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Chapter 19⃣⃣




Continuation from the last episode:


Queen Amaka: (Smiling) Thank you Nne. That reminds me, since we now know that the giant Queen is behind my daughter predicament. Can’t you do something about it mother?


Nganga: No, it was strong magic that was used to turn Cheta’s face into what it is and only strong magic that can undo it.


Queen Amaka: (Smiling) Then what are we waiting for mother? Let’s redo it, you are powerful and I know you can do that.


Nganga: (Shakes her head) if it were that simple I could have done that a long time ago my daughter. It’s not as easy as you think Amaka.


Queen Amaka: (Confused) How do you mean mother?


Nganga: To remove the spell from Cheta we will need the blood of either Amara or Queen Ziza. Ziza own will work very fast because it was through her the spell was formed.


Queen Amaka:(Surprised) But that can’t be possible mother, there has to be another way to make my daughter whole again.


Nganga: Like I said before if it was that easy I would have done that a long time ago but it is not. Collecting any of their blood will be very hard.


Queen Amaka: I see, thank you for telling me mother. I will take my leave now.


Nganga: Don’t forget to meet Cheta and tell her everything she needs to know about us. Delay is dangerous, I have enemies around.


Queen Amaka: I will do that mother. (Queen Amaka changed into an eagle and fly away)




Old Hunter Hut:


Ikenga who had just finished taking his bath entered his hut and tied another set of wrappers around his waist. He came out of the hut and was surprised to see the old man standing at the front of his hut.


Ikenga: (Showing his surprise once he saw him) Why are you standing here as if I paid you to keep watch over me?


Old Man: Don’t you know how to greet your elders anymore Ikenga?


Ikenga: I greet whoever that deserves my greetings and not someone who is a chameleon.


Old Man: (Ignoring the statement) It’s morning and I told you last night that we have a lot to discuss, remember?


Ikenga: I remembered but I am not interested in knowing anything. I am glad to see my brother and thank you for bringing him, that’s all. Now if you will excuse me I have somewhere I want to go.



Old Man: Okay, no problem, when you come back we will have that discussion.


Ikenga: And I remember telling you I am not interested in whatever you want to discuss with me. My brother has explained who you are, there is no point in telling me what you are.


Old Man: I see, you can go.


Ikenga: (Hissing loudly to the old man hearings, he left the compound. Once he was out of the compound Agwusi appeared.)


Old Man: (Bending his head low in greetings) Master.


Agwusi: (He gave the old Man a hot slap on his cheek) You said he will fall asleep and I stupidly believed you.


Old Man: (Holding the cheek Agwusi slapped) I am sorry master, truthfully I thought they ate the food. I was as surprised as you when Ikenga caught your hand.


Agwusi: I had to go back and meet my friend and tell him the plan wasn’t successful.


Old Man: I am sorry master.



Agwusi: Sorry for yourself. You have to keep monitoring Ikenga so that we can grab him when he least expected. Only when we have him can we have Cheta.


Old Man: But I have been wondering what you want to do with Ikenga spirit and Cheta.


Agwusi: You will get to know as time goes on.


Old Man: But at least as someone who has been working for you for the past years, I need to know. Okay, tell me what you want Cheta for.


Agwusi: My friend wants her for a debt her grandmother is owning him, do you have any knowledge of who her mother and grandmother is? Once I have Cheta and Ikenga everything will be revealed to you.


Old Man: Okay master. (Agwusi disappeared.)




Ikenga entered the palace and saw Igwe Ofordili seated with a thinking look on his face.


Ikenga: (Greeting Igwe Ofordili and drawing the Igwe attention to him)


Igwe Ofordili: (Remember the man who told him his wife has a giant head) You again? Are you here to tell me my wife has a giant body?


Ikenga: (Smiling) No Igwe, I came here to see you but saw the look on your face. What troubles you?


Igwe Ofordili: Haven’t you been hearing the recent deaths of my people since two days?


Ikenga: Deaths? No, what’s happening, what is causing the deaths?


Igwe Ofordili: A beast who feast on human flesh is now at rampage killing every family.


Ikenga: (Surprised) A beast in Ogidi village?


Igwe Ofordili: Yes.


Ikenga: Where was the beast last seen?


Igwe Ofordili: I don’t know where it comes from but the recently families it killed was neared the village square.


Ikenga: (Thinking) Alright, I will be at the village square tonight and I will get back to you at sunrise.


Igwe Ofordili: (Staring at Ikenga as if he had grown two heads) What is your name?



Ikenga: Oh my name is Ikenga.


Igwe Ofordili: You bear the same name with the warrior god? I see why you have the courage to say all that. But you don’t have to go to the village square tonight, my elders are at the shrine of Ogugu to know the cause, they will come back with a solution Ikenga.


Ikenga: You shouldn’t worry about me Igwe. But let’s leave that aside, I came here for a different reason.


Igwe Ofordili: I am listening.


Ikenga: I came here to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.


Igwe Ofordili: (With a proud smile) I know Adapuruche will marry the most handso-


Ikenga: (Interrupting Igwe Ofordili) I didn’t say it was Adapuruche did I?


Igwe Ofordili: If it is not Adapuruche then who else can a handsome fellow like you be looking for in my palace?


Ikenga: Your other daughter, Cheta. I will love to marry her. (Adapuruche walked in at that moment


with her maids to greet her father and saw Ikenga, her step walking changed and her smile widened)


Adapuruche: Greetings father (then faces Ikenga and walk closer to him and touched his chest ) what brings the handsome one to my father palace?


Ikenga: (Ignoring her roaming hand) I came here to tell your father that I want to get married to Cheta.


Adapuruche: (Her smile fade and her hand on his chest still.) What did you just say now?


Ikenga: (Removing her hand from his chest) I believe you heard me loud and clear. (Turn his gaze to Igwe Ofordili) I will be back in 10 day’s time to pay Cheta dowry. Kindly hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to story head quarters to enjoy more episodes from there. I will take my leave now Igwe. (He left leaving a speechless Adapuruche, maids and father behind.)


Adapuruche: No, no, no, this can’t be happening. ( She ran after him and caught up with him, stopping at his front making ikenga to halt in his movement.)


Ikenga: What is it Adapuruche?


Adapuruche: I won’t allow you to marry Cheta, you will have to marry me.


Ikenga: Adapuruche, I don’t love you one bit, who I love is Cheta, so stop all your stupid advancing because it won’t work on me.


Adapuruche: (Moving closer to Ikenga, much closer that their heads were almost touching) I know who you are, you are a god, god Ikenga, but do not dare me Ikenga because you won’t like my next action and Cheta will suffer the most.


Ikenga: (Breathing in) And you think I don’t know your mother is a Giant.


Adapuruche: (Surprised) What did you say?


Ikenga: Don’t give that pretend look, you know what I am talking about. Your mother is a giant and just because she gave you a little power you now feel as if you have wings to fly, don’t dare me (Adapuruche couldn’t hide the shock from showing on her face) Now listen and listen very carefully Adapuruche, if anything happens to Cheta , I repeat myself again, if anything at all happens to Cheta, then the wings you think you have I will cut them off, together with your mother.

C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)




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