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Chapter 3


After the unknown man disappeared, Amara came down from the bamboo bed and brought out the calabash once again. Saying some incantations the giant Queen face was seen few seconds later.


The Giant Queen: (Looked surprised) You summon me Amara twice in one day which is unlike you, what is it my child. Tell me, for I’m your mother and will do anything for you.


Queen Amara: Mama, something just happened right now. A man appeared in my hut few minutes ago.


The Giant Queen: A man you say? Did you by any chance happens to see his face?


Queen Amara: I did not see his face mama, his back was facing me.


The Giant Queen: Okay, what did this unknown man told you.


Queen Amara: He threatened me mama, he warned that the gods are watching me. That is why I summoned you to tell me who he is and who gave


him the impetus to come and stand before me to utter nonsense.


The Giant Queen: (Laughed) The gods indeed. I told you that the battle has just begun. Do not be afraid Amara, no one messes with my daughter and go scot free be it the gods or any mortal.


Queen Amara: (Feeling confident) Thank you nne, I need to rest my tired body. (The Calabash cleared and Amara put the calabash back under the bamboo bed.


The Next Day


Queen Amaka came to the hut of her co wife to greet her and her new born baby. She was carrying Cheta in her arms.


Knocked twice on the door and the door opened and Amara stepped out of her hut pushing Amaka away from her.


Queen Amaka: (Ignoring the push she got from Amara, she smiled kindly at her) Amara, congrats. I heard you gave birth to a beautiful girl.


Queen Amara: Yes, you heard right Amaka. (Saying with pride) Adapuruche as my husband calls her is a very beautiful baby unlike you who gave birth to an ugly beast that looks like a child.



Queen Amaka: (The smile on her face faded into a sad one) please Amara, do not insult my child again, and please she is not ugly she might be ugly in your eyes but not in my eyes.


Queen Amara: You are very right Amaka, in your eyes your daughter is not ugly but in the eyes of others she is ugly. You should have remained barren all your life instead of giving birth to such ugly thing you called your child.


Queen Amaka: (Smiled) only the gods knows why I was given this child. I only came here to greet you and your baby not for you to insult me. I will leave for my hut Amara. (She turn to go and at the same time the door to Amara’s hut opened and a 8 year old Jidenna came out, he greeted his mother and Queen Amaka going to hug her legs.)


Queen Amaka: (touching his head tenderly) How are you my son?


Jidenna: (With a happy smile) I’m fine mama, please can I see my baby sister?


Queen Amaka: (elated and showed him Cheta’s) is she not beautiful Enna?


Jidenna: (He saw her ugliness but doesn’t want to upset her he nodded his head to the absmay of his


mother) Yes Mama she looks beautiful like you, What’s her name?


Queen Amaka: (Smiled, at least one person didn’t find her daughter ugly) Her name is Cheta.


Queen Amara: (interrupting her son when he opened his mouth to say a word) That’s enough Jidenna, and you Amaka I thought you were leaving before or you want to inflict my son with your daughter ugliness?


Jidenna: (Surprised by his mother outburst) Nne, you shouldn’t call someone child ugly what if it returns back to you.


Queen Amara: Did you just talk back at me, your own mother Jidenna? Your father must hear it.


Queen Amaka: Is okay Amara, he is just a child and children will always speak their mind regardless of their age.


Queen Amara: When do you have a child to know they always speak their mind? Mind your ugly child and allow me to mind my own children.


(Queen Amaka left and entered her hut, Amara gave Jidenna a heavy knock on his head and draw him closer to her with his left ear using her hand)


Have I not warn you never to be nice to her? The next time you will try that, the next time you disobeyed me, what I will do to you eh, you won’t believe it. Just dare me then I will show you that a Lion can beat a crocodile.


Jidenna: Sorry Nne, I won’t be so nice to mama.


Queen Amara: She is not your mother, I am your mother. Do not ever in your life try to call her mother, inugo (you hear)?


Jidenna: Yes Nne.


Queen Amara: Good, so where are you heading too?


Jidenna: To go to father’s hut and greet him.


Queen Amara: you can go.




Queen Amaka who overheard the conversation started crying.


Only the gods knows why they decided to give her Cheta. Her beautiful Cheta, no harm will befall on you my daughter.


She prayed to the gods.



Ten Years Later…..


Cheta and Adapuruche has grown.


Adapuruche at her tender age was the most beautiful maiden in the entire Village. People who heard of her beauty came from far and wide just to take a glimpse of her. She was worshipped wherever she goes like a goddess and at times she was often refer as the sun goddess. All the whole maidens wants to be friends with her. Every father and mother wish to have her as their own daughter. Many Royal homes waited until she was of age to get her married to their sons.


Adapuruche wasn’t allowed to do anything at all. Everything was done by her maids. At the age of 10, she has up to 10 maids who served only her in the palace. She was well loved and pampered by her father and mother.


Igwe Ofordili was always feeling proud whenever Adapuruche was mentioned as the most beautiful girl.


But her sister, Cheta.


She was despised by everyone, including her father, no one wants to be her friend or associate with her, they have been warned by their mothers


to avoid Cheta if not they will be ugly as her. Cheta doesn’t have friends.


Even though she was ugly and flies normal perch on her face, Cheta was hardworking. Before any of the maids in her father’s palace would wake up she has done all the house chores.


She thought they would love her but she got the opposite. Even at that, she didn’t stop doing her good.


The only people who doesn’t despised her is her mother and step siblings. She normally doesn’t see Adapuruche always but the little time got to see her, Adapuruche would only sent a smile to her direction and that’s it.


It was better than those who frown at her.


Jidenna has always been there for her and had always fight for her. One day he met her crying at the front of her mother’s hut.)


Jidenna: (going to meet her and sat down next to her on the bare floor? Ada, what’s it, who made you cry?


Cheta: (Stiffing her tears) The friends of Adapuruche called me ugly.


Jidenna: I will talk to Adapuruche to warn her friends. But I and mama have always told you never to let their insults get to you. What did I tell you to say whenever you are called ugly?


Cheta: I should tell them back that I am not ugly.


Jidenna: Yes Ada, you are not ugly, always remember that.


Unknown to Jidenna, his mother overheard his discussion and that night she summoned her mother.


Since her children were now older they stayed in different huts built by their father. Cheta still lives with her mother.


The Giant Queen: You remembered me after ten years which means there is trouble, what is it?


Queen Amara: I need you to do something to Jidenna for me mama. I have warned him to stay away from the ugly girl but he wouldn’t listen. Adapuruche listen to me but he never does.


The Giant Queen: Okay Amara, I will turn him into an insane person.

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)

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