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Chapter 1


Twilight melted away, majestic sunrise, red orange glow seeping over the horizon as if the light itself was being poured from a molten sun. Powerful rays flood over the landscape lighting every blade of grass, shining from each leaf.


Igwe Ofordili of Ogidi Village was seen moving to and fro between two huts as the shout of two women was heard separately at the huts.


Igwe Ofordili two wives went into labour at the same day and hour.


Queen Amaka, a fair young beauty, who was the first wife of Igwe Ofordili couldn’t take in after her marriage to the Igwe. After waiting for almost three years with Amaka and no child was forthcoming, he got married to his second wife, Queen Amara, a dark young beauty who within her first year in the palace took in and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.


Igwe Ofordili celebrated his son arrival throughout a week, inviting all the villages around him. He named his son, Jidenna.


Igwe Ofordili was the strongest Man who had once defeated a Giant that was killing the people in various villages, where the giant came from, remains a mystery to everyone. After he had defeated the Giant, the great chief priest that no one knows where he came from or where he lives appeared to him and gave him the Ofor(staff) of the gods which shows the gods are with him. He was made the Igwe by his people after the demise of their late Igwe, Anochie. He was well respected by all the others neighbouring villages around, the Igwe’s of the other villages do come to him for help or advice.


When he first got married to his heartthrob, Amaka, his celebration went on for days until three years later when the issue of a child arises and his cabinet elders forced him into taking a second wife.


Elder Okeke: (Smiling) Igwe α»‹ ga-anọ ogologo ndα»₯ (you will live long)


All Elders; Iseeeee (Amen)



Elder Okeke: The reason why we all are here is for us to discuss when you are taking a second wife since your wife is barren.


Igwe Ofordili: (In an angry tone) Point of correction, Amaka, my wife is not barren, I won’t tolerate that nonsense from you Mazi Okeke, be warned.


Onowu: Sorry about his statement my King, but what Mazi Okeke is saying is the truth, we are not calling your wife a barren woman, all we are trying to say is that for good three years, she hasn’t taken in or better still have a miscarriage. All the Igwe’s before you who had sat on that throne, their wife’s took in within the first year of their marriage. You were chosen by the gods but that does not make you to flaunt our traditions to one side. Tradition stated that any Igwe who got married and his wife couldn’t give birth within two years of marriage should find another woman to marry, if the same thing happens again, then we shall know the fault comes from you. (Facing the elders) Ndα»‹ okenye ibe m ka m na-ekwu uche unu? (My fellow elders do I speak your minds?)


All Elders agreed to Onowu.


Igwe Ofordili: (heaved out a huge sigh) It is going to be hard on me and Amaka.


Elder Okoro: (in support of Onowu) Igwe you are the one thinking about it that way, your wife will understand the situation on the ground. If you don’t have a child, be it a girl or a boy, we will be forced to impeach you from the throne and put someone else, gods or no gods, tradition is tradition and everyone must abide by it.


Igwe Ofordili: (Solemnly agree) Alright, I will take a second wife.


That was how Igwe Ofordili got married to Amara. He loves both wives equally, even when Amara have birth to his son, his love for Amaka never change.


Until the gods of the land decided to bless Amaka with her own child.


Both wives became pregnant almost at the same time and now they are both in labour.


Soon the midwife in Amara hut came out with a smile.


Midwife 1: Your majesty, Queen Amara has just put to birth.


Igwe Ofordili: (Raising his hands to the sky as he looked at it) ChukwuOkike, thank you. (Returning


his gaze to the midwife) And what about my wife, how is she and what gender did she give birth to?


Midwife 1: Queen Amara is fine and she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.


Igwe Ofordili: (Smiling) Can I see them now?


Midwife 1: Of course your Majesty (She entered the hut as Igwe Ofordili followed suit.)


Igwe Ofordili joy no know bounds when he set his eyes on his first daughter and his wife. Amara weakly smiled at her husband.


Queen Amara: (With a contented smile) My husband I have now given you a female child, I am now a complete woman.


Igwe Ofordili: Don’t talk too much my love, you should be resting. (He carried the little child in his arms tenderly and stared at her. His daughter is beautiful) She is really beautiful just like her mother. (He voice out his thoughts) So she will be called, Adapuruche (The first daughter who is different from any girl).


He gave the baby back to the mother and went out of the hut. As soon as he was out, the midwife in the hut of Amaka came out too and went to meet him.



Midwife 2: Your majesty, Queen Amaka has just put to birth but- (She got interrupted by the Igwe).


Igwe Ofordili: (Like he did before, he raised his two hands to the sky and he looked at it) ChukwuOkike, thank you for remembering Amaka at last.


(Returned his gaze to the midwife) How is my wife and what gender did she give birth to?


Midwife 2: Queen Amaka is fine and she gave birth to a girl (lowered her voice as she spit out the remaining words to the Igwe) but her baby look different your majesty.


Igwe Ofordili: (Confused) How do you mean?


Midwife 2: (Gesturing with her hands to the hut) Go and see for yourself your majesty for my words can’t describe it.


Igwe Ofordili: (Still confused but decided to go to her hut and see for himself. Entering the hut, he saw his wife who smiled triedly at him, she was already sitting upright on the bamboo bed) Obimu (my heart) How are you feeling?


Queen Amaka: I am fine my husband, just weak.


Igwe Ofordili: The gods has remembered you and decided to wipe out your shame and prove to


everyone that you are not barren. So where is our daughter?


Queen Amaka: (Smiling) She is here, beside me, my husband (She carried a little bundle and stretch forth her hands for him to take. Igwe Ofordili had almost carried the baby when he saw her face. The baby was fair like her mother but her face was charred badly, making her look ugly and disgusting).


Igwe Ofordili: (Brought down his hands) Who is this Nkem?


Queen Amaka: Our daughter of course, the one the gods has remembered me with.


Igwe Ofordili: May the gods forbid. That disgusting thing can not be my child, I refused it. (He walked out angrily from her hut)


Queen Amaka: (Staring at her daughter with love) I am not angry at you with the way you are my little one, the gods has used you to wipe away my tears. You may be ugly to other people’s eyes but not in my eyes, You are not ugly my child. For the gods to remember me, I will call you Cheta (remember).


Igwe Ofordili: (He called on one of the guards.) Summon all the elders for me, tell them to come that it is important. (The guard ran as fast as he can


to inform all the elders in their various huts the message.) Mbanu (No) that child isn’t my child, the gods are mistaken. (He spoke to himself)


Midwife 1: Your majesty, Queen Amara asked what the problem is, she heard your voice.


Igwe Ofordili: Tell her Amaka has given birth to a girl, but she Is very ugly and disgusting.


Midwife 1: I will pass your message to her your majesty (She left his presence and went back to the hut where Queen Amara is) He said Queen Amaka has given birth to a girl who is ugly and disgusting.my Queen


Queen Amara: (Smiling and said in a low voice) That is good. You can leave me, I want to rest now. (The midwife left her hut).


Amara burst out laughing, though not too loud for others to hear. It worked like her mother had told her. She remembered their conversation they had few moons ago.


Queen Amara: (She was seen walking alone in the forest, it was midnight and she stopped at a particular place in the forest.) I am here mother. (Few seconds later, the ground started shaking and soon enough a Giant woman, with a crown on her head was seen approaching the queen. Queen


Amara didn’t seem scared neither did she ran away but instead her face was filled with anger.)


The Queen Giant: What brings you here Amara?


Queen Amara: (angrily) Mother you promised me that she won’t take in, but she is already pregnant.


The Queen Giant: I closed her womb for years so that Ofordili will marry you. How can she be pregnant?


Queen Amara; I know you changed how I look to my present look, but my rival is pregnant, I don’t want her or the child to live.


The Queen Giant: (shaking her head slowly) You know we don’t kill a woman who is pregnant but nevertheless, I will turn her child into a ugly disgusting duckling that will make everyone around to hate the sight of her.


Queen Amara: (Smiled widely) That is why I love you mother. Make sure her child will be hated with passion and my own (touched her bulging stomach) will be beautiful or handsome like Jidenna.


The Queen Giant: Go home now Amara, but do not forget the reason why I sent you to Ofordili.


Queen Amara: I won’t mother, thank you (She left as her mother turned back)


Her mother did as promised.


Queen Amara: (holding her baby girl and kissing her forehead tenderly) Amaka, this is just the beginning of your woes.



To Be Continued.


C.H.E.T.A ( I Am Not Ugly)


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