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Chapter 18⃣⃣




Continuation from the last episode:


Agwusi with a cunning smile told Ikenga his plans.


Ikenga: (After listening to Agwusi plan) Do you think it will work? Remember it’s Amadioha we are talking about.


Agwusi: It will work Ikenga, just follow my plan unless you want Amadioha to achieve in his aim to get you out of the way and take your maiden.


Ikenga: You are right, I am in as long as it will stop Amadioha from succeeding, you will have my support in bringing Amadioha down.


Agwusi: (With the brightest smile) That’s the spirit


Ikenga, once we get Amadioha out of the way,


Cheta will be yours only.


Ikenga: I still can’t believe Amadioha would betrayed me this way, anyways, (he pointed at the old Hunter) Who is he to you Agwusi? I know he is not a hunter.


Agwusi: Someone who works for me. Years ago I saw how you were thrown down from the abode of the gods down to mortals world as a wooden statue when you angered Amadioha by taking his thunder bow and lightning arrow. You landed in a forest from this village where you stayed until you were set free by your maiden. The day you were set free, I told him to come to you in the form of an old hunter. He had to kill the childless old man living in this compound and wore his skin, he then went to the path where he knew you’d pass and wait for you to make your appearance.


Ikenga: (Surprised) How did you know that? You were gone for a long time?


Agwusi: I know everything Ikenga but having your maiden to yourself should be your concern.



Ikenga: You are right, but where have you been all these years brother?


Agwusi: Have been around roaming around, seeking for new friends.


Ikenga: New friends? Did you see one?


Agwusi: Yes I met one, a very strong one, with time you will get to meet him when you’ve killed Amadioha. (And probably with Ikenga spirit. He thought to himself)


Ikenga: That will be no problem. I have to sleep now Agwusi, I hope to talk to you soon.


Agwusi: You will get to see me when you have finally killed Amadioha, (he pointed at the old hunter beside him.) He will tell you what to use in killing Amadioha. Once it is done, I will come again and take you to see my new found friend. Oh and one more thing, do not tell your other brothers that you saw me (he smiles) I will see you again ikeynga. (He disappeared into thin air leaving the old hunter behind)


Old Hunter: Good night Ikenga, we shall talk when the morning sun comes out. (He disappeared)


Ikenga: (Huffed out in anger) He thinks he can deceive me that easily, he had better think again. (He lay down on his bamboo bed and slept off)




The next morning….


Igwe Ofordili was summoned by his elders. The elders were seated inside the throne room when Igwe Ofordili entered and went to sit on his chair. All elders greeted him.


Igwe Ofordili: (Accepting their greetings) My elders I hope all is well?


Onowu: Igwe all is not well, as we speak, this sudden human killer beast has killed three families and left their bones.


Igwe Ofordili: What?


Elder Udo: Yes Igwe, the only thing the beast left was their bones. The sight is horrific to see. We’ve buried them before the cock crows three times today and quickly came here to inform you.


Igwe Ofordili: What is happening, who do we offend to warrant such ill-treatment against innocent People of Ogidi village?


Elder Okeke: Left for me Igwe, I think someone who we had offended unknowingly might have summoned the beast.


Onowu: Two nights ago it was two families that were murdered in cold blood, and last night it was three families. I think the beast is increasing the numbers of the families it eat every night it comes out of nowhere.


Igwe Ofordili: But the great Chief Priest would have been here to give us a way out of our problems. If it is human sacrifice the gods need he should come and inform us so that we can perform it to appease the gods.


Elder Udo: Where are we going to get the great Chief Priest?


Igwe Ofordili: I don’t know but since he has refused to come then we have no other option than to seek for a solution elsewhere.


Elder Okeke: You are right your Highness.


Igwe Ofordili: Onowu will lead you all to Ogugu shrine to seek for a solution today.


Elder Udo: (Getting up to his feet) Then let’s not waste more time, thank the gods that the Ogugu shrine is the next village.



The rest of the elders supported elder Udo and stood up to their feet.


Onowu: Igwe we will be going to Ogugu Shrine to seek for a solution before the beast will kill us all, who knows the next family to die.


Igwe Ofordili: You can go, whatever she says please report back to me.


The elders left for Ogugu Shrine.




Queen Amara Hut:


Adapuruche: (Who has been sleeping in her mother’s hut since the previous day opened her eyes and her eyes met with her mother who was standing a few feet away from her and was staring at her. She sits upright on the bamboo bed cleaning her eyes.) Good morning Mother, when did I fall asleep?


Queen Amara: Morning my child, you slept off after our discussion.


Adapuruche: (Eagerly) So do I now have powers?


Queen Amara: (Pointing at the closed door of her hut) Try to open the door using your mind Adapuruche. (She did as instructed and was surprised when the hut door opened by itself.) Now imagine as if you were closing it. (Adapuruche did and couldn’t hide her shock when the hut door shut by itself.)


Adapuruche: (With a happy smile) Mother it worked, I now have magical powers.


Queen Amara: Yes you now have my daughter.


From now henceforth you are unstoppable.


Adapuruche: (Getting up and hugging her mother)


Thank you Nne, now I will have the powers to teach


Cheta a lesson and kill her.


Queen Amara: (Smiling and nodding her head) Yes Adapuruche, but remember you must woo the young man and bring him to our side only then shall Cheta be killed.


Adapuruche: Don’t worry yourself mother, now that I have powers and I now know who the young man is, grabbing his attention to myself will be easy. I am beautiful (gesturing to her whole body) with a nice sΒ£xy figure to add with, he won’t be able to resist me.


Queen Amara: That’s my daughter, I and your grandmother are surely behind you.


Adapuruche: (With a cruel smile) You watch Nne how I shall take the young man away from Cheta.




Bird Kingdom:


Queen Amaka who eavesdrop on mother and daughter conversation from the little mirror she held in her hands, she quickly went to meet her mother.


Nganga: I am glad you are here Amaka, I was about to summon you.


Queen Amaka: What for?


Nganga: I have a matter at hand. I was visited by Amadioha.


Queen Amaka: And what does he want?


Nganga: His brother is in love with Cheta.


Queen Amaka: And which of his brothers are you talking of?


Nganga: Ikenga of course.


Queen Amaka: If Ikenga loves my daughter very much then I give my consent.


Nganga: You’ve forgotten the warrior god once challenged me.


Queen Amaka: I haven’t mother but you shouldn’t use it against Ikenga. The fight happened between the both of you not with Cheta. So you won’t get Cheta involved of a fight that happened before her birth.


Nganga: I won’t support instead of Cheta to be with Ikenga I rather see her to be with any of his other brothers or someone else.


Queen Amaka: You can’t force someone to love mother and speaking of love, I think Cheta is in love with someone who Adapuruche also has an eye on.


Nganga: I don’t understand you my daughter?


Queen Amaka: Queen Ziza has given powers to her granddaughter Adapuruche, I think it’s time you also give Cheta her own Powers too, because from what I overheard, they are planning to kill my only child and I won’t stand and watch it happen.


Nganga: No one can harm my granddaughter. You shall visit Cheta and tell her everything that she needs to know about you. After which you bring her


here for me to fortify her. Adapuruche will surely meet her match.

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)



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