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Chapter 13⃣⃣


Continuation from the last episode:


Adapuruche: I will be expecting you mother. Thank you for wanting to help me.


Queen Amara: You are welcome my daughter. (She caress Adapuruche cheek lovely then turn to go out of the hut when she stops and faces her daughter) Do not tell anyone about what we’ve discussed even your father. Whatever I am going to tell you stays between us because if you dare say a word to another soul, instant death awaits you, do I make myself clear?



Adapuruche: I won’t mother, I promise, you can trust me with your secret after all you are helping me and you are my mother you can’t mislead me.


Queen Amara pleased with the words left the hut without uttering another word.


Adapuruche: (Smiling to no one) In the end, the handsome man will become mine and Cheta will lose




Ikenga brought a stool for cheta which she sat. He brought another one and sat on that one.


Cheta: So tell me more about yourself since I have been telling you all my woes when you are in your statue form, now it’s your turn.


Ikenga laughed and started talking about himself and his brothers. He paused when he saw the old hunter carrying a full plate of roasted meats towards them which he gave to Cheta.


Old Hunter: This is for you my daughter. Eat to your fill. (He left them and return with a cup filled with clean water for cheta. He gave them some privacy going back to the kitchen. Cheta shared the meat with Ikenga)



Cheta: So you don’t have sisters?


Ikenga: No I don’t my love.


Cheta: Your brothers will they like me?


Ikenga: Who won’t like you?


Cheta: So when can I see them?


Ikenga: Soon Cheta, very soon.


By now they have finished eating the meat.


Cheta: I have to start going now, my father’s anger would have subsided by now.


Ikenga: Okay, let me inform Papa first. (He stood up and went to the kitchen to inform the old man. He emerged with the old man hot on his heels.)


Cheta: (Getting up from her seat, she knelt down and thanked the old man.) Thank you Papa for the meats and for welcoming me with open arms.


Old Hunter: You don’t have to kneel down to thank me Cheta, instead thank the gods and not me. Ikenga told me you want to leave.


Cheta: Yes Papa, I will be coming to visit you often.



Old Hunter: That’s no problem my daughter, like I said before, take this place like your second home my princess. Ikenga will see you off.


Ikenga: I will soon be back Papa (He escorted Cheta until they have almost reached the palace when he stop.) This is where I will stop.


Cheta: Thank you for everything Ikenga.


Ikenga: When will you stop calling me Ikenga and start calling me ‘My love’?


Cheta: (Smiling) Okay my love I will see you soon.


Ikenga: That’s better my beautiful one, remember the old hunter house is open for you to come anytime of the day.


Cheta: I will bear that in mind. Don’t forget about my brother.


Ikenga: I won’t, I will be coming tomorrow to see him my love.


Cheta: Bye my love.


Ikenga: Bye is meant for the dead, rather you say I will see you soon.


Cheta: My mistake, I will see you soon.


Ikenga: Better, will talk to you later, take care of yourself beautiful and be very careful.


Cheta left him and cover the distance between the palace and where they stood. Ikenga watches on until Cheta entered the palace, he waited a little more to see if he could hear any sound of beating but when none seem to be coming, he turned and went back home. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come so that he could see Cheta.


Cheta was happy when she saw the throne room empty except for the guards. Her father wasn’t seen which means he had gone to take his afternoon nap. She didn’t see her stepmother which would also mean she has gone to take her afternoon rest.


She tiptoed to her hut and was about opening her hut door when Adapuruche voice stopped her.


Adapuruche: And where did you run off too Cheta?


Cheta: (Breathing a sigh of relief when she heard who spoke she turned to face her sister) I ran into the forest Adapuruche, the one that is not too far from here.


Adapuruche: First of all, it is Princess Adapuruche to you now and not Adapuruche, do I make myself clear?


Cheta: Yes princess Adapuruche.


Adapuruche: So where did you meet that young man that came to the palace today in search of you?


Cheta: My sister I don’t know him before, he said he knows me.


Adapuruche: Oh you’ve even spoken to him.


Cheta: Yes my princess, he met me In the forest I went too.


Adapuruche: I see, anyway it’s none of my business, I have to go to my hut now. (She turned and left Cheta. Cheta quickly entered her hut and went to sleep.)




It was night and all the inhabitants of Ogidi village has gone to sleep.


An egg emerged from the ground at the centre of the village. The egg cracked into two and a creature of the night begins to form and take the


shape of a hideous scary beast. Once the transformation was completed, the beast started moving like a zombie walking towards a hut.




Adapuruche who hasn’t slept a wink was awake and was wondering when her mother would come when a strange breeze from nowhere came into her hut and blow around her putting her to sleep immediately.


She has a dream…..


In the dream she saw herself in a strange forest and heard someone calling her name. She turned around and saw her mother who beckon her to come. She went to meet her mother. Grabbing Adapuruche hand, she started walking further into the forest with Adapuruche.


Adapuruche: Mother where are we going?


Queen Amara: (She stopped and release her daughter’s hand and then turned to face her daughter) We are home.


Adapuruche: (Looking around her) In a forest?


Queen Amara: Yes, this is where my people live. (She made a snap with her fingers and a stool


appeared) Sit. (Adapuruche seats) Now I will tell you who I really am.


Adapuruche: I’m listening mother.


Queen Amara: Remember do not tell anyone what I am about telling you or else I will kill you.


Adapuruche: I promise mother.


Queen Amara: I came here to kill Ofordili and kill his people and make them suffer.


Adapuruche: I don’t understand you mother, are you trying to say your mission is to kill father?


Queen Amara: Yes.


Adapuruche: Why mother?


Queen Amara: He killed two Giants, one which the villagers didn’t know and the other one which the villagers know and which made him the king of this village. My brother left home to hunt for food only to be killed by Ofordili. My beloved husband who set out to look for my brother was also killed by Ofordili. I am here to get revenge for their deaths.


Adapuruche: Are you trying to say you are also a giant?


Queen Amara: Yes Adapuruche. You, Jidenna are half Giants. I came to take my own pound of flesh. And now Cheta is now in the picture.


Adapuruche: And how are all these related to Cheta.


Queen Amara: That’s because I was the one who made Cheta Ugly and wanted your father to behead Cheta’s mother. I was also the one who put your brother in his condition when I warned him to stay away from Cheta. I am not evil but if you fail to obey my words I will then show you that wickedness has two sides.




Ikenga who was in his hut resting and dreaming of Cheta opened his eyes when the Strange Man that had appeared to Queen Amara twice appeared in his hut.


Ikenga sits upright on his bamboo bed and stared at the Strange Man in his hut which back was facing him. The Strange Man then turned around to face Ikenga, like Ikenga he has dreadlocks and his eyes were purely white. On his forehead was drawn a moon.


Ikenga: To what do I own this august visit of yours Onwa.



onwa: Is that how you welcome your brother whom you haven’t seen for a long time, Ikenga?


Ikenga: Sorry, forgive my manners, you are very welcome Onwa, now why are you really here?


Onwa: You’ve been released by the maiden of the gods.


Ikenga: Isn’t that obvious, you all thought I would stay like a statue forever, didn’t you?


Onwa: (Smiled and ignored his question) And you’ve come to love her.


Ikenga: (Blinked his eyes multiple times) Is that why you are here?


Onwa: Amadioha sent me here. He want to you to come, he has things to discuss with you.


Ikenga: (Clapped his hands once and shake his head) I know you won’t come here without a reason. Why does he need my presence?


Onwa: Ask him that question when you see him. I have delivered my message to you.


Ikenga: Well you can tell Amadioha that I won’t come, if he really wants to talk to me he knows the way here.


Onwa: You haven’t changed one bit Ikenga, I will deliver your message to him but you should know it concerns your chosen maiden.


Ikenga: Don’t tell me he has his eyes on her.


Onwa: None of us are interested in your maiden


Ikenga including Amadioha but all the same I will


pass your message to him. See you soon brother.


Ikenga: Wait, tell Amadioha I will come.


Onwa: (Smiling) You never cease to amaze me Ikenga but I will tell him.


He disappeared.




To Be Continued…


C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)



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