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I was really drunk and asking Chad to make out with me seemed normal at the time cause I was lost, did I forget to mention that when it comes to drinking controlling myself is very difficult, that’s why I have my twin with me.

Chad stood up and asked for my hand but Axton stopped me. “Dude, C’mon am right here” Axton said.


‘If you don’t let her do his dare then you’ll have to pay 10$” Max said.


“I’ll pay it” Brian said looking irritated, he brought out some cash and gave it to Max.


“You can even keep the change” He said and looked at me codly.


“I wonder what stupid game this is, you guys can continue. Am outta here” He said and walked out.

Why couldn’t I help but feel he’s jealous, but of who??.


……………………… BRIAN’S POV

Driving home I couldn’t help but feel unease, the scene of Chad kissing Ayna kept playing in my head and it was killing me.

This is why I hate caring about people.


I got home to meet an angry mother.

“Brian where have you been, have been so worried about you” Mom said so upset. Evelyn walked in with cross arms.


“Who knows probably he was with his side chic” Evelyn said.


“Of course my son can’t be with his side chic when his fiancee is here ” Mom said. I looked at her surprised



“Fiancee??, I said confused”


“Yes my son, Evelyn’s aunt will be coming soon for your engagement part” Mom said and Evelyn smiled.


“Mom??, one thing is forcing me to take Evelyn out but engaging her is another” I said angrily.


“Brian you have to settle down now. Day by day you’re getting older, this is the time you need a woman”


“But even though, I have to choose my woman”


“But I don’t see you doing that, or do you have any body you love” My mind wandered to Ayna but I shook it off immediately.


“No” I replied.


“So Brian if you at least respect and love me as your mother. You’ll do as I say” She said and walked away. Evelyn followed.

……………………… AYNA’S POV

My friends left around to 2 leaving me alone with Axton. “God I wanna puke” I said holding my stomach.


“Yeah don’t do that in my presence, let’s go up” He said and assisted me in walking upstairs.

He arranged my bed and I went to bed.


I woke up feeling so weak, first thing I did was to throw up.


Axton walked inside with an energy drink

“Here, it’ll help your hang over” He said and handed it to me


“Thanks, I’ll come you look perfectly okay. I mean you drank more than I did” I said and opened the can.



“Ama guy besides I drank nothing yesterday. Take your bath and refresh so we can go to mom and dad, danm I miss my parents” He said and walked out.

I dropped the can and looked out the window, there I saw him walk out of his car. He looked up at my windowand I quickly moved away and closed the curtains.


“Fuck you’ve got to stop beating fast when you see him” I told my heart. I looked through the curtain and saw he was still there, he looked sad. Strange

I entered the bathroom and stood under the shower, danm it feels said good standing under the shower.

Times like this I wish I was still in the mansion, I would be lieing in the bath tub and not standing under a shower.

I finally threw up and cleaned up.

I got dressed and went back to bed sleeping.



Axton yelled.


“Axton please get me something, my hangover is killing me” I said to Axton, he sighed.


“Okay give me 5 minutes, I’ll run to the store down the street and getyou somethingnow”

“Thanks” I said and laid back on the bed. AXTON’SPOV

I put off my sneakers and wore a flip flop then walked out.

I crossed to the opposite where the restaurant was. “Guy” Brian called, I looked at him upset.

“Wha” I responded looking at him standing in front of me, he was taller than me. I wonder how short Ayna would be besides him.


“Where you going rushing so fast”


“Why do you care??”


“I don’t actually care but you do know you are leaving Ayna alone in the house ” “Yeah so. I wanna go get something for her, she’s having a bad hangover.

“Am not surprised”


“Yeah dude I really don’t care about whether you are surprised or not, I need to go now” I said and left him.

On my way to the store I thought about this guy, have noticed the way he looks at Ayna. Am a guy also and I can’t miss it. This dude has feelings for my sister but won’t admit it. The jealousy I saw in his face last night was evident.



I walked opposite the street to Ayna’s house, why I was going there I don’t know but there’s always this force that pulls me to her. A force that no matter how I try I can’t suppress it.

I walked inside the house which was unlocked and headed upstairs, knowing her room wasn’t hard since I see her from the window each day.


“You do know you are breaking in” My subconscious told me.


I entered inside and saw her sleeping on her bed, I sat beside her and watched her open her eyes slowly.


“30 seconds what are you doing here” She said weakly, her eyes looked smaller. I touched her forehead and saw she was running a fever.


“Are you sure it’s the hangover or probably you’ve caught a cold from standing in the rain” I said, she removed my hand from my forehead.


“I don’t have a cold” She said and sat up. Now we were so close to each other.

She was going to say something but sneezed. “Here” I said and gave her my hanky.



I removed the hair falling off her face making her shake. “It’s okay to shake, I have that special effect on ladies”

“Wha what exactly are you doing here, this is breaking in, you have no right to be in my room”


“Okay call the police then” I said.

She stood up weakly and tried pulling me up from the bed but I pulled her back and made her lie on me. I couldn’t help but hear her heartbeat making me smile.


“Bri Brian stop this, it’s no no lon longer fun funny” She stammered.


“What’s not funny, the fact that your heart can’t help but beat fast when am close to you” I said and touched her hair again. She closes her eyes slowly as I play with her hair. I didn’t know what was going on but something was sure, both of us were lost.


“Tell me Ayna do you feel something for me” I asked the question all of a sudden. I couldn’t get a reply because her twin brother opens the door immediately I asked the question.

She stood up from my leg immediately and looked at her brother nervously, I wasn’t nervous nor scared.


“You bastard” He said angrily and charged for me but Ayna stopped him. “Axton please stop” She said.

“You used the opportunity that she was weak and exhausted and wouldn’t fight back that’s why you come in our house and harass my sister”


“Axton calm down, he wasn’t harassing me” “Then what is he doing here”



I looked at Axton and Brian as they looked like they were going to start breaking stuff soon


“Maybe you are a blind and couldn’t see that your sister wasn’t complaining” He said. I wasn’t expecting him to say that.

Axton pulled me close.


“Ayna tell me the truth, didn’t he force you to sit on him” Daxton asked. “I I I..I ” I couldn’t give a suitable answer.

“I didn’t force her just like other ladies, it’s easy to control them with just one touch” Brian said and I felt used.


“Brian please leave” I said pointing at the door.


“Fine, I’ll leave” He said and walked out. I had to hold Axton to calm his anger. Brian comparing me to other ladies made me realize he was only playing me.

He’s no difference from Asher.



“Sometimes you talk like a fool, why did you have to compare her to other ladies” My subconscious yanked at me.

I sighed and slammed my hand on the table then stood up and start pacing around.

I felt unease knowing the fact that she wasn’t well. Whatever happened between the both of us for that short period of time mademe realize with her I was a goner.


“If you continue this f**k love attitude you going to lose her” My subconscious told me again.

I sighed and sat down again.

Can I risk losing her all in the name of I am not ready to love, is she really worth someone special to me.




We got back from the mansion and the first place I helped myself was the couch.


I had to pretend to be okay in front of mom and dad so they don’t know am sick and down with a cold, you know how parents react.

Axton made me a cup of hot coffee to make me feel better.


“Ayna you gonna be okay, I already called a doctor since you said you don’t want to go to the hospital”


“Why would you call a doctor, home service doctors are expensive” “Don’t worry, I called Daddy’sdoctor and. ”

“You mean Doctor John”


“Yeah but he’s out of town, so he says he’ll send another doctor to you. Don’t worry our parents won’t know about this”


“I just catch a cold and now you’re calling a doctor” I said and took a sip from the coffee. The door bellrings.


“I guess he’s here, I’ll be right back ” He said and walked to the door. “Afternoon” Briangreeted.

“Good afternoon” He responded.


“That voice sounds familiar ” I told myself and looked back to see Brian’s step brother standing at the door.


“Oh Shit” I said and covered my body and face with the blanket then tiptoed upstairs.


“Ayna wait” Axton called back TO BE CONTINUED



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