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Chapter 25⃣⃣





Continuation from the last Episode:


Ikenga: (Smiling) That will be no problem Agwusi, it’s a deal.


Agwusi: Yes, a deal brother, talk to you later. (He vanished. Ikenga lay down his back on the bamboo bed still smiling.)




Agwusi appeared inside Udele hut, the old man who was sitting quickly stood up once he saw Agwusi.


Agwusi: He still thinks I am on his side Udele, he will bring Amadioha to me and at the same time making himself a captive.


Udele: I thought he was up to something with the manner he now addresses me.


Agwusi: If I were in his position I would do the same. He now realises you are not an old man but someone who wore the skin of an older man to deceive him.


Udele: I get your point master but permit me to ask, how do he intend to bring Amadioha to you?


Agwusi: (Smiling) Amadioha will surely attend his marriage with Cheta, I think he plans to deliver him to me on that day.


Udele: What if he is playing with your mind?


Agwusi: You’ve forgotten that I am also a trickster. Ikenga can’t trick me, with his body movement and the happiness that I saw in his eyes when we spoke about Amadioha, he won’t disappoint.


Udele: I hope so too, I really hope so.



Agwusi: Keep an eye on him. (He disappeared.)




It was Midday:


Cheta who had long been awake and has taken her bath and now resting could tell all is not well with Jidenna. She came outside her hut and glanced around carefully. When she was sure her step mother or Adapuruche wasn’t seen around, she immediately walked towards the hut of Jidenna, very cautious of her steps. Entering his hut she closed the hut door behind her. The first thing that she noticed was the fear in Jidenna’s eyes when she came in.


Cheta: Relax Jidenna, it is I Cheta and not someone else. (She stared at his still fearful eyes) Hmm are you trying to pass a message to me? (She tries to move closer to him and saw the blood on the floor. She went much closer to observe where the blood was coming from and saw someone or something has cut off his smallest toe) What happened to you Jidenna? Who did this to you? (She remembered Jidenna plight) I am coming. (She left the hut and went to the kitchen to take some bitter leafs which she saw in there and hurried back to Jidenna’s room, she made sure she makes no noise. Once inside the hut, she apply the


bitter leafs on the leg which toe was cut to stop the bleeding, though it will pain Jidenna a bit but it will stop his bleeding before he dies of lack of blood.

She also saw some marks on his arms which was caused by a sharp objects but she knows Jidenna doesn’t move his body so where else could the Mark has come from, surely not from the guards who bath him every morning in utmost care, pondering in thought.) But who could do such a thing to you Jidenna? Who? I have to find out who exactly is doing this to my brother.


(Meanwhile Queen Amara who was in her hut peeping, saw the way Cheta had rushed out of Jidenna room, her heart almost leapt out of her thinking Cheta has gone to tell Ofordili but it came to its normal rhythm when she saw her returning with bitter leafs in her hands.)


Queen Amara: (Straighten up) How could I have forgotten to stop the bleeding so it won’t alert anyone? Now Cheta has seen it. It’s just a matter of time and she will find who really did it and I will be exposed. (Shaking her head) No, I can’t let that happen. (She bent a little and peep through the tiny hole in her door, at that moment she saw Cheta coming out if Jidenna hut and entered hers quickly. It’s time to swing into action.) I won’t rest until I seal up the lips of Cheta. ( A thought came into her and she smiled.) It will work. (She came out of her hut and walked towards the kitchen, she saw the pots


filled to their brim and carried one of the pots and threw the content on the ground. Once the pot (Udu) was empty she left the kitchen walking towards the hut of Cheta.) Cheta! Cheta!! Cheta ooo!!!


Cheta: (Coming out of her hut) Good afternoon mama, I heard you shouting my name.


Queen Amara: Yes I did, take this and go to the river and fetch me water quickly.


Cheta: But I went to the kitchen not too long ago and all pots were still filled and besides I only fetch once in a day.


Queen Amara: Take this pot from my hand right this minute before I report to your father that you disobeyed me. (Cheta quickly took the pot and headed for the river. Queen Amara smiled and went back to her hut, bringing out her calabash, she made some incantations and the river was shown.) Arise and take what is coming your way. (The calabash cleared.) Cheta will be gone for good.




Cheta saw some group of girls were almost reaching the river, they stopped walking when they realized she was heading to fetch water. Cheta


ignored their side talks and closed the distance between her and the village river, stepping inside the river a little bit and bent to put her pot into when a creature made of water grabbed Cheta and entered the river disappearing with Cheta.


The girls who saw what happened left their pots behind and ran for their lives, one of the girls heads for the palace.




Queen Amaka and Nganga who has been watching her daughter saw what happened.


Queen Amaka: Mother you saw what happened now, one of Idemili creatures took my daughter away, we have to save her.


Nganga: No we won’t, now Ikenga will have to prove to me the length he could go for my granddaughter. (Queen Amaka stared at her mother like she has grown another head)




Ikenga who was sleeping was up to his feet.


Ikenga: Why do I feel something is wrong with Cheta? No I can feel Cheta is in trouble. (He


hurriedly left the hut and followed the scent of his maiden down to the river.)

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)



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