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Chapter 12⃣⃣


Continuation from the last episode:


Cheta: What are you trying to say Ikenga?


Ikenga: (He touched her face gently to be sure before speaking again) I sense a stronger enchantment on your face Cheta. Someone did this to you, for what reason, I do not know.


Cheta: (Touching her face as tears from her eyes and rolled down on her twisted cheeks) You mean to say someone did this to me but why? I have never offended anyone before. Why will someone hates me from my mother’s womb to make me look Ugly and unpleasant in the eyes of the people? What have I done to deserve this ill-treatment from this person?


Ikenga: I am sorry Cheta, I have no answers to that. All I know is that ChukwuOkike sees all and will reward each and everyone their deeds.


Cheta: (Staring at Ikenga with great hope) Can you remove the enchantment for me?


Ikenga: (Giving her a sad look) I wish I can Cheta, but to remove the enchantment we must first of all find out who the enchanter is.


Cheta: (Looking sad) But what if the enchanter has died before I was even born?


Ikenga: (Seeing Cheta crestfallen face, he tried to give her hope) Don’t look sad my beautiful maiden,


ChukwuOkike never leaves his children hanging. I tell you this Cheta, the enchanter is not dead.


Cheta: (Wiping off her tears) How would you know that? Are you now a seer?


Ikenga: (Smiled and stand up to his feet) I just told you a few minutes ago that I am one of the gods, plus the enchantment on your face gave the person away, they are connected. When I know who the enchanter is, removing the enchantment on your face will be so easy. I just need the blood of the enchanter and then give the blood to one of my brothers who is good in all these.


Cheta: Okay, what about my brother, will you still help me and heal him?


Ikenga: Why won’t I help the one I have come to love? Like I said before, I will have to see your brother first before I can guarantee his healing.


Cheta; (Getting up from her seat) thank you Ikenga for promising to help my brother even when you haven’t seen him before I trust you now.


Ikenga: I should be the one thanking you, you freed me Cheta, and for that I am forever indebted to you.


Cheta: Won’t you go for your hunt?



Ikenga: I have already caught some animals that I kept not too far away from here. I took some to meet your father.


Cheta: Okay, go and bring them so that you can go home.


Ikenga: I will go and bring them only if you promise me you will follow me home.


Cheta: (Smiling) Alright, I promise.


Ikenga: (smiled back and left her there, he soon returned with two big grasscutters in each of his hands) Let’s go. (He lead the way out of the forest as Cheta follows. The two stool he made appeared vanished out of sight)


Few minutes later…


He entered the old hunter compound just as the old man was coming out from his hut. He greeted the old hunter and gave him the two grasscutters.


Old Hunter: (Collecting the grasscutters from him) The gods bless you with this today (Lifting his hands up to the air) May the gods be praised. (Cheta greeted him and the old hunter noticed her presence. He ignored Cheta’s look and sent a smile towards her) And who is she?



Ikenga: She’s the maiden I told you about a few days ago Papa.


Old Hunter: Oh, you’ve seen her, thanks be to the gods.


Ikenga: I saw her today Papa and I decided to bring her to you. I couldn’t wait to show this beautiful maiden to you


Old Hunter: (Directing his gaze on Cheta) So what is your name my daughter?


Cheta: (Surprised the old hunter wasn’t wearing a disgusted look when staring at her) My name is Cheta Papa.


Old Hunter: Cheta, oh are you not Ofordili second daughter? (At Cheta’s nod he continues) I have heard so much about you my daughter and since my son ikenga has found you, you are welcome at my home anytime, anyday.


Cheta: Thank you Papa.


Old Hunter: You should thank the gods and not me Cheta. I will leave you and ikenga alone to clean up the grasscutters. (The old hunter left their presence with the two grasscutters heading towards the kitchen.)



Cheta: (Facing Ikenga) Does he know who you truly are?


Ikenga: (Smiling as he held on to Cheta’s hand and quickly peck her forehead) No, you are the only one who knows.




Queen Amara came out of her hut and went to meet her husband asking after her daughter.


Igwe Ofordili: She went into her hut a minute after you left for your hut My Queen.


Queen Amara excused herself and went towards her daughter hut. She chased the maids standing outside her hut and entered the hut without knocking.


Queen Amara: Why did you lock yourself in.


Adapuruche: (whose back was facing her mother and who has been crying cleaned her eyes before turning around to face her mother) I wanted to change my wrappers mother.


Queen Amara: (Noticing her teary voice) Adapuruche what is it? Why are you crying?


Adapuruche: I am not crying mother.


Queen Amara: You can’t tell me you are not crying when your voice says different. Your eyes are even red. Tell me why you are crying.


Adapuruche: (Couldn’t hide her tears anymore) it’s about the young man who came here today.


Queen Amara: And what about him?


Adapuruche: I like him mother, he’s my kind of my man I want as a husband. He saw me first and not Cheta and now Cheta has taken him away from me with her Ugly look.


Queen Amara: And you are crying because of that when you still have me as your mother. Wipe your tears, clean your eyes and rejoice for that young man who came here is yours.


Adapuruche: (Elated as her voice changed into a happier tone) Mother are you sure?


Queen Amara: Very sure, if you will do only what I tell you, then mark him as yours for life.


Adapuruche: Mother I am willing to do anything as long as the man becomes mine. I don’t want to lose him to that Ugly thing.


Queen Amara: (Smiled) Now you are seeing the reason why I hate Cheta in the first place. If you are not careful, she will take everything from you.


Adapuruche: I can’t let that happen mother.


Queen Amara: Good, your mother you are seeing here is not an ordinary human.


Adapuruche: I don’t understand you mother. What do you mean by that or are you a spirit?


Queen Amara: No, I am on a mission Adapuruche.


Adapuruche: On a mission? For what mother?


Queen Amara: You will get to understand my mission soon my dear daughter. I will come to you at midnight, be ready to receive me.


Adapuruche: I am always ready mother and I will be expecting you.


Queen Amara: Is your heart strong enough to do whatever you can to have him?


Adapuruche: Yes mother, I am ready to do anything to have him.


Queen Amara: Then he is yours.


Adapuruche: But mother why are you on a mission here?


Queen Amara: (Laughed slightly) I will tell you a story but not now, for this story I am about to tell you is not meant to be told when the day hasn’t eaten it’s supper yet. I will come to you at midnight Adapuruche and explain my mission here.





To Be Continued….



C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)






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