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Chapter 5

~~Rayna’s Pov~~

It’s an early Monday, I wake up in my apartment. It isn’t as big as my room but it’s perfect, I have neighbors and am not lonely. Jennifer had taken Isa to the daycare already so all I had to do was take my bath and dress for work.

I pull of my nightgown and walk to the bathroom, I take my bath shortly after and walked outside. I sat at the table in front of the mirror and applied my cosmetics then wore a red trouser and blue top, I pout my mouth with a peach lipstick then took a white converse for my shoes. I had some leftover mac and cheese for breakfast then entered my car and drove to work just like an average person.

I got to work 20 minutes later and saw that the closed sign of the restaurant was showing. “That’s odd” I said to myself. I got down from the car after parking it and worked a few distance to the restaurant. I saw the restaurant gate was locked with a chain and big padlock. “What’s going on here” I asked nobody in particular but a man answered. “We’re demolishing this building madam, it’s government orders so please excuse us let’s do our job” He said. I gasped surprised, “Government orders,


this restaurant has been here for how many years, you can’t just demolish it like this… where’s aunt Jessica, I need to let her know of this, what nonsense is this” I said upset and brought out my phone from my bag. I dialled her number but she wasn’t picking. Where’s she, she needs to know about the injustice done to her restaurant.

“Madam please will you excuse me” He said and pushed me away. How rude.

I rolled my eyes at him and entered my car, I wonder how aunt Jessica is going to take this news, how dare the government, BEST FOODIES is one of the best restaurants in the whole city and it’s been standing for more than 10 years, have also grown fond of it that I can’t do without it, it’s not like the building is going to collapse soon.

I park my car at Aunt’s Jessica garage and walk inside her house, she was sitting down with Julia her second and last daughter who I was older than with probably 7 years. “Aunt Jessica you need to see what I..”

“I know Rayna it’s over” She said. Julia stood up sobbing and walked upstairs probably to her room. “But but aunt Jessica you can’t just..” she cuts me off again. “I went to the government’s office this morning Rayna, they told me there was nothing I could do since the land is government’s property and someone had paid thrice the price for the land, I was even fined $2,000 for resisting” She explained. “This is wrong Aunt Jessica, you have the right to fight, we’ll hire a lawyer for this case and am sure we’ll win” I said. Aunt Jessica stood up and pats me on the shoulders. “Rather than fighting for what we’ve lost already, why don’t we start to build another one, it will take money, stress and time but at least BEST FOODIES will still exist” She said and went upstairs.

Whoever was behind this must be a heartless person, why BEST FOODIES, after how many years, the person behind this must have ulterior motives and am going to make sure I find out, first of all am going to theoffice.

……………………….. DEEP HATRED



I smirked, watching the man sit down and take a glass of wine from selene. She brought a glass for me too but I refused and signalled her to go away but she stood there ignoring my looks.

“So sir, we’ve done what you asked us to do but I must say, a lot of people are going to miss that restaurant including me, they make excellent dishes there” He said and took a sip from the glass of wine. I opened a bag and gave him some


bundles of money. “Make sure that restaurant BEST FOODIES doesn’t exist again” I said and gave him the money. Selene dropped the tray on the floor making the glass shatter in many pieces.

“B_es estFo_oo odies” She stammered nervously. “But why” She said upset. I ignored her and returned to the man I was discussing with. “Thanks” I said and walked upstairs to my room. I locked the door because of Selene and sat on the chair.


It’s been up to 4 years Rayna but I will never forget, each year that passes made the hatred I have for you grow deeper, and the more I hated you the more I grew richer and successful, you called me poor and insulted my love for you. Watch as how I would wreck you and your entire family and then you’ll understand what poor really means.


~~Rayna’s Pov~~

I got home and sunk in the couch, I rubbed my forehead tiredly and pulled of my converse. Today is a great disappointment for me, the restaurant was the only place that kept me faraway from my troubles and now they’ve taken it away from me. I laid down on the couch to sleep but the loud ring tone of my phone sprung me back up.

“Jennifer” I said immediately I picked it up.

“Am sorry Rayna but I won’t be able to pick Isa from daycare today, my bosssent our work team on an assignment and I may probablycomelate. it’s okay

Jennifer but won’t you be busy atwork”

I guess she didn’t know about her mom’s restaurant, I can’t let her know now, she needs to concentrate on work.

“It’sokay Jenny. okay bye greet Isa for me” She hung thephone.

My phone rang again, I sighed and looked at the caller.”Mom??”

“Hi mom Rayna hon are you okay, Jessica just called me and it’s all overthe

news…am okay mom it’s going tobeokay. I wish I could do something butyour

dad froze all my accounts and he mustn’t know that you arewithJessica don’t

worry mom, everything is going to be okay. be happy child, have missed youso

much…I miss you too mom…okaybye darling. bye mom” I said and cut the call,I

didn’t even realize that I was crying already. Classic Rayna.

The door knocked and I walked to open it, standing in front of me was Todd, Jenny’s boyfriend.


“Todd?” I said questioningly. He entered inside quickly and grabbed my hands tightly. I was getting scared already. “Todd what is it” I asked confused.

“Rayna you don’t have a boyfriend right, and you are still very young even though you are a single mom” He said. I released my hands from his and took a deep breath of relief. “Is that why you scaring me like that, what does me being single, young and a mother has to do with whatever you want to tell me” I asked.

“Look Rayna, my friend tells me about his boss who is stinky rich and very handsome, he came to the city a week ago and am damn sure he’ll be damn interested in a pretty woman, this is a very good opportunity for us Rayna, I would have asked my babe to do this but I can’t so you are the only female I know that is in his age range, you can date him Rayna, I swear he’ll be perfect for you, let me even show you his pic..”

“Get out Todd” I said angrily.

He brought out his phone but I pushed him outside and locked the door. Howdare he, he wants to use me for his stupid gains son of a bitch, he’s lucky he’s my friend’s boyfriend ifnot.

A lots going on my mind and I need to just settle down, I looked at the time , 12: 13 4 hours more before I pick Isa from Daycare, that’s still enough time for me to rest.

But I know am a bad sleeper, I may sleep for more than 4 hours. I won’t sleep, I’ll just close my eyes for a short while..


~~Miss Nancy’s Pov~~

I looked at the time repeatedly waiting for Isa’s mom, I called her number for some times but she isn’t picking, maybe I’ll just take her mom since all the kids are home already, I know Isa’s mom restaurant so it won’t hurt a bit to take her there, probably her mother can dish me a plate of her delicious pasta (winks).

“Isa let’s go home” I said to Isa who was busy licking a sweet. She stood up and gave me her hand, I checked out and we walked out of the daycare hand in hand to my car which was parked opposite the daycare.

My phone rang and I let go of Isa to pick the call, before I knew it Isa screamed “Icecweam” and ran into the street.

“Isa” I screamed as she almost got hit by a car but a man swiftly carried her away from the road.

~~Daxton’s Pov ~~

The little girl was crying so I put her little head on my chest making her less scared and I more comfortable in a way I didn’t understand.


The driver came out of his car and starts yelling at her which made her cry more, his mother I suppose apologize but he kept on ranting.

“Hey its okay, don’t yell at the small kid” I said and he frowned.

“Who are you to her, what’s your business, she almost caused me an accident, are you her father” He asked yelling

“Yes she’s my daughter and I won’t let you talk to my daughter anyhow” I said getting upset. The man saw how angry I was and walked out. I bought a cone of ice cream for her and she received it happily.

The teacher thanked me and turned to leave, but then she turned back again and smiled at me.

“Sir do you have a daughter or a child ” She asked, I shaked my head to say no. “Well you would be a great father if you had one” She said and carried the girl away. The little girl waved at me and I smiled from my heart. For the first time in how many years, I was actually smiling heartfully just because of this little girl.

Well I may not have a daughter but am going to treat this jewel like my daughter,am going to be coming to this daycare from now on. It’s a promise .. To be continued







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