woke up from bed to meet Selene standing near me with a tray in her hand. Oh God what does this lady wants, it’s one thing she followed me from abroad to here but now she’s acting like a wife.

“Breakfast in bed Daxton” She said. “Am not hungry” I replied and stood up. “Please, you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon” She said and gave me a puppy dog eyes, well I was starving so a little meal won’t harm. “Okay” I said and she dished the food. I dip the spoon in the food and eat. I swallow the food and smile impressively. “Hmmmm who made this” I asked.

“Who else, I made it myself” She replied . “Really??” I asked again and she nodded.

Somehow somehow this meal feels special but why does it feel like someone special made it even if it’s just Selene. Is Selene that special to me..

To be continued ooooo









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