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November 27th, 2019. 10:50PM 31


I managed to see Nella and the lawyer, I must say I have all the information that I needed on how best to deal with the case. I have grown fond of Olivia but I cannot jeopardize her mental health, years from now she might end up hating me because I took her away from her biological mother.


I drive over to Mulife’s place unannounced, I just want to settle this once and for all. Talk it over like civilized adults.


‘Hai.’ He says shock registered on his face when he finds me standing at the door after knocking


‘Please come in.’ he says


He is in black shorts; I notice his eyes look like he hasn’t been getting enough sleep. His shoulders are cast down and as he walks its like he is dragging his body.


‘Can I offer you anything?’ he asks


‘Some cranberry juice would be nice.’ ‘Sure.’

He disappears into the kitchen and comes back with a tray, on it is a bottle of cranberry juice and two glasses with crushed ice.


‘Thank you.’ I say as he pours the juice into the glasses


I take a sip, allowing the juice to make love to my taste buds. ‘You are welcome.’ He says with a smile

I take another sip and close my eyes as the same sensation hits me ‘How have you been?’ he asks

I want to laugh, its only yesterday when I was here and I had left – leaving behind the engagement ring.


‘I have been doing a lot of thinking.’ I say honestly touching the ring of my glass slowly


‘About what?’


I stand up facing the window, the blinds are closed and the place looks really dark


‘This place is dark.’ I say trying to open them but I forget I have a glass in my hands so it ends up breaking


‘Shit.’ I cuss looking at the red juice that is now messing up the white carpet ‘Don’t worry I will clean that up.’

I tend to get clumsy when I am nervous.


He goes to the laundry room and comes back with detergent, jik and some water. He pours the detergent, then the jik with a bit of some water on the stain and lets it soak.


‘This might do the trick.’ He says I open the blinds slowly

‘I talked to a lawyer today.’ I say without looking at him ‘A lawyer?’

I can hear the worry in his voice ‘Yes.’ I respond trying to stay calm ‘What about.’

‘Olivia, Olipa.’ I respond swallowing hard ‘Why would you go to see a lawyer.’

‘I needed to know what chances I have over getting her back.’ ‘And?’

‘The lawyers said this case is a walk over, that I will win if I decide to pursue it further.’ I say sniffing back the tears




I don’t look at him, I allow the tears to fall really hard. ‘Thelma look at me.’ He pleads

I hold on to the blinds as if my life depends on it. The tears are rapidly falling and I can feel every muscle in my bones crushing.





I hold my head with my left hand, I cry some more. This time around my voice breaking


‘Babe please.’ Hepleads


I turn around to look at him. ‘What is it? Talk tome.’

‘I am not fighting this war against Olipa.’ ‘What?’

‘I won’t Mulife, I have fallen in love with Olivia but I will not go about putting her mental health on the line. I am sorry.’ I say in tears


He stares at me real hard.


‘So, you want to give the rights back to Olipa?’


‘What else have I got to fight for Mulife? What else?’


He tries to come close but I move backwards, the wall holding me in place. ‘I won’t hurt you.’ He says moving a step closer

‘My father is a reformed man.’ I say with a chuckle He stops



‘My father is a reformed man Mulife.’ I say crying hard


‘What will I do with this anger? How do I look at him like a normal person ever again? That he has fathered two beautiful boys who adore him? How do I look at him and not hate him for giving me this virus? That I will never bare a child without thinking of the health of my partner and child?’ I ask crying so hard


He moves closer and holds me ‘Hush baby, hush.’ He says ‘Baby let it go.’ He adds

‘Just how do I start all over? Why does it have to be me Mulife? Where did I go wrong?’


‘You didn’t do anything wrong baby, but all that is the past. Your father did so much to shape your childhood but you grew up into an amazingly young beautiful woman, you are everything I ever wanted. You are everything I have ever wanted in a woman. Thelma but you have got to let it go.’


‘I am ready.’


‘I am ready to let it all go; I just want to start all over. Away from all this pain, I want to do life with you Mulife.’ I say hitting his chest


‘Then let’s do life together, lets make it everything we have ever wanted.’


‘This is not how I imagined my perfect ending, I never wanted to imagine forgiving my father or falling in love with Olivia. They were never in the equation.’


I pause


‘Never Mulife.’ I say sniffing back the tears as my mucus fall


‘They are things we can change and those we can’t, also we can’t always get what we want. But we can make it out.’


‘I don’t want to just make it out.’ ‘I want to be happy.’

‘And we will be, talk to your father. Allow him in.’ ‘And Olivia?’

‘Olipa might be bad but she will not do anything to that child, as long as we don’t meddle. She won’t do anything.’




‘I will give you not one but two Olivias. Five if you can handle them.’ I laugh with tears in my eyes

He knees down on one bended knee ‘What are you doing?’

‘Thelma I don’t see myself with anyone else but you, I am not living you. I am not doing life without you.’


‘My words.’ I say with a laugh ‘Our words baby.’

‘I am going to marry you and I want those babies.’ I say with a laugh as he slides the ring back on my finger


‘I love you.’ ‘I love you.’





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