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Episode 22 Rayna’s Pov

“Daxton DAXTON!!!” I yelled carrying Isa who just fell unconscious, minutes ago she was telling me her body ached. I was about bringing a cup of water for her when she just fell unconscious. I found out she was bleeding in the nose already.

Daxton rushed upstairs, his eyes widened in shock seeing Isa in such a bad state. Debbie came running inside after.

“We have to take her to the hospital right now” Daxton said. I was crying already. “But brother which hospital can we take her to by this time”


“I’ll call them doctor” Lora said immediately she entered. “No don’t” Debbie said.

“Why” Daxton and I asked.


“I’ll treat her” Amy, my brother’s wife said walking inside with Taylor. She collected Isa from Daxton’s hands and dropped her on the bed.


“You guys would have to excuse me now, she needs some breathing space. Debbie go get me a bowl of clean water ” She said and everyone walked out. I sobbed not wanting to leave my baby alone but Daxton held me and walked me out together.


“How did you know” I asked Taylor.


“Don’t worry sister, everything will be revealed” He replied looking at Debbie. It’s a good thing is here anyway and his wife is a good doctor.


“Erm I’ll I’ll I need to leave right now, there’s something important I need to do” Lora said nervously.

She turned to leave but Debbie was standing in her way.

“It’s really late Lora, where do you want to go by this time” Taylor asked. “No no where” She replied and faced me.

Amy walked out of Isa’s room smiling. “How’s my baby” I asked.


“She’s okay, she’s sleeping already so I don’t think you guys should disturb her. She’s really lucky the poison didn’taffect the. ”

“Poison” Daxton and I interrupted hersurprised.

“Yes she was poisoned, the meal she ate last had poison in it” Amy said. “How how is that” I said confused.

“Of course your innocent maid poisoned her although the poison was meant for

Debbie” Taylor said.


All eyes were on Kate who was already scared, she pushed Debbie out of the way and ran down.


“She must not escape, how dare she try poison my family” Daxton said angrily and chased her.

Kate reached the door of the mansion and opened it only to see some police officers at the door


“You’re under arrest Miss Kate” They said and cuffed her immediately although she tried escaping.


“Okay what the f**k is happening” I yelled throwing my hands out in frustration. “We’ll explain everything to you Rayna” Debbie said.


Debbie’s Pov FLASH BACK

When Taylor called me on the phone, I excused myself giving Lora a bad look. “Hello Taylor have you found out anything about her”

“Yes, her full name is Lora Ness, she’s not yet married and she worked for Kate, Selene’s Sister”


I was shocked, if what Taylor was saying was true then Rayna and her family might be in grave danger.


I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water when I saw something in the dustbin.


“Poison??” I said looking at the empty bottle of poison.


“What poison” Taylor asked, I had forgotten he was still on the phone. “I have a feeling Lora wants to poison someone” I said panicking

“Ok cool down Debbie, don’t panic, tell me details of the poison let me ask my wife”

I told him everything I read on the bottle.


“Okay Amy said the poison won’t start it’s effect till the next 2 hours and it will finally kill the victim”


“God” I said.

“Debbie don’t panic, don’t act like you know anything, eat and enjoy the meal, Amy and I are on our way, make sure she doesn’t have any idea that you already know the food was poisoned. We are on our way” He said.


I decided to listen to him and went back to the dining table, Isa was already on my seat but I had no idea she was eating the poisoned meal meant for me


Rayna’s Pov

I listened surprised as Debbie told me all that happened.

“Thanks brother, thanks Amy and thank you so much Debbie” I said and hugged her.

I walked to Lora and stood in front of her.

“How dare you Lora, I trusted you. I loved you like my own sister and you did this to me” I said with teary eyes.

“Rayna it’s okay” Daxton said holding me.

“Take her away, and make sure Kate is arrested, nobody hurts my family and gets away with it, Rayna let’sgoin. Taylor thanks alot”

“No problem bro” Taylor replied KATE’S POV

“SELENE GIMME THAT” I snapped at my sister snatching the cigarette from her.


“I told you I really bad about something and you are smoking” “So… what’s there if I smoke”

“Don’t you know it’s not good for your baby, Selene you’re a pregnant lady, you’re not only harming yourself but also your baby”


“Whatefs” She replied and drank a bottle of tequila.

I looked at her and sighed, I picked my phone and decided to dial Lora’s number to ask her if she had done the job already.

I dialled her number and I heard her ring tone at the door.

“Oh good she’s here already, I really feel unease” I said and walked to the door. I opened it and my smile turned to a confused face then to a scared face.

“You’re under arrest Miss Kate” I said and the sound of broken bottle was heard. I looked back and saw a frozen Selene, she had dropped the bottle on the floor already.





Rayna’s Pov

“Mummy bye bye” Isa said as she strode playfully inside her school.

My phone rang “Hello”

“Hello queen” “Daxton” I said


“C’mon you couldn’t even call me king, I feel insulted” “King of my heart, what of the babies”

“They are sleeping, they miss their mummy”


“Really, are you sure you are not the one missing, it’s not even up to 1 hour I left the mansion”


“1 hour feels like 1 century, babe I miss you so much” “I’ll be home soon, I need to get some stuff at the market” “I love you”

“Are you sure”

“C’mon baby, I love you more than Abhi loves pragya” I laughed at his gesture.

“Ok I love you more than mehek loves shaurya” I said and he I heard him chuckle. “Mehek left shaurya at a time you know”

“Yeah that’s when he treated her like trash”


“He’s stupid, I’ll never treat my woman like trash”


“Wait wait wait, Daxton do you also watch zee world, I mean you said the channel is very stupid”


“Well I have no choice but to watch my wife watches” He said. I heard baby tears from the background.



“Is that Axton, I know it’s him”


“I’ll go check on him, I love you babe”

“I love you too baby,” I said and hung up.

I smiled as I entered the car, thinking of everything that had happened between I and Daxton.



I ran downstairs after my daddy yelled my name. “Yes daddy” I replied smiling.

“Honey considering the bodyguard issue” He said and I frowned.

“Daddy I told you I don’t need a bodyguard, am going to be 18 soon, am a big lady ”


“Rayna you are the daughter of a billionaire, your life is very precious to me, you are having a bodyguard whether you like it or not”


“DAXTON!!, come in here” He said and he walked in. Immediately he stepped in, I felt my heart beat and I couldn’t fathom why.

“C’mon Rayna you have a boyfriend” I told myself.

“Hi am Daxton Caine, I’ll be your bodyguard from now on” I said and he brought out his hands for a ha handshake.

“Am Ray Rayna Rayna Caine… sorry I meant Skylar” I said and we both chuckled nervously.

That was the first day I knew the real meaning of love.



I remembered when I was swimming in the pool of my dad’s mansion. Daxton was standing watching me, I saw the way he looked at me, even Gregory never looked at me that way

“Please pass me my towel” I said

“Yes ma” He replied and handed me the towel, I used the opportunity to drag him in the water.

I laughed as I looked at his shocked face. “Ma” He said angrily.


“Am sorry” I apologized realizing he was angry.

He laughed and splashed the water on me, and we found ourselves playing in the water.

We soon became so close and our lips were almost touching. “Am am sorry” Daxton said and swam out of the water.


I remembered when he saved me from being kidnapped by Gregory, he risked his life by receiving the bullet meant for me



PLEASE!!” I yelled crying as Daxton bled on my body. “Daxton please don’t die on me” I cried looking at his face.

I remembered our first night, we got drunk, our car broke down and the rain was heavy.

We ran into a cabin with wet clothes, feeling so cold, he decided to cuddle. From there we explored different parts of our body with love. We were intimate



I drove to the supermarket smiling.



I paced around in the hospital, Selene was in labour and the police allowed me to come to the hospital escorted with 5 officers.

The doctor came out of the ward. “Doctor how’s she” I asked

“The child is okay” He replied


“But am sorry we lost her mother” The doctor said.

I broke down immediately

“What do you mean you lost the mother”


“We tried our best but am really sorry, the patient herself has not been helping issues, she never came for ante natal and a pregnant woman should never smoke or drink, we were lucky to save the baby” He said and walked away.

I entered the ward and saw Selene’s lifeless body, the nurse covered her up.

I cried my eyes out seeing my only sister dead, I walked to where the baby was. I couldn’t carry her because I was wearing handcuffs.


“This is all Rayna’s and Daxton’s fault” I said and continued my episode of crying I’ll make sure I avenge my sister’s death.






Ayna’s Pov

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!” My annoying twin brother yelled jumping on my body.

“Axton get the f**k off, am trying to sleep” I snapped at him.

“Happy birthday my two naughty siblings” Isa said walking inside with a cake. TO BE CONTINUED


The real game just begun….

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