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Chapter 9


Continuation from the last episode:


Ikenga: (Smiling) You are my maiden.


Adapuruche: (Speechless at what he said and then smiled back at him) Your maiden you say? I will be glad if I am truly your maiden handsome.


The smile on Ikenga’s face faded and a slight frown was seen on his lips.


Ikenga: I’m so sorry but did anyone pass you by? A maiden?


Adapuruche: No, we are the only maidens on this path (Giving him one of her best Charming smile that would melt the cold heart of anyone, in fact that


would make any male to fall for her) But you just refer to me as your maiden, what do you mean by that handsome?


Ikenga: You are not my maiden, though you have the scent of her but you are not really my maiden I have been searching for. Your voice doesn’t seem to match with that of my maiden.


Adapuruche: (Her smile faded completely) I don’t understand you young man. One minute you said I’m your maiden the next you are saying otherwise, do you know whose daughter I am?


Ikenga: Believe me it was a mistake and I mistook you for someone else (Stared at Adapuruche carefully now from head to her toes) and from your attire and with your maids, you are either a well known Ichie daughter or a princess.


Adapuruche: (Smiled and moved much closer to Ikenga) you are right handsome, I am a Princess, the first daughter of Igwe Ofordili of Ogidi, the land you are. I found you interesting young man. Where are you from? Are you from this village? Who are your parents? I will like to know you more than this.


Ikenga: Know me more than this? I thought you said you are a princess you ought to know the names of your people off head (Made to leave then


stop) it will be very rude if I leave like this so please excuse me princess, I have my maiden to look for.


Ikenga quickly left their presence, heading straight.


Adapuruche: (Staring at Ikenga retreating back) I want him. I have never seen such a handsome man before in my entire life. I want him to become my husband.


Ist Maid: My princess he suits you well, he is handsome and is your kind of man.


Adapuruche: (Very pleased) Thank you Mma (Then touched her br**st) truly my heart beats for him. I must have him at all cost.


They continue their walk to the river.


Ikenga followed the scent of his maiden until he came to Ofordili palace. He stopped a distance away from the palace.


Ikenga: (pleased with himself) So this is where my maiden lives. I hope she likes me once she sees me (Nods his head and turn back going to hunt, his face more brighter than before.


He was in a more happy mood.





Queen Amara didn’t perform her ritual that day, she couldn’t give a tangible explanation of why she couldn’t do the ritual.


Queen Amara: Something is wrong somewhere.




Early the next morning Igwe Ofordili and his wife were surprised when they saw a young man entering the palace as if he owes it, carrying dead animals. Adapuruche who was with them smiled and stood up from her seat quickly in joy.


Igwe Ofordili eyes went wide with shock as the young man dropped a dead antelope, Grasscutter and bush meat at his feet.


Ikenga: (Forcing himself to knee down) Igwe may you live long.


He stand to his feet.


Igwe Ofordili: Who are you young man?


Ikenga: My name is Ikenga, I’m a hunter and these (pointing at the dead animals) are a gift from me to you, your highness.


Igwe Ofordili: A gift for me? Why? What are your intentions?


Ikenga: I have found someone that interest me in your palace Igwe.


Igwe Ofordili: Who else can it be if not my beautiful daughter Adapuruche.


Ikenga: (noticed Adapuruche for the first time since he got here. Ever since he walked inside the palace, his focus was mainly on Ofordili) Oh, that’s your name Princess, a beautiful name for a beautiful Princess. (Igwe Ofordili and Amara was smiling) But she is not the person Igwe.


Igwe Ofordili: (Confused) if it is not my beautiful daughter, then who can that be?


Ikenga: (Opening his mouth to answer when the sweet scent of his maiden filled his nostrils. Cheta walked in carrying a pot of water on her head. Cheta greeted them with her face staring at the ground and made to continue her way) She is the one igwe (Mostly to himself) I have finally found her.


Adapuruche: You mean to say your maiden is Cheta? (Cheta stopped walking) No. Not her, you are mistaken.


Ikenga: I am not mistaken this time around Adapuruche. She is truly the maiden that I am looking for. (He went to meet Cheta who started hiding her face)


Cheta: (Using one hand to cover the side of her face from him) Greetings.


Ikenga: (smiled widely when he heard her voice, she’s truly the maiden) Why are you covering your face my maiden. You don’t want to who I am?


Queen Amara: That’s because she is ugly, she was born very ugly. Her face is disgusting young man, if you see her face you will spit on her.


Ikenga: (Staring at Cheta) My queen, ChukwuOkike doesn’t make a mistake when he gives you a child. (He then faces the Queen) No one is born…..


The rest of his words faded as he rested his gaze on the queen.


The face of the Queen was in her Giant form.




To Be Continued.


C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly )

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